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In Memory
Sean Pettibone



A Templative Erudition

Without enduring deeper implications by forsaking further excessive contemplation, I began the process of marking the paper without copying her work or pondering the ramifications. This allowed me to free my hands and take a distinctive, unimpeded intention. Before I realized what was occurring, my eyes followed an unfettered course staying carefully within the page's borders, gliding across its frontage inexorably to reach an irrevocably altered objective. The objective was clear, but the path in front of me was concealed. Its awkward structure purposely designed to impede navigation. Its inherent complexity worked against my preclusive expectations. It capriciously followed an intuitive yet incomprehensible path, recalcitrantly disregarding a range of simple permutations in favor of less-prominent encounters. I began scribbling across the paper nondescriptly, fervently marking enveloping diameters of uneven circles. Their incongruous designs and interior patterns overlapped carelessly and clashed when their competing radiuses collided, leaving numerous incomplete fragments persisting on the page. These appeared seemingly at random, and elicited insignificant meaning and vanishingly small cohesion. Attempting to comprehend their intricate shapes and assign definitive meanings to them proved inconclusive. Their embedded outlines and protected markings felt incoherent and unbalanced but noticeable inspiration was visible despite their insistence otherwise.
Implementing a proportionately subconscious series of determined efforts to invoke their captivating design, composing their densely-layered, closely-stratified elements with imperious lines undulating across their conjoined surface. The resulting evocative designs emerged unevenly with random slashes and irregular lines that carefully bisected their resulting forms, giving them an inconsistent, uneven appearance. My eyes moved across the page and I was pleased that my progress had arrived without procrastination. It seemed that my constrained energies had been freed of their confines. This encouraged me to move ahead and I did so without hesitation. I quickly sketched then filled a number of large rectangular boxes resembling elongated platforms surrounding the main diameter. They immediately commenced clashing with the inner-portions without considering the shape's overall balance. These contained no particular meaning, symbolic or otherwise in mind.

The shapes diverged in purposeful fashion, maintaining a consistent approach, determined to keep any motivations hidden, moving the pencil in unpredictable motions and swirling maneuvers to avoid detection.
Scrawling additional random portions on the margins, some of which purposely clashed with the surrounding figures. As my disorganized creation neared its unmanageable conclusion, its disorganized design began to converge unexpectedly into a coherent form. This process took patience and required adjustments to expectations. I needed to make another subtle shift without stranding myself. Temporarily allowing intuition to overtake contemplation for a brief period, I was disappointed as I looked the unevenly distributed markings over and found little that would inspire additional assurance. The completed object's disorganized form, unwieldy design and lack of stability was overpowering what it might have been attempting to verbalize. My unsteady hands had scuttled and misinterpreted the design, overriding any indication that might present a clarifying elucidation. I'd created a purposefully undefined symbol, implacably set against the carefully-measured forms set beside it, placed in irregular, almost random fashion at odd intervals. Following an uncoordinated approach made comprehension and understanding a monumentally imposing task when it an efficient resolution should have been simple to uncover and coordinate.

Despite my sustained efforts hopefully composing an acceptable approximation, the finished composition didn't appear fully-formed. Its surface inexorably torn, splitting into a sequence of indeterminate pieces. Its visible detachment and inconsistencies couldn't begin to meet even the marginal standards I'd set for myself. The stratified, undefined figure conveyed a dispiriting predictability in design and function. Its lack of coherence and imagination didn't make for a compelling contrast to my earlier designs. Despite the fact that these consisted of reflections, they appeared to show more inherent inspiration than my undefined creation. In terms of residing function, there was nothing within its narrow form that could be articulated or explained. The random markings and disjointed appearance was confusing and incoherent. My hastily-drawn, design had no purpose or meaning. After several minutes, I determined that it wouldn't be worth continuing; I'd be moving further ahead felt like a lost cause. I'd finished my inadequate response and stood aside. I began systematically excavating its hurried, inconsistent design, my passion demised rapidly, replaced by a sense of disillusionment. My eyes sank backward, receding into their sockets as I became somewhat dejected by the wasted space and squandered energy.
Uncertain how to proceed into undertaking further incursions with adequate efficiency, I attempted to revise the figure, changing elements within its design to reinforce the composition. These carefully implemented additions had the unwelcome consequence of muddling the figures even further. Standing back, it was obvious in my estimation that the objective hadn't been accomplished. My efforts had fallen far short of my own expectations. This disappointment led my to ponder erasing the figure and starting over from the beginning. It was a tempting escape route, but nothing would be gained by avoiding mistakes. After some ruminations and weighing's, I counter-intuitively decided it would be better to not to erase or scratch off the misbegotten figure. Its visible flaws and manifest deficiencies allowed Gemine to take a closer look at its insurmountable faults. There remained visible elements that pointed in the right direction. At least a small portion could be salvaged from the claustrophobic scribbling. My hope was her experience and perspective might provide insight and advice to keep my from making similar mistakes in the future.

I watched as Gemine carefully walked towards the flapping page set furtively against easel. Her penetrative eyes looked it over assiduously, inspecting the mis-formed figure's shape and design thoroughly. Her enviable confidence and flawless intuition arrived at an avoidable pronounced conclusion. It didn't take long for her penetrating eyes and to reach a disquieting, yet accurate assessment of the inadequate composition. She looked over the design thoroughly then quickly turned in my direction. Gemine's disposition disengaged with the easel, her shoulders slouched noticeably, her arms fell to their sides. Her dejected predisposition couldn't hide that she was disappointed. However, she didn't let the evident displeasure with my work get the best of her.

She spoke deliberately, and chose her words carefully, carefully avoided diminishing my work dismissively with excessive detail. Her tenor was consistent and firm made efficient use of her voice, eliciting only broad outlines of its most-inflected areas. I listened to Gemine studiously without defensiveness, hoping that she'd reveal even a tiny fraction of her invaluable methods. Quietly yet determinedly, Gemine wondered what I was trying to accomplish creating those disorganized, incoherent indicators. The effort hadn't provided the illumination or resplendence she anticipated from my hand. She appeared most disappointed and surprised by my lack of coordination and the figure's evident defects. Gemine's despondence was only reinforced when she took a step closer and knelt over the canvas for an even closer, taking an even more unforgiving perspective. Lacking the experience and confidence that would only arrive later, my experimental, inconsistent effort appeared incoherent, lacking the coherence and style that Gemine anticipated. She stepped away from the easel somewhat dejected and turned her attention in my direction. I was surprised that she wasn't angry at its numerous defects, or the time I'd apparently wasted. In a subtle manner, she seemed to understand the limitations her designs imposed. Attempting to follow her lead without detailed explanations was inherently difficult while branching further proved untenable given my constrained abilities.

She wasn't anguished by my difficulties completing the task and seemed to intuit a significant measure of responsibility on the oblique connection. She complimented me on the strenuous, determined effort I made before pointing out the residing inconsistencies within the composition. Gemine didn't dwell on its aesthetic faults or mechanical issues. She redirected her energy and instead looked in my direction with a unexpected sympathy. She appreciated my truculent effort but elaborated that her expectations weren't met. She said that the design showed some energy but she couldn't overlook its incoherent, hopelessly tangled structure, and the uncontrolled mess it created. I'd clearly fallen short of her initial experiences with me. I slouched downward and looked towards the floor, somewhat embarrassed. She looked the untethered, incoherent design over repeatedly with increasing frustration and wondered why I'd squandered time and effort imprinting incoherent scribbles. Gemine's voice lowered and scattered with audible frustration. I realized their scrambled forms had accidentally defiled the tools she'd generously provided for use enlivening the page. Pausing briefly to moderate her words, her conclusion was still difficult to hear. She'd spent so much time in silent observance, and the change from her previously quiet disposition was difficult to mitigate.

Gemine further admonished me for allowing intuition and emotion to overwhelm the piece. The approach wasn't working. I'd gone too far ignoring her boundaries and structures with little evident bearing or tangible foundation for my scratched-up, inconsistent marking to inhabit. She told me I needed to put more effort into my compositions, and knew I could create something much better I took her critic to heart and bowed my head in shame, I was relatively despondent knowing that I hadn't demonstrated the agility or ingenuity that was expected from my efforts. Sensing that she might have been too harsh, Gemine added that my surrender was premature, reiterating that I shouldn't allow a single misconceived figure to dissuade me from further iterations. Gemine firmly suggested that she expected me to take a more substantive approach moving forward.
Her rejoinder gave me immense relief. She still seemed to believe in my capabilities despite mistake. I took several minutes to rationalize her conclusion and realized, once again, that her instincts were correct. I Looked over the scribbles blighting the page and quietly resolved to put in more effort into subsequent entries. I wasn't precisely sure how I'd regain momentum and I found myself contemplating divergent, contradictory methods of potential infusions. My first thought resolved that I should continue copying her work since it was obvious that I still had a lot to learn. However, I quickly dispatched this idea as overtly derivative, counter to the creative trust she'd placed in me.

My feet began pacing around the easel, walking quickly past its surface in a narrow path searching for firm guidance or renewed inspiration. I took me some time to determine a tangible justification and decide what point I should embark from. My hands held to the pencil unstintingly, grasping its diminutive form without trepidation, but there was no external pressure to proceed recklessly. I found a forbearance that allowed me to consider the pending work ahead of time. After several minutes, I hadn't arrived at a definitive resolution. After several minutes, I felt a piercing gaze locking into place, intruding on my thoughts. Her eyes felt unwelcome but I was able to implement a simple defense, without seeming disrespectful. I reflexively covered my eyes using my hands, pulling my sight downward and inward. This technique defrayed her attention; allowing a short release to reflect on the quandary. Taking advantage of the unforeseen respite allowed me to recall numerous convergences between seemingly disconnected preceding events. My mind quickly determined a secure path that wasn't excessively fraught. Thinking back to the strange room containing her inspirational, yet somehow imperceptible library took on unexpected prominence. I'd sat there for an extended period, but its purpose and meaning remained elusive and alluring. I remembered the mysterious book I'd immersed myself in, recalling the seemingly endless rows of incompressible symbols and resulting incomprehensible figures.

My recollections of their radiant form, imaginative design and incipient structure, remained indescribably vivid, residing undiminished within memory. Closing my eyes for a moment, I could still see them flashing brightly across the pages, as if they were still right in front of me. I wasn't able to understand what any of them meant, there were too many of them and they appeared purposefully imbued with surreptitious elements and intangible forms to repel attempts at deciphering them. The memorable figures' intangible forms and underlying recalcitrance made them ideal subjects for exploration. I decided that investigating them further could be potentially edifying and inherently promising. I reassessed the residing figures without abandoning my promise to remain thoughtful. Without rushing ahead, I though back and found many of their designs unfolding without distortion. This gave me confidence I'd arrived at the right solution. I looked in Gemine's direction and began flipping my fingers like I was browsing through a book. She appeared to understand what I was up to and nodded approvingly. Her confidence reinforced my conviction, infusing my fingers with rejuvenated inspiration. I quickly selected a prominent, intricate figure to reform. It didn't take long before my hands began drawing again with substantial, if undefined purpose. The figures' initial design and details appeared promising. I set about the task of reconstructing its furtive form, almost completely from memory that I'd briefly but unforgettably encountered.

Commencing work on its reconstruction wasn't as difficult as anticipated. Quickly locating an appropriately large empty section where I could place it prominently, I cycled through various other figures before firmly settling on that particular figure. Holding a strong pull, it distinguished itself in memory with a unique appearance that was bolder than many of the other designs. Its sense of purpose stood out and was resoundingly indicative of why it remained so prominent within my memory. I began by tracing the unmistakable outlines of its insistent shape, circling back and forth over the same point multiple times until the exterior formed what initially appeared to be a prominent shadow that quickly emerged from the page. I decided to take a slightly slower, measured pace with its design, allowing for any lapses in memory to reconstitute themselves as I formed its foundation. Its upper portion was easier for me to conceive, but its still looked somewhat undefined. Elaborating on its structure, I added several intersecting lines that formed a parallel reflection of the main figure.

Connecting these partitioned segments required a light touch, as I remembered these extensions initially appeared to be fastened with only fragile strings or wires. They expanded beyond the course but remained somewhat distant. Approximating their unique style required me to convey a look of detachment while simultaneously maintaining a visible convergence. This was a difficult challenge but tenuous balance I'd achieved allowed me to correlate these extensions successfully. I was pleased with their appearance and moved attention back to the main figure, with still looked indistinct and undefined. I had to look closely, and it took some effort for me to realize what it was missing. After concentrating on its incomplete form for a period, I realized it was missing its signature element. A partial indication of a letter within the lower portion signified the composition's individuality. I needed to recall my earlier efforts intently and remember precisely how it went before reconstructing its sloping turns.

Working on the lower, deceptively simpler portion, then ascending upward into the more elaborate sections in a systematic manner took more time, but made the resulting form resemble the resplendent iteration I remembered without diverging too much from its inspiration. That approach symbolized my tentative theory and following objective. I was hoping these efforts would help resolve a portion of its insular mysteries. Working methodically, my fingers carefully redrew its lines, retracing the intricate paths they formed. I carefully bend their directions and forms. Allowing their courses to unfurl without interruption, the slender lines began bending and turning in slender, uncorroborated routes along side each other. The innumerable lines unfolded across the page, circling, spinning and twisting and around each other with seeming abandon. The seemingly uncontrollable lines I drew took on a life of their own. I held the pencil with a firm hand but the lines took control to a degree, and I allowed them to find their independent paths. These emergent forms and designs began consistently flowing within the square with some effort until they filled the central area with an unmistakable mark. Suffused with an unspoken flourish, the insistent element made a distinctive impression.

Its share, pointed extensions appeared to point outward from the inner section, signifying a relentless push forward, venturing beyond the encroachment fearlessly. It stood out immediately from the residing figures nearby but it needed further elaboration. As I redrew the figure with my own hand, the process worked to release my memories of it, which grew increasingly vivid and detailed. I recalled another distinctive element that would center the figure, grounding it within the reflected figures' confines. I recalled a small object hovering just above the fermenting composition, its form gradually reappeared in my mind. I had to work carefully to make sure it was just the right size, I didn't want to overwhelm the lower section, but determined that the object to remain clearly visible.

Measuring the space carefully with a visual inspection, then reasserted these conclusions gliding my fingers over the page. Carefully drawing a series of small points, I then worked with precision surrounding these dots inside larger circles. This took some time but my task wasn't finished. The most difficult portion occurred when I implemented a secondary layer surrounding the initial circles, but these took the form of elongated ovals, making the small figures resemble desconstituted eyes. They appeared to stare back relentlessly from above the object. This had the effect of infusing the composition a clarifying purpose, it appeared to be looking straight ahead without premeditation, its unbroken visualization forging onward without considering what reciprocal recognition it might receive in return. This was only a loose interpretation, but my vaguely-formed assumption of its meaning and purpose seemed to at least tangentially confirm and quite possibly, partially explain the nearly-completed figure's complicated, multi-layered appearance in a somewhat comprehensible manner.

Surfacing throughout the form's design, a convergence of styles between its inner field and outer margins provided tangible parallels and mirrors that reinforced my intuition. Stepping back from the easel and looking at the illustration in context with the other forms, it retained an residing individuality that resisted categorization. Its flowing lines connected to each along myriad paths, building within each other a seemingly natural dynamic, crossing over and between each other with unpretentious ease. Circuits embedded within the inner form, while the imposing eye-figures above held a narrow focus. Determining the precise boundaries of their relationship to each other was difficult to comprehend. This was a result of purposeful design and resilient effort, but their clandestine form placed a unique burden on its design. It's articulation wasn't clear, but demanded an explanation. The figure retained mysteries, resolutely mute but its importance warranted a pronounced response. This conflicting arrangement provided negligible elaboration, but its imposing silence didn't deter me. I stepped forward again to inform a more pronounced examination. I explored its structure steady while simultaneously evading the now-dormant force it emanated that had hypnotized then paralyzed my earlier encounter with a similarly incipient figure's entrancing aura. It seemed strange yet inarguable that the seemingly humble design possessed unseen power, though there might have been more reasonable explanatory factors.

The most prominent was the fact that my composition had drawn entirely from memory and was most like not a completely accurate representation. The scrambled, incommensurate importance I placed on it probably affected my perspective. Shouldering excessive importance, it was likely I'd become overly attached to it. My hands weren't steady enough to draw the precise lines of the original drawing accurately. Its mesmerizing eyes seemed to appear out of proportion, noticeably larger than the ones I remembered. Further contemplation of its reduced size and diminished powers led me to infer that since it was no longer surrounded by reinforcing, similar figures, it lacked the encompassing force which its power originally derived. Despite these problems, I was pleased with that supple attempt, and looked over its form with a surprisingly high degree of confidence.

Ignoring the uneven, disjointed lines that appeared uncertain and distracting, I couldn't deny the inspired composition contained inherent beauty and undeniable aesthetic power, retaining the irresistible magnetism of Gemine's original drawing. It seemed to grow increasingly forthright the longer I stared into its hypnotic face. This imperceptible change emerged surreptitiously and grew more prominent as time passed. I attempted to look away but was unable to fully resist its luminance and returned to its gaze instinctively. The previously docile form became increasingly powerful, forging sequential layers of inner strength in plain sight. It overtook resistance, forging a stronger pull that strengthened without encountering any resistance on my part. Before realizing what was occurring, I felt my body leaning towards its seemingly passive design, leaning into the page involuntarily.

Its hold strengthened immediately, imposing itself until I was unavoidably falling beneath its mesmerizing spell. This occurred without pretext, before I realized what was happening, not allowing me to devise a tangible method of response. I wasn't able to counter its strange pull immediately but at least had the premonition to comprehend its unrelenting incursion. Realizing its unobtruded intensification and power did little to sway its impending encroachment. I decided not to resist its fermenting assault too forcefully. Thinking ahead, I knew I wasn't strong enough to confront it directly, and needed to take a different approach to its frenetic waves of energy. Contemplating my options, any responses I could initially implement felt constrained and ineffective. I watched its enlargement somewhat helplessly for several uneasy moments, unsure how to evade its grasp.

After further contemplation, I remembered how Gemine pulled me away from the book earlier without a fight. I quickly realized the successful intervention behind her seemingly passive approach. This involved a minor deception to divert its attention. I decided to let the figure take superficial control of the encounter. I'd be able to maintain a level of control. I needed to carefully and surreptitiously allow the figure's unspoken trajectory to unfold within expected parameters. That fulminative approach gave the restless figure enough space to expand its reach, but also allowed it confidence relax its heightened defenses. This diametric, contrary strategy might make the figure accidentally reveal insights into its motivation and the forces that minded its design and construction. Following this method might define additional aspects as yet unknown; quietly undermining its methodology which would let me counter its insinuations more effectively. This wasn't a straightforward or guaranteed approach towards it confrontation but seemed the most promising path that might cleanly resolve its expansive desires then subsequently unfurl to reveal illuminative conclusions.

Working with respectful determination, I approached its outline with caution. The deceptively powerful figure stood implacably with an unexplainable yet tangible inner resolve. It was immovable and unchanging, while internalization allowed it to methodically strengthen and became increasingly assertive. Its unrelenting attributes contrasting sharply against the surrounding timid compositions that remained impassive. Simultaneously, the central form's extended lines flowed outwardly with increasing velocity and significance. Their pillars appeared to converge and expand until their appeared to diminish the rest of the page. As I leaned in, I noticed a subtle increase in the figure's luminance, becoming almost incandescent from certain angles. This appeared to function as a kind of aesthetic shield blocking further visual incursions. Look away from the figure momentarily seemed to counter its transient deference. It held additional surprising defenses when I examined further. At certain points, the mysterious construct appeared to lift above the page as it began to shimmer and glow mutely within its confines. This had the punitive effect of further involving my eyes in distraction without eliciting further inward detail or enlightenment.

Adding another intricate layer of discouragement, the plaintive easel remained defiantly silent throughout, not offering a short note of accompaniment or even the slightest verbal pronouncement. Nearby lines began to fade and blur into each other and my eyes became increasingly focused within its mesmerizing form. As its hold attempted to strengthen, my posture challenged its recalcitrant fermentation. Serving the easel's relentless desire for additional figures became secondary and I pulled the pencil towards my side, in order to fully concentrate focus. I took a step closer to observe it in greater detail, and its elaborate construction remained impressive but took on an added dimension of inspiration from its resilience. It still wasn't a precise mirroring, but I wasn't about to attempt further corrections. Instead. I let down my guard and lets its enduring form ensnare my imagination. Looking at it closely for an extended period, I felt increasing attached to its diminutive yet boundless shape. Keeping a careful distance, I resolved to not allow its clandestine, imperceptivity hypnotic signals effortlessly over-take my position completely without putting up even a marginal defense.

Following a divergently objective approach represented a diametric change in my previously intuitive, artistic approach, but it worked effectively. It seemed to keep the disarming from taking control of the situation. I watched it carefully as the figure attempted to repeatedly make peripheral inroads into my consciousness, but I'd anticipated its movements and its efforts produced legible effects. Repelling the figure's persistent advance represented significant progress from my earlier entanglement. A similar diminutive construction had appeared within the pages of a book and quickly took control of my encounter. I was fortunate Gemine was watching our temporal confrontation and pulled me away before the book's similar hold became detrimental. I hadn't suspected that a single design could be so strong in the library. Its recurrence within the similar figure wasn't unforeseen. I was able to effectively manage its increasingly vivid allure by looking downward and averting my eyes frequently. This allowed me to examine its fulmative design and deliberate structure without distraction. Following this approach allowed me to contain the figure's elaborate defenses.

It took an extended period for the intransigent figure's reactive demeanor to lessen its guard, but the composition eventually became marginally amenable towards my incursions. Moving across the surface with intensifying degrees of intention, I noticed something unforeseen start to occur. Tracing the figure's extensions and flowing lines, a strange convergence seemed to arise. It wasn't easy to detangle its complex forms but when they unfolded, there were prominent connections my eyes couldn't dismiss. Repeated lines and angles seemed to indicate a foundation, which many of the objects shared, eventually becoming more consistent than initial appearances indicated. I turned to the opposing page and looked for similar forms and was surprised to see a number of connective elements within the figures. These quickly magnified and became increasingly important, their common direction, shape and forms began to make more sense when viewed in sequence. Slowly, the meaning behind their appearance shifted, the figures grew increasingly approachable, even when designed roughly by her hand or retraced imperfectly with mine.

Taking an awkwardly determined step in direction of the easel's surface, I began to decipher partial meanings and tentative definitions emerging within its convergent boundaries and diminutive frames. After an extensive incursion within the rendering, my eyes somewhat warily began arriving at a tenuous conclusion carefully, confronting lingering uncertainty with unexpected resolve. Recounting her encouragement gave me unexpected resilience, that I hadn't anticipated. Working carefully, in order to convert my abstract theories into tangible form with an underlying physical conveyance, I held my fingers downward and slid them just slightly elevated above the figures on the opposing page. I worked slowly at first but as I gained confidence, I began tracing their intricate shapes and elaborate forms rapidly. This allowed my hands to recognize their shapes with greater intuition and flexibility. Internalizing their similarities provoked a evocative realization that irrevocably changed my perceptions. During the process of shifting from imperceptible theory to physical manifestation, the previously incomprehensible figures shifted in appearance, until they strongly resembled distinct characters.

After an understandably compressed interval spent growing increasing enchanted by each evasive character's resplendent visage, the conductive articulation infusing the culminative shapes remained unclear. Despite my extended incursion and prolonged ruminations, the guarded characters didn't reveal much further detail. It appeared that nothing had changed and I'd never closed the book's shimmering pages. I worked on it assiduously, reconstructing its design closely for an extended period, which resulted in pronounced attachment, but the pull it maintained seemed to be more profound. I looked away while shaking my head quickly to disperse its incendiary hold, but this technique didn't shake its grip. Quickly reasserting itself, the figure blotched out the others nearby and appeared to take on an increasingly prominent position within the page. I resisted the urge to simply turn the page over, but held back. I didn't want to smudge or disrupt the freshly imprinted image. I recalled my eyes from their fixed gaze with some effort, and looked over the nearby forms for countervailing parallels. None of the adjacent forms effectively contrasted with the recent addition, blending into the surrounding firmament transparently. Condensing its hold, the predominant figure encouraged additional incursion with increasing frequency.

The evocative character that emerged from within the cloaked symbol quickly resolved its perplexing quandaries. Working to coalesce alongside the surrounding forms, it managed to state its intentions quickly by reinforcing their importance. It wasn't precisely clear what the character was attempting to articulate, but its unguarded enunciations clarified resolutely, its purpose resembled a deeply-choreographed demonstration of inferences. Nothing was pronounced specifically, but seemed to thrive unexpectedly as it re-assembled its scattered pieces. Marking these visually produced effects I hadn't anticipated or prepared for. When I looked into its unblinking eyes, I felt its magnetic force become unavoidable. Its pull marginalized resistance until its field became nearly inescapable.

Despite its inexorable power and rapidly intensifying strength, I was marginally confident I'd be able to avoid becoming its prisoner if I concentrated on defeating its impending threat. I thought my recent experience with the book's figures would help. I made the further assumption that by drawing and composing the character using with my own hand could be used to my advantage that would potentially assist me in overcoming numerous aspects. I thought I knew what to expect and would be able to anticipate its maneuvers, since its intricate design had fulsomely arrived from my bare fingers. This would allow me to accurately anticipate its power and measuring its strength accurately. I concentrated my focus and focus to counter its gaze, staring back at it intently, determined to transcend the narrow, protective force-field it was attempting to build around itself. It appeared to respond with increasingly forceful responses, the figure's static appearance became increasingly guarded, it seemed to be preparing itself for some kind of battle. I remained fixated on its translucent, incipient eyes for an extended period, successfully fighting against its emanating pulse with unyielding determination. It didn't surrender anything, solely relying on its inherent recognition for reinforcement. This made the seemingly immovable object further solidify in position, complicating my efforts to extract its definitive meaning that would hopefully uncover its elusive purpose.

My attention remained focused on the undefined, yet inoperable character that emerged from within the figure. It remained unclear precisely what it signified, but I was fully engaged with unraveling its mysterious form and internal solution. It regained prominence, surpassing nearby characters to the point that almost completely excluded anything within the surrounding areas. Observation of the easel was constrained. At first, I didn't notice the subtle disruptions occurring at the margins of the page. The characters remained somewhat elusive and skipped randomly, in disorganized fashion above the easel. Their intangible imprints didn't reveal what they represented or identify the workings of their inner activities. I was able to see them clearly, but their definition remained elusive. Looking at the characters or letters, produced additional complications. Attempting to verbalize their meaning led me nowhere. I tried to match individual characters to distinct sounds, but met with only tangential success. This technique meant I was able to pronounce individual syllables but forming complete words wasn't possible using the fragmented knowledge her hastily-assembled compositions provided.

Their inconsistencies discouraged additional examination. I made noticeable progress internalizing portions of each character, but attempting full enunciation of the symbols eluded my capacities. The characters' unavoidable presence remained defiantly sporadic in nature, keeping my interrogation at a secure remove. The wavering luminance in the room became more pronounced as I made increasingly elaborate discoveries. Lights above responded negatively, seeming to reflect a measure of faulty lighting preceded by a diminishing source. These scattered disruptions became more frequent and increasingly powerful. I looked in her direction and she stood stoically, without flinching, seemingly unaware of the challenge that occurred. The flickering intervals and transient interruptions were initially easy to dismiss, but after repeated recurrence and frequent dispersals, they became impossible to ignore. I looked above for the blinking light to repeat, awaiting the next unsteady permutation and wasn't disappointed.

The vibrant transitory flashes recurred for only a brief period but appeared  familiar almost immediately. Looking in Gemine's direction, her level of apprehension didn't appear excessive. She seemed somewhat concerned but not disproportionately worried by the erratic forces. Her disposition was surprisingly tranquil, as she shrugged off the undetermined surges as minor imperfections. The disruptions seemed to relax for several minutes and I regained tentative confidence. It didn't last long. That quiet interval was followed by a sudden burst of convergent light. Immediately, I recognized that it was different and appeared to arrive from a different source. It colored the surroundings with a distinctively-colored green hue. It quickly immobilized the characters within the page. Their previously hypnotic forms dissipated until they no longer held unhindered sway of my attention. The page itself slipped across the page, folding and flapping before succumbing to the convergent light's narrow line. Another insistent burst of energy followed, but arrived from a much closer point, appearing directly behind my shoulders unannounced.

Strengthening into an undiminished, steadfast line of illumination, the narrow beam intensified and resonated, quickly predominating as its brightening energy dispersed throughout the room. It managed to rapidly grow outward with increasing velocity and ferocity, becoming significantly more powerful than its surroundings. The convergent-light machine subsumed and almost instantaneously neutralized the intimidating characters on the page; they couldn't repel its advance. Its unexpectedly robust appearance was startling but unsurprising once I realized what had occurred. I hadn't anticipated precisely what was unfolding initially, but my uncertainty was quickly supplanted with a undeniable wave of recognition from the recesses of memory. My residual intuition confirmed where the vibrant light emanated with an unmistakable energy and distinctive hue. The machine's aesthetic signature was pronounced loudly as its linear paths burst from their precursively clandestine origination. The resplendent visualization of closely-focused energy recalled previous appeareances almost instantaneously. I recognized the unwavering lines emerging within based on prologned exposure. Without external guidance, I saw the beams of light unapolgetically bending and contorting around each other. Their movement became increasingly forceful, effortlessly controlling their functions while deploying unrelenting insinuations. After a taking a short measure of examination and determination, the constrained lines commenced action. Skipping across its surface unreservedly, the machine's narrow beams began forging an unobstructed path across the easel seamlessly. Appearing undiminished, its band of supernatural light glowied as brightly as it had during past encounters. Its familiar patterns and formations were simultaneously reassuring and mystifying. The majestic flow of its diffused paths coalesced before rapidly solidifying into a steadily-defined, vividly-illuminated path.

After rapidly expanding to indicate unexpected positions, the divergent paths intersected and covered the subservient surface in intrinsically connected space, dividing the composition into smaller, evenly-spaced sections using deliberate methods. The carefully-positioned lines appeared to glide just above the illustration, ascending over the easel with nearly-indescribable energies. Their apparational appearance gradually coalesced until their solidifying form created mutli-layered paths. Reinforcing themselves automatically, the machine-devised lines intensified quickly as they combined individually then connected into a larger form. After a breif interval, their structured appearance solidified until there was an invisible yet tangible force skipping just above the surface. Her opaque machine's insistent beam of light pointing uninterrupted, glowing unapologetically with vivid resplendence. Standing passively, my eyes were overwhelmed and disoriented by its reappearance. I hadn't anticipated its exuberant vibrancy converging directly in front of me without the expected distance. Its unconstrained arrangements and elaborate design systematically undermined and diminshed the confused symbols and inaccurate characters on the page surrounding it. The diminuitive imprints I assembled hastily retreated into dormancy. Their imprecise shapes rapidly sank beneath the beckoning light her machine formed, creating a temporal barrier overwhelming the immobilized, symbols on the page. Realizing instinctively what its emergence represented, I knew instinctively whose fingers were commanding the machine. There was no need to turn around. Without looking back, my eyes visualized the unmistakable flowing shape of her engimatic dark cloak.

- Michael Palisano