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In Memory
Sean Pettibone



An Intricate Rumination

Deflecting Gemine's relentless, determined incursion was an impossibility from my vulnerable position. There wasn't enough space between us to allow a secure distance while the constrained structure of the room prevented me from evading her unyielding gaze. I stood passively, staring into her mesmerizing violet eyes in a near-paralyzed state. Encountering little resistance as she ventured deep into my consciousness, peering intently with a nebulous objective that wasn't articulated. She stepped a cautious measure closer, gradually working towards my intrinsically fixed, somewhat reclusive location. I wasn't inherently nervous about the situation, but was concerned that she might misinterpret my motivation. It wasn't immediately clear how long she'd maintain her fixation on me, but it was unsettling. I tried to deflect attention and turned back towards the illustration on the easel. My half-hearted change in viewpoint couldn't hope to succeed, instead reinforcing her determination to find something within my mind. I thought back to the rough composition that I managed to form from my limited skills and capabilities. Despite taking a strenuous effort to understand her motivations, I couldn't adequately recall what precisely about it's visualization or my methods would bring about such an intense fixation that felt unrelenting and intrinsically obstinate.

Her demonstrative, profoundly intuitive approach diverged from the methods that the mysterious woman, who created the convergent-light machine and led me throughout expanses and that I'd loyally accompanied for an extended period, implemented with consistent energy. She resplendently managed herself with effortless agility, maneuvering through the encompassing, conflicting, mesmerizing world alongside her navigational companion with pronounced grace. Conversely, Gemine made a sustained effort to determine her situation, outwardly searching for indications, then contemplating her moves for a prolonged period before moving ahead. She was undeniably guided by intuition to a far greater degree. She retained her instinctive approach, constantly aware of her surroundings, making their intangible features a predominant focus. Gemine maintained a more erratic pace that moved with fluidity instead of relying on mechanical directives, defined enumerations and instilled static formulation. This made her approach far looser and less predictable in a noticeable manner that was somewhat disorienting, but only at certain points to a limited degree. She wasn't entirely driven by emotion, maintaining a significant level of insight and erudition. However, she didn't allow mechanical or technical considerations to overwhelm her instincts.

Gemine's flexible mannerism meant she also could swerve in the other direction when required. She seemed to have taken hold of a ruminative endeavor, carefully surveying the surroundings and marking her space, silently deterring which path would be the most proficient. I watched as she move cautiously across the floor, occasionally pausing to mark specific points beneath her. Trembling, my fingers wouldn't stay still, despite my best efforts. They managed to maneuver in an unsettlingly erratic fashion, moving up and down my sides involuntarily. I wasn't precisely sure what kept me so nervous, but I remained unsure of her intuitions and motivations. She'd made an extensive intrusion into my space and but never articulated her findings or verbalized an response. More unsettling was the realization that she'd moved on from her previous encumbrance. Distracted by a voluminous aspect of a different sort, she didn't appear overly concerned with my intangibly tormented response to her sudden intrusion. Her inescapable, unyielding glare had retracted and a quick glance in her direction didn't reveal any further risk. I took a step closer to observe with residual caution, and was surprised that she'd commenced walking, following an uneven, somewhat curved path, her feet gliding across the ground unimpeded, focused on the intangible objective she sought with determined effort.

She moved silently as she maneuvered across the intangible room's floors, moving rapidly until she stood just outside my circumference, not allowing any visible space that would allow me to evade her strident, unyielding glare. Waiting patiently for a tangible signal on her part was growing increasingly difficult. She managed to glide over me, shifting position without altering her persistent gaze. It appeared that she could move about the surroundings without fear, while my defensive posture prevented me from walking freely. Constructing a defensive posture wasn't the best strategy against her intrusions, it would only make her approach me with undue suspicion. I realized that standing passively without attempting to implement countervailing adjustments would allay her residing discomfort with the unknown figure who'd appeared suddenly in her presence. She observed with an uneasy level of suspicion I wasn't accustomed to encountering. In order to allay her concerns, I decided to display a passive reserve and corresponding calmness that would hopefully deflate the unanticipated barrier which had grown unexpectedly thick and dense between us. My exterior demeanor remained silent, despite my nervous inner senses. I was nervous and felt incessantly questioned and methodically destabilized from the pressure of her unrelenting glare.

I knew it would be better to keep any underlying emotions hidden in the face of her unrelenting incursions. This would make a better impression and show her that I could cope with her inquisitions and meet her expectations remaining respectful yet not intimidated. One of the more difficult aspects came when I encountered the involuntary physical effects Gemine's incursions unexpectedly provoked within me. It required a steady presence of mind. It wasn't that easy managing the occasional shift in my feet, since she made me feel like I was standing on constantly shifting ground. Whether she did this purposefully, I needed to focus carefully; to avoid sending Gemine a false signal that I was afraid or frightened. Gemine's eyes retained a sharp focus, unwilling to diverge from her unspoken objective for an extended period. She appeared to engage with distinctly contrasting formulations, simultaneously attempting to understand my appearance while attempting to ascertain whether or not I had clandestine motivations. I noticed a slight chance in her maneuvers, when she placed a greater emphasis on reassuring herself that her residing interest was correct without creating further dissonance. Gemine used her eyes sporadically with greater circumspection during her subsequent interlocution. She appeared to consciously redirect her attention away from direct contact. She surreptitiously reduced the intensity of her intrusions. This created an adjoining effect that discharged her resolute guard while signaling an underlying respect for my privacy and security. It still wasn't easy to escape her temporarily paralyzing inspection but, Gemine's steady glare wasn't as piercing or intrusive as it had been during her previous forays. After a spell of disconcertion, she learned to anticipate my fears and amplify her dependability by giving me a small wave of her hand, sliding across her eyes before looking me over. Her newfound humility helped rebuild my trust in her and I was able to relax to a degree. She managed to look in my eyes without the unsettling focus implemented earlier that elicited pronounced anxiety and inherent defensiveness on my part. My open-minded state allowed her to look me over without suspicion and this allowed her to proceed fearlessly. After an extensive period of intervening suspicion, we gradually built a proficient relationship, without succumbing to erroneous conclusions our tenuous, uneasy circumstances could have developed.

Her intentions were consequently set firmly within the page directly in front of her. She'd located a divergent fascination to investigate. This displaced the convergent inquisition that had preoccupied much of her energy. Shifting her determination, Gemine hastily changed her disposition and rapidly undertook a commensurately elaborate approach at the same time. It was an alternative approach that changed her perception in a somewhat unexpected manner. Gemine began circling around me quickly, moving inward to my position with inherent caution, while maintaining a careful remove. Her eyes appeared slightly more relaxed but she never let her guard lift as she slowly walked closer to the easel. She was no longer concerned about my intentions, relaxing her guarded inclination quickly. I became slightly concerned when she embellished her plan, circling in ever-smaller rows without articulating a purpose or concern. Outwardly, I remained calm and silent but felt a growing anxiety as she remained cautious, nervously keeping her distance from me with an obstinate reticence. I remained uncertain of her inherent determinations and stood at a point towards the center of the room. Unsure how to proceed I stood in place and consciously tried to maintain a detached remove. It took sustained effort to disengage my immediate anxiety, but I was able to withdraw to a degree. Holding them at my side helped steady my hands until the were still. Attempting to convey an unalloyed exterior serenity while keeping my arms from swaying in response to her consistent incursions was made easier by her quiet detachment. Gemine watched me intently, searching for an immediate display of anything that would change her perspective. I remained in defensive posture throughout her inspection, not saying a word that would unsettle the tranquil detente we'd managed to locale. Maintaining my own disposition, I settled on taking on outwardly docile approach. I met her occasional glances without putting up a rigid defense, my unobtrusive motions emphatically postulating that I'd reached a comfortable amount of trust with her. This conversely, made her look me over less often and encouraged an even less intrusive responses, giving us the agility to switch focus while concentrating on more important tasks.

Keeping a serene exterior that didn't succumb to complete stasis, I remained passive, still and silent while she implemented her consecutively diminishing yet still intrusive inspections. Attempting to speak to her or emit distracting sounds would interrupt her progress and I decided not to interfere, despite my overwhelming desire to understand her surreptitious contemplation. Watching patiently, she began to gradually reconcile my unrecognizable disorienting divergence with her expectations, taking my altered appearance with an approximate realization of residual, if indistinct recognition. It took her a prolonged interval, but it appeared she'd managed to find a reasonable level of security where she could at least form a trustful reliance with me. Gemine seemed to accept me after extensive determination and pronounced exposure revealed I wasn't a threat to her on any level. It wasn't clear why those convoluted circumstances had brought us together, but she accepted that something more profound was at work that neither of us could recognize or comprehend. I wasn't exactly what she was expecting, but she somehow managed to gain a level of reassurance which was comforting in a sense. This allowed me to recline and I felt myself leaning back, retracting from my defensively rigid posture. I felt the insidious pressure within my arms and fingers subsiding as her incisive stare released its hold. Gemine responded to my visible sense of relief by gradually releasing her inherent tension. She managed to disarm herself in sequential steps. Her visage softened from its defensive stare, expressing a sense of relief. Gemine followed this by shifting her steady-gaze into a less apprehensive stare , her focus marginalized, becoming less concerned, while still narrowly focused in my direction. Gemine's expression and inclination gradually resolved to a secure remove, while retaining a measure of balance and appropriate perspective.

I managed to wave in a relived, somewhat grateful signal and stepped closer in her direction, implying a residing curiosity that prioritized interest over interference. She didn't attempt to block me from stepping a little closer an instead waved at me to join her in closer inspection of our shared surroundings. When I arrived near her, she waved again, indicating it was safe to proceed. Walking in her direction with renewed energy, my feet grew increasingly confident, embarking several steps beyond what I'd intended. I was surprised to see Gemine still wasn't entirely sure of our impending objective. Gemine wasn't sure precisely what reaching the forthcoming objective would entail. However, she'd made a sustained effort to arrive at our interim directive and wasn't retreating from the ground we'd already plumed. At this point, I noticed a significant evolution in Gemine's standpoint. Her intrusive gaze had intangibly shifted to a benign accompaniment, its unyielding glare diminished, her forceful sightlines retracted from their pronounced, intimidating sightlines activation, settling into a more relaxed engagement. After several minutes, she took a step back and incipiently released the last remnants of her glaring eyes from their excessively protective formation while maintaining a residual defensiveness. Gemine's visage settled as she acquired a more natural temperament, and the rest of her body relaxed as she slipped into an almost-casual posture. Holding her arms at a lightly-angled respite, they kept steady form at her side while she further ventured between the room's walls. Eventually, she stood resolutely in the central area unfazed by its ongoing demands. Gemine had placed had settled firmly on the canvas.
Resetting her focus, she turned in my direction and set another long stare but didn't say anything, leaving me without a tangible standing to defend myself. I waited for her to verbalize anything of note. She placed her hands at her side, without much fanfare. Her sight became visibly untethered, regaining a measure of flexibility. Gemine's gradual change in direction occurred without warning. I didn't immediately understand what had changed but a significant event had occurred that unexpectedly shifted her aim.

Becoming somewhat frustrated, I skipped ahead a half-measure, impatiently. I walked in her direction several paces and began to motion with my hands gently, politely signaling that I wanted at least a partial determination from her. Looking at me silently, Gemine wasn't forthcoming about what, if anything, she'd concluded after making her extensive forays onto the rapidly populated paper. Instead of elaborating further, she simply nodded her head affirmatively. I wasn't sure what this meant but I could tell by her understated reaction not to pry any deeper. Further inquiry from my end was redundant, unnecessary and strongly discouraged. I'd have to remain satisfied with her minor gesture of approval and encouragement, at least for that time. Gemine refocused attention quickly in order to focus on the canvas with renewed energy. Her sudden shift was unexpected; I could only determine that she had something more important in mind.

Gemine walked quickly towards the central area where the drawing structure stood. She purposely faced ahead of its surface with a rejuvenated sense of purpose. She navigated position and stood directly in front of the easel. She came to rest but only spent half a moment to quickly determine her mission. It didn't take long for me to ascertain that she'd arrived to find a striking reiteration emerging from the blank expanse placed nonchalantly across the easel. She began to shift location and took on a noticeably different approach than she's implemented during her multi-layered composition, though it wasn't immediately clear what her revised approach entailed. Gemine faced another challenge issued from within its seemingly vacant surface, but took a distinctively different approach. She began sifting through the papers quickly until she found one that was empty and clear of accumulated defects. Picking up the pencil, this time without looking at it, she held it in her fingers and slid into position. She didn't turn around or so anything before commencing her re-invigorated work. Taking a few diminutive swipes across the page, her pencil seemed unsure of how to proceed. Her pacing felt slightly more deliberate and nuanced the previous session, but her fingers retained a measured spontaneity. She began making tentative markings scattered across the page. The were too small for me to visualize but there was an element to them that I found intriguing. She worked methodically on them at first, deliberately marking the page with a series of intricate subjects of varied shapes and form. I walked a step closer to get a better look but kept distance, not wanting even the slightest shadow to interfere with her progress. Peering over her shoulder standing in the shadowy background, I couldn't comprehend her objects' location or make an elaboration of their position from my unfocused, partially obscured side angle. At that disorienting position, just outside her vantage, it wasn't immediately obvious in my mind where she was headed but her convergent, seemingly contradictory approach remained consistent. It was clear that she wasn't scrawling randomly on the page.

With a mixture of curiosity and tenacity, I walked closer to the easel and began observing her in greater detail, hoping to gain more pronounced insight. She worked on a specific figures for an extended period, first marking their position with a tentative marking, then slowly elaborating on their form, adding flourishes and details the infused them with an unmistakable style that infused them with an undeniable force. It wasn't a remedial process, but I noticed more than a couple of similarities between her current work and the assembled symbols catalogued within the book she'd placed in the library. Conversely, it appeared that many were startlingly different in structure and design. These clashing imprints continued unfolding in a somewhat eccentric pattern, placing them throughout the page at seemingly unpredictable intervals. I watched her move across the page with unwavering inspiration and determination. The figures appeared to share a hidden connection to one another, but what exactly these figures commemorated between each other wasn't pronounced by Gemine in any audible manner. I followed her lead and used my intuition their visible similarities as guides, but it remained unclear whether they were truly attempting to communicate. Making broad assumptions about their purpose could have easily led me down the wrong path, and I could have easily been completely wrong about their indications. However, I wasn't given that much to go on and attempted to make the most plausible determinations given my distant location from the easel. I didn't tell Gemine anything about my theories about her work, unsure whether I was thinking along the correct path. I decided to keep an open mind and clear perspective to avoid clinging excessively to my unreinforced interpretations in order to avoid disappointing her by misreading the symbols she'd diligently marked on the page. Complicating matters, It wasn't certain if her markings were entirely spontaneous or the result of a robust memory.

After watching Gemine work closely for an extended period, I tentatively arrived at several potentially informative conclusions. I wasn't entirely sure what she was attempting to convey, but convergent outlines and formative consistencies within the varied forms and disparate objects appeared with frequency that was undeniable. Intricate designs and pronounced repetition revealed an emerging and collaborative aesthetic system, encompassing surprising complexity and undefined purpose. While her manner remained ornate and somewhat defensive, pronounced parallels were starting to become clear by that point. She appeared to be following an concerted, logical and irrefutable logic within her elaborate system. Gemine made it look easy as she worked without hesitation, combining aesthetic experimentation with purposeful design in a straightforward, deceptively simple stroke of her pencil. Extending throughout the page, these symbols created a striking convergence. Occasionally, she'd return to an earlier portion of the field, relentlessly imprinting additional lines between points, alongside elemental forms, crossing paths, and sequential figures extending throughout and within the composition's intangible structures and indecipherable arrangements.
Gemine's attention occasionally gravitated towards these figures. She'd re-forge their appearance instantaneously, using elaborate motions and resolute movements with the pencil, her fingers gliding across the page with grace and insistence. She didn't let function overpower emotion and allowed herself ample freedom. This imbued the sprawling arrangement of diminutive forms she created an unbridled energy that appeared to transcend their fallow dimension. Isolated, they appeared to consist of two-dimensional forms but took on greater meaning when they converged to form a greater meaning. Viewed in their totality, the assembled pieces appeared to coalesce, creating a resplendent landscape unfolding in extravagant detail transcending their individual forms. Her combined efforts expended on perfecting each small indicator was admirable. Their visual combinations became unavoidable when her work on the composition was viewed in its entirety. I was surprised the coordinated effort caused unexpected reactions within the paper's confines. The combination of these disparate yet aligned objects made noticeable effects appear. From my incoherent vantage point, they appeared to shift position, height and angle independently. I couldn't be precisely sure what her unpredictable movements signified, but I was intrigued by her constant metamorphosis. She returned to similar areas, revising their signatures with increasing ferocity until finally setting on their finished form. With so much effort expended, I couldn't overcome my lingering fears and found myself walking closer towards the easel with increasing determination and curiosity, my uneven pace only tangentially slowed by lingering fears of the unwanted implications I might encounter lurking within the figures and symbols she placed inside her composition's narrowly-defined boundaries.

I watched her with great caution, unwilling to compromise her efforts by intruding while keeping a respectful, somewhat fearful distance. I made a few careful steps forward into the easel's visible radius, remaining careful not to allow its formation of deceptively disarming figures to surreptitiously take control of my subconscious. I was impressed by her inherent resolve and fortitude that easily withstood the relentless silent assault emanating from the seemingly benign page's deceptively flat surface. Resisting the endemic energy their clandestine evasiveness couldn't contain, her fingers made significant progress while ignoring their residing pressure and insistent tactics. She continually worked on the intricate figures and elaborate commands methodically without extraneous distraction and unproven formulations. Gemine appeared to know where she was headed and plotted her moves far ahead of marking their location with a durable imprint. Her deliberate approach was inspiring to witness, took a simultaneously productive and intuitive approach to her emergent composition; effortlessly shifting focus to individual objects then moving to the next. Performing these actions with accuracy and efficiency, she moved with appropriate deliberation while making consistent progress building her increasingly elaborate arrangement. I watched with magnifying interest as Gemine enthusiastically filled-in the expanse of empty space with a seemingly innumerable array of complex elements. Her instrumental approach and fermenting intervals of inspiration might have taken her slightly longer than expected, but she made steady and uniformly impressive inroads into the page's blank portions. She made precise, deliberate movements, modeling each figure on the page carefully. In a manner of rehearsal, Gemine would occasionally outline her moves in advance. She'd occasionally strategically commence tracing her fingers across the page, allowing her to practice her motions somewhat intuitively before marking a pronounced, defiantly irrefutable imprint on the paper.

Gemine worked largely in consecutive sequences from that point, working on each element in predetermined order, moving across the page systematically from west to east. Her motions were consistent, yet not visibly constrained. Gemine deliberated on each element in the painting and took the time to make sure each one was in the correct location while conveying the right form. This required persistence and concentration but had the advantage of unfolding without unheeded delay. Her measured approach meant she didn't need to go back and redo the symbols. She put in adequate rumination , correctly anticipated the objects collective structure, relative size and complexity. She didn't spend excessive effort revisiting earlier efforts. She was careful and didn't expend time recomposing objects she'd already drawn. Her fingers occasionally moved backward, elaborating on particular elements when needed, but the deliberate approach she undertook meant she didn't squander energies correcting pedestrian errors. Gemine didn't make significant mistakes and avoided the disruption that would arrive commensurate with the exertion and interference it would take in outright erasing mismarked sections entirely. Avoiding this distraction from occurring for the most part was a complex yet productive approach. Her predetermined, thoughtful process and internal anticipation of potential impediments allowed her design to unfold intrusively across the page without encountering visible impediment.
This interpretive approach differed significantly from the intuitive approach she'd previously enabled. Gemine's noticeably focused engagement allowed her to make steady incursions into the page, filling its surface at a steady, measured pace. Looking carefully, I noticed the pencil's end was remarkably sturdy, its sharp edge didn't appear to have dulled significantly despite her extensive composition. The pencil withstood her unwavering pressure with resilience. This was impressive due to the numerous complicated elements she seamlessly constructed; the accompanying pressure her redolent compositions and intricate expressions placed on the unadorned tool was significant. Inferring much beyond the superficial appearance of the page was beyond my constrained capabilities. I observed the diffuse symbols form a surprisingly coherent landscape as their appearance gradually converged, but wasn't sure what precisely her intrinsically methodical, carefully summoned composition attempted to illustrate. The convergent importance was apparent but inherently cloaked beneath clandestine elaborations. Her fingers seemingly obscuring their display simultaneously while she engraved their inherently idiosyncratic appearance. Attempts to navigate through their unspoken architecture were rebuffed by their lack of coherence. They seemed to push and pull against each other, overlapping and cross-checking at the same convergent point. Initial comprehension was an exercise in confusion, attempting to organize the figures into manageable structures made them seem incoherent. After contemplating her methods, I eventually determined that she hadn't completed her task and arriving at any formal conclusion would create erratic , dispersed indications that wouldn't accurately reflect the inherent configuration, leaving me to interpret a partial demonstration. I realized a more productive approach would be to observe the rendering of her objects in isolation, watching carefully while extracting meanings from each on their own.

Following a detached path required me to look beyond immediate aesthetics that caused me to misinterpret her previous elaborate landscape. It took intensive effort to shift expectations on my part. Instead of relying on an emotive reaction. I encountered numerous unexpected parallels clearly visible within portions of specific objects when I examined them objectively. I watched her design and complete the symbols on the closely; tenuous observations began to emerge from her composition. There were distinct similarities that arose from within my deceptively incomplete comprehension. Recognizing sporadic symbols and forms I'd seen earlier recalled those I'd encountered within the mysterious book she'd placed within her putative library earlier. I didn't understand much of what the book contained and the meanings that these symbols indicated were just as elusive. Looking at them with precise energy and convergent thought, they appeared to consist of rows of conflicting, incomprehensible symbols that I didn't understand. I spent an inordinate time cycling through the pages, studying them carefully but found little insight.

Without reaching beyond my limitations, I couldn't begin to approach the level of interpretation that was required and she'd given up on my efforts with pronounced frustration. It wasn't clear exactly what had changed her mind about my capabilities. However, she resolved the quandary and was marking the page, marking a second attempt to introduce me to the symbols. Attempting to decipher their meaning and symbolism as she reiterated their outlines and formulations on the page remained difficult. I was unable to comprehend the inherent meaning of the incipient objects. She continued working on them without interruption for an extended period, concentrating on seemingly insignificant details without pausing for explanation. She kept her own counsel, never asking for advise or offering me audible guidance. Observing the creation of her protracted, indeterminate formulations on the page was further intimidated by her evident reluctance to elaborate on her objects' scattered locations and the stratified, inconsistent methodology that determined their placement on the page. I was able to infer significant visual aspects from the drawing's overall appearance and structure but couldn't comprehend the surreptitious objectives motivating her determination; the significance and connotations underlying the intractable symbols remained deceptively proximate, unfurling right in front of my eyes while keeping themselves objectively remote and comparatively elusive.

She interpreted my reticence as a signal that allayed her concerns. It wasn't detrimental, contrary making my lingering concerns something that could be addressed. She turned from the easel and glanced in my direction, acknowledging my predicament but ultimately resolving to keep forging into the formative path, no matter how her improbable developments unfolded. Disinterested in making the ornate lines easier to follow, she added sections inside the lines that further intervened to cloud their over-arching branches. Gemine marked a multitude of sections with earned-notations, faithfully marking their completion, then proceeding consciously forward in a prescribed manner, moving from side-to-side at a steady rate until the convergent picture that emerged. The rows were set in an uneven manner and appeared to follow indistinct lines leading into extensive paths that stretched beyond the paper's edge, their destination vanishing past reasonable sight. Elaborating further, she pock-marked the arrays with scattered points on the surface whose meaning and relation to one another was immediately nebulous, engendering further intervals that appeared impossible to breach. Gemine moderated her pace to a degree once she implemented these points, moving a tad slower as empty space within the putative canvas shrank. As its inherent spatial limits clarified, she stood back and leaned away from the surface. Appearing provisionally satisfied to a degree, Gemine made sporadic additional efforts that only implemented minor adjustments. She worked carefully, making sure her alterations didn't re-engineer the overall illustration. I made a preliminary effort to begin a process of culmination, but was careful to avoid reaching a definitive conclusion prematurely.

Undertaking a preliminary survey of her temporal invocations turned out to be a more profoundly instructive strategy than anticipated. I waited patiently for Gemine to step away from the canvas and pronounce herself finished. Issuing a firm declaration at that moment would have been presumptuous on her part. Instructing me to defer my final judgment, she made an unexpected decision. Instead of walking away, she instead determined her progress was insufficient. Gemine was only partially finished and made a interpretive reappointment. She explained briefly that she'd only been able to complete a narrow portion of her intended design. Her choices weren't as simple as they appeared, she elaborated. She required additional space, but this entailed another decision. She had to decide which specific section to add to the existing portion and needed addition time to contemplate, in order to assist her in deciding what area she'd subsequently focus her momentum. Looking at the confusing structures, inhospitable symbols and conflicting characters within uneven arrangements offered little insight to my eyes. I knew I'd be able to add little elucidation to aid her but wanted to reinforce her objective in my own small way. I managed a small shrug, folding my hands respectfully at my sides. Without lifting my arms, I remained passive, inferring her transitory reluctance and insulated recriminations weren't causing pronounced detriment. This symbolic gesture functioned to form an impetus. She took hold of the emphatic drawing, and placed it to one side. She took another sheet of fresh paper from the stack and placed it in the center of the page.

Proceeding with a secondary burst of emphasis, she began initial tracing, with a customary engagement to the formations, moving though the initial objects with residing intuitiveness. They weren't as immediately detailed as those she made on her first pass and they appeared to mark the page in a more pronounced manner. Their lines and forms looked a bit thicker than the first set she composed, with darker imprints that made a stronger impression on the page. I noticed that they appeared larger, with minimal embellishment and pronounced forms that contrasted sharply with how the her initial creations appeared. She maintained an intangible consistency, marking each piece of her composition with a resulting care that developed slowly across the page. Gemine's eyes weren't swayed by any external forces throughout, her insistent focus intentionally brushed aside external distractions. She was no longer constrained by an discordant intention set in my direction, her attention entirely determined by the ingratiating forms appearing on her easel.
I waited for her to pause, even momentarily, which would provide an informal break I could use to ameliorate the disconcerting elements she placed with a strategically juxtaposed, decidedly insular hand. She didn't cooperate with me and retained an unworldly pace, her hands moving with seemingly unrestrained flourish. Each symbol appeared to converge with previous ones when she began to fill the page. They were visibly distinct but their connection and aesthetic influence derived from earlier pieces was unavoidable. Interspersed throughout the symbols, an undefined formation of meticulously deployed embankments appeared to signify direction or location. These weren't quantified but it didn't appear that she had enough time to elaborate on specific distances or measurements. Many of the intricate bends were only visible when you looked closely at the background and severely focused your vision on them. They weren't present in many of the symbols, but these elaborate curves seemed to invoke unique connotations. It was difficult to make sense of their relationships without relative quantification, but they varied in shape, length and angle, giving each bend a defined characteristic. The intrinsic complexity of her designs didn't significantly impede her efforts. It appeared to achieve a converse effect. Gemine retained a consistently fervent pace and resolutely open hand, her bountiful acclimations visible within each object on the page to an inexhaustible degree.

I noted that she appeared to write the occasional short caption beneath some of the figures. They were too small for to read from my constricted, distant viewpoint but their diminutive size didn't make them less useful or engaging. Gemine's elaborate, meandering constellation of objects infused the recent page with an intangible energy that I was unable to fully comprehend. As she emblazoned her forms across the page, they appeared to grow restless in an intangible manner. Their increasing ferocity appeared to derive an increased agility and reinforced strength from the close-proximity they held, reinforcing each other's endurance. Attempting to rationalize her methods to any greater degree than I already had wouldn't be condusive to reflection or allow productive contemplation. Imaging that it would be a better approach to displace my preconditions, resist the urge to reach premature conclusions, attempting to avoid overdoing premature conclusions, I resumed a passive approach, allowing her the freedom to create additional objects free of undue expectations and preliminary notions. This gave me the unexpected insight of appreciating them for the minor triumphs each represented. Without falling prey to unspoken rules, they derived a stirring formation. An integral, yet steadfastly hidden investment started to emerge from the remote corners as she navigated towards the outer sections. I soaked in the totality of their effect and found myself invigorated with an intensifying realization that she was working on an overarching project that exceeded the capabilities of its components to adequately convey.

After relentlessly populating, tirelessly composing and meticulously aligning her nearly-unapproachable landscape with undefined shapes along the exterior portions, her rapid deployment of new figures slowed substantially. That unceremonial shift creative orientation a somewhat dormant period of deceleration that bordered on hibernation, at least when viewed in relative comparison. An interval of quiet followed, as her eyes catalogued the assemblage and made numerous minor adjustments, changing their appearance with circular entreaties that quickly surrounded the majority of figures. These opportune circles gave her disconnected illustrations an increasingly formidable resilience. The overlapping lines appeared to coalesce, encircling each of the larger figures within a protective circle that precluded outside interference. She appeared to be encasing their immediate area, closing off potential incursion. This divergent approach worked in a subtle manner, allowing each element to indicate a lasting pronouncement, marking every unmistakable visual point with an emphatic defensive force-field.

They appeared to wrap around themselves, flowing into inside larger, flowing spheres that intersected and converged within each other's radius. These multiple forms meant she didn't want then altered or changed in any significant manner. I watched her deploy her blockade with growing trepidation and intimidation. Despite extensive efforts and prolonged study on my part, I still couldn't translate these disparate, unreadable symbols into anything coherent or useful. I managed to make some visual connections between these more prominent designs and sections of the earlier symbolic groupings, but nothing that she drew created a direct parallel. By this point, It appeared to my untrained eyes that she'd been clandestinely following, while purposefully avoiding signaling, her designated pattern. Her elaborately camouflaged individual elements slowly appeared inside her expanded canvas. She began moving back and forth between the pages after a significant portion was of Gemine's work had been successfully constructed. Working carefully at a visibly diminished rate, Gemine's fingers followed a deliberately implemented, noticeably reluctant invocation from within the easel. It made impossibly conflicting demands simultaneously; clamoring for more extensive detail while begging for less elaboration. She decided to case the divergence, and only sporadically instilled additional elements into scattered sections that indicated relatively benign sections. She began deliberately covering only the most truculent symbols while leaving other elements largely unbothered with unobtrusive elements that didn't overwhelm existing designs.

I realized that Gemine's carefully-balanced motions at this point were probably presented in a clandestine fashion for a reason; her illustrative movements were methodically planned in advance purposely to avoid detection or comprehension by malevonent exterior forces. The second page, while aesthetically simpler appeared to draw inspiration from a noticeably denser place, its thicker mannerism and broader strokes made its individual elements stand-out from the paper in a more pronounced manner, but their subsequent designs were much more elaborate than those she visualized. This instilled a distinctly divergent, manifestly robust aesthetic and substantially more involved structure. The resulting picture formed an unmistakably fermenting series of postulations. Her intrinsically redolent approach to the second page varied substantially. Its appearance noticeably more pronounced, yet still aligned. When paired, the groupings maintained an implicit similarity. This was apparent when I looked back onto the first page. It was impossible for me not to be impressed by the elaborate design and intrinsic function. I admired what she'd accomplished with her initial inspiration, creating a secondary reserve of resplendent work that retained an inherently disarming, emergent remove from its adjoining creation. Springing from the end of a seemingly unremarkable pencil, they enamored with interpretive resilience. The abundance of diminutive illustrations brought forth a rapturous display, with their informal, yet structured appearance. They converged in unanticipated fashion, instilling a strange aura that was difficult to avoid being drawn into. As their collective power strengthened inexorably, I retained a careful remove. I vividly remembered the vexation that the earlier book had summoned and how it took Gemine's pronounced effort to pull it away from me that broke the spell it cast. I wasn't about to fall into that conundrum again. I stood behind he and undertook a distant observation, keeping myself at a safe distance. Resisting the temptation to immerse myself into their magnetic field excessively wasn't easy, but I anticipated their demands and pulled back. She appeared to have greater familiarity with these deceptively mesmerizing symbols. Repeated exposure to their permutations appeared to give Gemine a pronounced indication of their capabilities she could dissuade. I wasn't sure I had the same amount of resilience instilled in my mind. I allowed her to take the lead, and work on the converging visage at close range while I stood behind her at a protective remove, attempting to maintain a detached view of the indolent proceedings.

After expunging lingering reluctance, I made a concession that involved leaning closer to her composition than I'd anticipated, determined to repel any complications that might arrive and not submerge beneath another strange collection of indecipherable symbols. Arriving at a more prominent angle that offered a vastly-improved perspective, I found myself standing directly at her side, allowing me to gain unfettered viewpoint to her work for the first time. At this angle, I was surprised by the level of commitment that it conveyed. Nothing about any of the figures appeared rushed or sketched, her drawings were infused with unwavering determination. Looking into the first page she designed, I was impressed by the inexplicable level of detail she managed to display in each meticulous rendering. Sharing a residing commonality I hadn't previously appreciated, it came to prominence when viewed from a conspicuous perspective. Portions of individual forms mirrored each other. Wings, outward extensions and parallel curves repeated in different locations within different forms. Straight rows and lines made consecutive appearance throughout the page, alongside the occasional diagonal flourish. Further inspection revealed circular shapes of varying sizes, some figures were separated with lines, others maintaining uninterrupted flows. Spatial forms became increasingly visible when I leaned forward; these figures appeared to point in specific directions. Others appeared to be static indicators, but what these characters and objects were working to indicate remained elusive.

A constellation of highly-imaginative figures became increasingly prominent when viewed carefully at closer proximity. These objects consisted of layered elements that appeared to indicate forms of greater complexity and importance. Many of the more elaborate figures derived from simpler forms, inducing additional contemplation of their nebulous relationships to each other. Multi-layered with multiple elements such as criss-crossed fields and complex transactional convictions, they appeared insightful, inspiring flourishing speculation with their complex appearance taking on new significance and importance. Scattered within these arrangements, there were also visibly simpler objects such as squares and circles, lightly embellished with simple dots and lines. These marks appeared on the margins towards the ends of the page, they seemed to indicate a more foundational purpose that other characters could build from. I noticed numerous strong similarities between many objects within her initial illustration; these unfolded in what emerged to form a complimentary methodology. The individual forms began coalescing rapidly into a cohesive whole that appeared to converge to create an arrangement that resembled an elaborate language. Its putative characters and signs began to emerge as I made a more direct connection with Gemine's consistent and distinctive markings. Looking at them closely, it rapidly became clear that their function went beyond functional. The objects she carefully crafted were infused with far greater variance and fluidity than it initially appeared. The figures' coherence emphatically intensified when I leaned into the canvas and viewed them in greater detail, set directly beside each other. They revealed previously hidden detail and importance after my eyes were able to view them unburdened from excess distance. I managed a quick survey and was surprised by how intricate their connections were. I couldn't immediately comprehend their countless indications and innumerable variations, but the invocations were clearly visible at closer range. Her seemingly spontaneous formulations infused the characters' mysterious origin and incomprehensible vocabulary with pronounced implications, fervent energies and unarticulated intrigues.

Providing serendipitous energies, the assembled figures began shifting almost imperceptivity, reneging on their initial appearance they appeared to change disposition. Tilting and bending shape in tandem was a tangible occurrence that seemed to occur gradually. They displayed an unnatural alignment and all seemed shift until they pointed westward, towards her second page. She didn't appear to control their seemingly automatic movement, but there was a distinctive, irrefutable force at work within the forms. My eyes were inexorably drawn into the second page, almost involuntarily and its divergence was all the more pronounced after I'd spent an inordinate time focused on her first collection of smaller, less intrusive figures. Looking in her direction, she maintained a manifest remoteness, observing me from a dispassionate angle that allowed me to explore the confluence of characters unaided without aesthetic interference or subconscious disruption.

Basing their importance on intervening factors, some of which were probably misinterpretations, gave me a transient point of reference I could use to create a loose hierarchy that allowed me to sort and rationalize their relative importance. My methods of doing so appeared to make partial headway into deciphering their intentions, but I remained inherently unsure as to their proper meanings. Relying on instinct and loose interpretations wasn't completely manageable, but it seemed I was making inroads, slowly arriving at their underlying meaning. This required making generous allowances for imprecise handwriting, dispersed renditions and awkward approximations that would inevitably arise from attempting to read her somewhat hastily scrawled demarcations. Expecting perfection from Gemine's elaborate sketches would only lead to disappointment. I settled on a less precise approach, aiming to reach a partial understanding their complex structures. This approach seemed to achieve acquiescent results for the first page, but once the forms on that page began to change direction, their destabilization substantially undermined my conclusions. Further shifting attention outward, the second page appeared inherently different from a number of factors. Its characters were larger and more pronounced, dominating the paper with redolent expressions that recalled the smaller figures on the first page while delivering aesthetically insistent results.

It appeared both pages were communicating in a similar language, but spoke in substantially different dialects. There were distinct similarities between both pages in terms of design and style, but they differed substantially in terms of instinctive style, integral function and contrasting presentation. The second page wasn't as complicated but conveyed more prevalent directives. Its uncoordinated designs shared many commonalities, but unfolded across the page with less precision. Its larger figures appeared to have been written without the same deliberation then placed unevenly in erratic fashion. Looking across the easel towards the earlier, smaller forms held fractional emphasis while the secondary figures to their side appeared to magnify their importance. This distinctively pronounced approach clearly emphasized the intrinsic values, elevating seemingly insignificant elements within specific forms to prominence. I made these assumptions based on their visual relationships to each other but knew that my conclusions might have been wrong. These projections might have derived from misinterpretations and unfounded connotations, but Gemine's limited, almost nonexistent assistance gave me little guidance when it came to understanding the implacable characters' meaning or significance. Deciding not to let their intricate complexity dissuade me from further examinations, I trained my eyes firmly into the fields. The more robust figures within her composition's opposing side didn't surrender much insight without pronounced effort on my end. I reinforced my intuition by searching for parallels that weren't easily spotted. This extended beyond superficial similarities to encompass less prominent aspects. Inferring meanings from within their densely-structured shapes wasn't immediately possible but there were specific shared aspects that could be deduced. The common angles of certain stokes and shared emphasis provided me with a measure of consistency that I could follow. Surface ruptures weren't common but appeared with enough frequency that it was likely their proximity indicated something important was being conveyed.

Moving systematically across the incipient pages revealed additional likenesses. It took methodical patience and unrelenting perseverance until I eventually noticed repetitive forms that recurred in multiple configurations throughout the page. These subtle changes weren't easy to identify and I had to make multiple passes over the same objects before I recognized their assertive echoes. The first incipient mirroring I encountered involved a thick, curved line spread across the middle of a character, but not in the expected manner. Gemine had created a subtle mark that needed extensive insight and prolonged scrutiny to discern. Its inconsistent form receded into the background sliding unobtrusively beneath and behind a multiple constructs. I admired the effort she'd obviously expended creating those almost invisible notations. Issuing these visual motions in uncorroborated order, they elicited a unique style that gave the larger characters an engaging symmetry. Beneath certain characters, Gemine added what appeared to be captions or footnotes, but these were illegible, almost impossible to read, even when viewed at close range.

Squinting my eyes with newfound resolve, I gamely attempted to read these smaller notations but couldn't understand their constrained characters. Moving inward, haphazardly gathered towards the center of the page, things became inexplicably complicated and elusive. The thickly-drawn, somewhat simplistic characters grew increasingly complicated showcasing additional flourishes such as energetic sinews and frantically-rendered embellishments that attempted to verbalize contradictory insinuations within their design. These centrally-positioned figures were undeniably aggressive compared to the characters straddling the nearby edges. Surveying them in a broad context quickly grew frustrating, as the assembled forms and shapes gave little indication as to their inherent purpose and underlying meaning. Attempting to unravel their intertwined nature became more difficult when examining their nuances and variations. Their cluttered nature and unsorted placement made the characters difficult to map, either in isolation or combination.

The disorganized collection set before me wouldn't separate into smaller pieces on its own, which required substantially more concentration and resilience than I was accustomed to expending. This formidable task was made increasingly protracted because I had move at a slower pace in order to translate their meaning unassisted. I had to complete this effort while maintaining a temperamental reserve. This wasn't easy because the figures were displayed without an accompanying lexicon that I could use, even as a transient foundation. I made repeated efforts to gain further insight, beyond my superficial responses but quickly reached the limits of what I could achieve with limited comprehension. Repeating my furtive navigation over multiple attempts was squandering time and didn't bring forth additional insight. I quickly realized that I wouldn't be able to maneuver further without some assistance. Looking back in her direction, she stood in noncommittal posture. Gemine continued watching my progress wish detached interest but she wasn't initially responsive to my frustrated endeavors. Maintaining a consistently serene disposition, she didn't immediately come to my side as I struggled to breach the barrier defiantly standing in front of me.

Waiting patiently for me to unravel an inherent vocabulary, directory or purpose hiding beneath the obstinate characters, Gemine didn't share my immediate sense of urgency. Standing placidly at a pronounced remove, she didn't utter a word of encouragement or reassurance. I waved my arms in frustrated motions but my despondent maneuvers didn't appear to rouse her attention. After several moments without a tangible response, I decided that she was going to abandon me, obstently to insure I wasn't given undue complicit help. It could have also meant she was attempting to measure my capacities, striving to determine my capabilities and limitations. Her motives weren't audibly verbalized or tangibly conceptualized. The impending figures' appearance quickly changed from interesting to intimidating. I was able to catalog a number of consistencies and parallels within their designs, but there wasn't adequate foundation beneath each symbol for me to make any conclusive determinations based solely on their relatively shallow surface appearance. She observed my inconsistent excavations, appearing to remain indifferent to my difficulties for an extended period. I found myself staring at one particular form for a protracted interval. Its disconcerting appearance was made indecipherable because it didn't resemble any of the other forms on the page. After several minutes spent convincing myself that I could understand it if I spent enough time studying its form, style and, location I realized my effort was probably unrealized.
Focusing on that specific character required an inordinate effort that became increasingly detrimental. Its unbalanced prominence quickly became an overarching distraction, taking attention away from beneficial introspection and occasionally serendipitous contemplation of the landscape and its surrounding expanse. I finally gave up and turned around completely discouraged. I plaintively looked in Gemine's eyes for any sort of tangible direction. I waited for her response, quite possibly in the form of a reprimand for surrendering prematurely. I was nervous and unsettled since it seemed my pronounced, determined efforts and contemplation had fallen short of discovering a viable solution. Looking into her eyes, I was somewhat relieved that her unfocused gaze lacked the intrusive focus or searing incision they'd previously indicated. Her visage was unexpectedly calm, without noticeable agitation or disappointment. She wasn't immediately concerned or worried in the slightest. I was surprised that Gemine wasn't angry or disappointed with me and instead reacted in a contradictory manner I hadn't anticipated.

She wasted little time shifting towards a more pronounced disposition. Wasting little effort, Gemine quickly asserted herself. Walking quickly in my direction, she took reticent note of my growing consternation. Swiftly walking she stood at my side and joined me in considering the uneven foundations she'd drawn. Internalizing the figures and symbols she'd constructed again didn't take her very long. Gemine came to a relatively fast determination. She was genuinely pleased with her work for the most part. She'd been thorough drawing the composition but on taking a secondary examination, several flaws began to emerge. Her inspection found several discrepancies but she took the time and corrected some of these. She added lines and points, embellished areas and attempted to blotch out several of the most glaring exceptions. After a short interval spent further revising her work, Gemine indicated it was finally finished.

Taking the brief interval to soak up her work in its totality, Gemine expressed gratitude for my interest in her elaborate illustration. She looked in my direction, and began asking with unexpected sympathy what precise aspect of the convergent figures' she'd designed with careful insight and determined structure had brought me to this unnerving point. She said that it had been deliberately adjusted with my capabilities in mind. Before I could respond, her explanation continued. She elaborated that she'd arrived at an unresolved yet logical conclusion. Gemine explained there was a strong possibility that I'd overlooked an intrinsically aligned, yet invisibly connected aspect. Adding that what occurred was easily mitigated. She felt that my eyes probably encountered an unseen problem I hadn't anticipated and was unable to locate an easy solution. I wasn't entirely sure what she was attempting to convey. Her methods and determinations were confusing on my end, and I waited to respond to her somewhat oblique indications, unsure how to proceed without sounding inherently unprepared and inadequate. I realized that speaking without reliable insight or foundational support would be detrimental.

Disheartened and inherently protective, I refrained from exposing my incoherent thoughts and allowed her to continue. She inferred that I needed to attempt to find a wider perspective and not judge her work using only its surface. She explained that her composition wasn't strictly intended or designed for accuracy or precision. That would have requited a far more accurate device and exponentially more work than she put into what was essentially a preliminary sketch. She walked a deliberately measured pace away from the easel in order to shift and arrive at better observational angles. Gemine's eyes changed perspective as she moved and her gaze became noticeably steadier, following a narrow path. After holding her voice for a prolonged interval, she verbalized a brief, positive assertion regarding her efforts. Gemine said she'd made a promising beginning and seemed satisfied with the drawing. Her interest seemed to intensify she leaned in closely and patently looked at the easel with and some dismay became evident in her eyes. Gemine seemed reluctant to elaborate further on her observations, but eventually worked up enough courage. Trying not to sound excessively critical, she quietly but firmly explained that she felt I missed something. I wasn't sure what she meant by this. I'd spent a protracted period studying its function, appearance and structure, only to arrive at a disappointingly incomplete, inherently unsatisfying conclusion.
Reiterating that my approach wasn't completely wrong, she elaborated that I'd merely overlooked something that would be easy to miss. Without adding further admonitions, she began waving me to join her. Gemine invited me to step back towards the canvas, but wasn't sure exactly what she wanted me to look for. The assembled symbols and forms still defied my attempts to engage them in a practical manner and I quickly became confused and overwhelmed by them once again. I grew annoyed quickly and wondered what the point of following her repetitive instructions and continuing the pointless inspections might be. She advised me to look away from the page for a moment and focus instead on the space beneath. I saw only her exhausted-looking pencil sitting there, looking forlorn, seemingly forgotten and abandoned in its restive state. I didn't immediately understand what her intentions were and stood silently, not fully comprehending what she had in mind. Sensing my confusion, she moved in my direction before quickly explaining her assumptions and reasoning.

Her resolute tenor indicated that she felt strongly that I'd expended inordinate time merely observing, watching and studying from an proficient remove. Gemine said she sensed that I was prepared and skilled enough to take a step beyond the barrier that I'd set up. She took the pencil, thrust it into my hand and told me there wasn't time for observing passively. Before I could respond, the invisible field in front of me seemed to evaporate. I wasn't sure how exactly to proceed, but felt a strange emotion build - her intuition was correct. I wondered how she knew about my earlier experiments on the vessel but considered these casual scribbles, not regimented practice sessions. She responded to my reluctance quickly. She relayed that she with realized I was somewhat reticent but advised me not to worry. She wanted me to overcome my inner hesitation and grasp the pencil firmly and begin filling its vast surface without fear. I stood in front of the easel for a minute or so, holding the pencil in my hand and trembling slightly, unsure how to proceed. Gemine noticed I remained unsure and decided to make a strong nudge. She walked directly to my side and slid her composition to one side. She then moved intuitively followed by decisiveness, forcefully taking an empty page from beneath, Gemine placed it beside the her compositions. She advised me not to focus on duplicating her work exactly or mimic her techniques precisely but instead gain an instructive, empathetic feel for the symbols. Gemine's method seemed a bit presumptuous and overly-expectant. I tried to give the pencil back, reminding her my lack of skill, talent and experience, but she wouldn't take it. She reiterated her position firmly. Gemine reiterated that she wanted to see what I was capable of. I thought about this for a moment but I remained apprehensive and leaned away from the easel. I wasn't sure I'd be able to meet even modest expectations. Gemine didn't share my reluctance and stated she felt I shouldn't retreat, having come this far. She was confident I'd be able to decipher the symbols and reveal the secrets they contained using my own hand.

- Michael Palisano