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In Memory
Sean Pettibone



The Connonative Invocation

Inconsistently organized layers of stratification provided a tangible explanation for her machine's erratic readings. The required integration evaded its elaborate instrumentation. Placing the machine in divergent paths appeared to construct additional conflicting layers. These appeared on top of each other, contradicting themselves with divergent reflections that mirrored each other's surface inconsistently. The narrow line's condensed appearance vanished beneath convergent intricate figures placed at intervening lengths, temporarily blurring its focus. Taking this scattered approach made it difficult for the machine to trace its lines effectively. Attempting to broaden the artificial, illuminative lines her creation elicited from the static page, she reiterated her objective with an unyielding approach. Steadfastly maintaining her consistently detached reserve and intrinsically calm disposition throughout the demanding process allowed her to move proficiently. Her carefully-guarded observations were undistracted by external disruption, but she wasn't prepared to share any of her conclusions with us at that preliminary stage. Maintaining her concerted focus on the page itself, she paused for a moment and glanced downward, examining her machine carefully. Her eyes watched attentively as its narrow beam followed the page's surface marking imperceptivity areas over the paper's surface that appeared to cause little reaction in response.

She appeared to become frustrated but wasn't discouraged enough to halt further expeditions into the evasive composition's intricacies. Adjusting its output somewhat impatiently, she reinvigorated her creation's unfocused, diffuse beam until it regained a narrow, convergent form. Proceeding silently, her agile fingers took uncontested control of the machine, effortlessly changing its function and motivation by systematically turning its dials and  switches until arriving at an effective solution. The piercing, partially-concealed machine quickly regained energy and focus, a visible layer of illumination surrounded her machine emanating from its inner core. The deceptively slender line of sight efficiently traced the facing pages' intricate designs. The figures themselves remained elusive, not surrendering inherent revelations, while their mesmerizing shapes retained an unmistakable hold over the eye. Fervently adjusting and widening the machine's constrained angles and limited vantage, she repeatedly attempted to elicit further insight by repeatedly pressing the machine's buttons in rapid sequences, but her forceful efforts provided little additional insight. Its consistent incursions managed to form inconsistent, tentative comprehension but reliance on the machine's capabilities was inadequate against the formidable task. Continuing with this approach proved indeterminate, regardless of her sustained effort, she unavoidably encountered a pronounced impasse that offered marginal, then negligible productivity.

Encountering a demoralizing level of unanticipated consternation, she took a measured pace forward in response before slowing her momentum to a reluctant halt. Her arms dropped to their sides and she retreated into a defensive posture, arriving at an invisible barrier set on the ease's perimeter, unable to move forward with clear direction. Emerging from the tangible creative constrictions I encountered without impugning my instinctive, unfocused efforts produced unsettled conclusions. Her detached poise couldn't hide that she was somewhat disappointed after inspecting the work for an extended period. Observing her at a safe remove, I shared her frustration, having worked extensively on the composition only to find its deficiencies overwhelming my drawings' inconsistent foundations. Stepping carefully to place herself a slight remove away from the easel in order to gain an objective perspective, revealed  deflected, unsatisfying mannerisms. Purposely retracting her machine and slipping it underneath her sleeve, effectively shielding her creation from further difficulties and underlying consternation.

Walking alongside the canvas, she took a parallel path while contemplating what a intensified, additionally convergent incursion might reveal. She walked slowly, taking a measured pace, unsure precisely what might be revealed when she looked beneath the surface. Inspecting the surroundings, she didn't appear unsettled by the easel's stoic, unswayed remove. Hesitating in front of the page for a brief interval, she appeared to signal something of resounding significance. This vantage was partially blocked by her for, required me to take a step closer to observe what precisely occurred. Waving her fingers across the page, she appeared to indicate that the drawings should have been composed with more thoughtful implementation.

It wasn't nearly as elaborate or easily comprehensible as anticipated. She reluctantly indicated its finished form hadn't confirmed her expectations. Gemine moved a little closer to gain improved vantage on her determinations. She appeared visibly unaware of the looming presence nearby, instead her focus became inescapably distracted, an over-riding disappointment with the drawing's impulsive inconsistencies appeared predominant. Waiting patiently from the periphery, Gemine didn't appear overly concerned with these issues, but didn't pronounce her contrasting vision, allowing me defend my visibly uncoordinated designs. Turning towards the easel, reluctantly admitting to myself that I couldn't disagree with her undeniable discouragement, Working marginal courage and responded that she expected too much from my drawings. It was a practice session, they were only rough sketches.

She remained skeptical and didn't appear to accept my explanation at first. She resumed her inspection of the composition, moving her hands across the page's surface quickly, This didn't bring forth any additional insight, but she maintained a determined position. She rolled up her sleeves and slid the slender mechanical creation from beneath her cloak. Its shiny surface reflecting the page, she extended it outward and began tracing the figures, attempting an additional foray. Standing with an insistent demeanor, she held position, remaining convicted the pictures would reveal something important if she extended her efforts. After making several additional passes over its surface she finally appeared to give in to the composition's fragmented incoherence. She pulled the machine back underneath her sleeve and stepped away from the canvas. Waiting for several moments, she crossed her arms, refocused her attention before turning and addressing the pervasive contradiction.

After prolonged excursions and extensive contemplation of the illustrations, she'd come to the conclusion that the imperfections and deficiencies weren't the result of a lack of skill, but an incomplete set of instructions. She took to the facing page and made a quick comparison between our work, setting out specific points where one would clearly influence the other, but I'd be unable to accurately reinterpret her original designs without a firm grasp on the proper techniques. She turned towards Gemine with a cumulative exasperation. She implicated the intricate designs as possibly converging at an overly elaborate point, landing above my level of competence. Gemine seemed slightly taken aback and retorted that she realized the limitations of my capacities. generously adjusting her complicated templative designs downward accordingly. This appeared to register as overly defensive and she responded further. She could possibly arrive at a beneficial conclusion, potentially assisting me without becoming overbearing. I wasn't exactly sure what she had in mind and I was puzzled as to what plausible solution she might hold. Hesitating to inquire further, I waited patiently for further explanation. She didn't say another word and instead did something I hadn't anticipated. Walking closer to the easel than she had previously, she stood directly in front of the page and looked it over somewhat defiantly.

Her movement became sharp and cutting, its unrefined edges reflecting the compositions' underlying recalcitrance. She appeared increasingly frustrated by her repeatedly denied attempts to extract anything useful from its unarticulated complexity. Managing to reach a tenuous level of acceptance, she glanced in my direction and apologized for taking so long to arrive at a simple solution. Unexpectedly, she placed my page to the side, then pulled an empty sheet from behind the easel, covering the easel completely. I expected her to take up the pencil as well, but she didn't touch it. Without explanation, she pulled out her machine and commenced adjusting its dials. She pushed a specific sequence of its unlabeled buttons rapidly and it beeped loudly. Signaling the near-instantaneous implementation of an inherently tangible function, its capabilities outlined beyond abstraction, its powerful beam lit up the room resplendently before converging into a steady line that created a physical implication. The machine's aim converged into a sharp point, narrowing and squinting until forming an undeniable structure. Testing its power quickly, she waved it across the page and began tracing a small section the on page.

Its combined paths appeared to singe the page when they sporadically converged, leaving a nearly imperceptible trail of smoke in its wake. Her initial designs were surprisingly non-obtrusive, appearing near the edge of the page. They left a pronounced mark on the paper that almost tore through its surface, leaving an unmistakable imprint. Unconcerned by her design's seeming permanence, she forged into the main areas of the page without pausing. She aimed the machine near the center of the page and commenced her main design. It began tracing an elaborate path that twisted around multiple corners. Sharp angles predominated, each turn drew increasingly prominent. Widening its convective force, the machine layered on additional routes with innumerable complexity. Working with efficiency and determination, the machine systematically built an elaborate system of reflective designs. They appeared to parallel each other in terms of design, but their paths and functions diverged. She maintained a consistent design while following a less contemplative approach. There was unspoken inspiration beneath her premeditated movements, she appeared to internalize beforehand, staying within a predetermined set of lines without diverging.

Guiding her creation with steady precision and unwavering determination, I watched her construction unfold in a forceful manner. Intuitively, her machine began tracing the outline of an expansive perimeter. Its margins appeared unbreechable, a forceful combination of her insistent formulation and the machine's resolute strength. Unfolding with carefully placed coercive elements and ineffable grace, she initially composed her drawing's elaborate outer shield, appearing to intensify while she extended its lines intently. Encircling multiple inner sanctums, she left these areas intentionally blank. Her initial productions took on a imposing form, the deep markings left a burning trail that looked unassailable. The machine's path left little room for mistakes, but this didn't seem to slow her composition. Contrarily, the machine's unrepentant force appeared to motivate her to move with increasing determination. She didn't expend much effort on corrections, appearing to hold a predetermined visualization in mind. Her machine's forms grew increasing pronounced and its route rapidly encompassed the majority of its surroundings. The composition's outer perimeter grew increasingly complex as she elaborated its design. Adding fortuitous detail and emphasis to the outer shield lent the exterior design an unmistakably protective function. Its intricate layers of defensive lines reinforced one another converged into coherent forms, rapidly building momentum towards an over-arching objective. Working in tandem with the machine brought a remarkable agility, her expansive outline eventually singed the paper yet remained consistently narrow, controlled and predetermined despite the machine's fiery implementation.

Examining her emergent composition closely revealed unanticipated reflections and parallels that were difficult to comprehend, Her design resembled the earlier compositions to a degree, but maintained a distinctive look that contradicted my sketches' tentative, unsubstantiated appearance. Her machine left a trail of harsh marks but it also maintained greater consistency as its convergent routes flew across the page. Bolder and steadier, her conspicuous design mirrored portions of the earlier compositions. Numerous familiar elements recurred but they diverged in placement and style, taking a more confident appearance that was immediately noticeable. Their steady, uncontested lines expounded with certitude, enervating their outlines without need for reinforcement. After completing her design's exterior sections, she began elaboration on the work's inner compartments. Those incomplete spaces were left largely empty, apparently on purpose, while she implemented the elaborate lines. She'd managed to create an impressive design, that suffered none of the inconsistencies and doubts that undermined my sketches' haltingly composed appearance. She appeared confident yet subdued as she took a quick respite to gather her thoughts and adjudicate her composition. Further enunciation of the design's intrinsic, furtive design would require sustained engagement from her contravening creation.

The mounting aesthetic complexity could have deferred her from making additional incursions, but it seemed to elicit a countervailing effect. Taking command, she took renewed hold of her diminutive creation forcefully. It responded with a reciprocal beep when her agile fingers made numerous adjustments to the machine's dials and switches that narrowed and concentrated the beam's focus. This allowed her to implement smaller details with greater dexterity and precision. Moving the convergent-light machine's focus inward, she concentrated its energy into its most-demanding sections. Surfacing rapidly, the emergent composition's intricate figures reflected the earlier designs we drew, but appeared clearer and legible. She worked fervently with her creation in tandem, finger moving with remarkable speed and agility in tandem with her machine to build each figure in convincing fashion. Consecutive imprints formed a cohesive appearance that indicated a clarity of purpose and cohesive appearance in design that eluded my preceding compositions. Watching her work the machine, I was perplexed as to what exactly her machine's dials functioned, it seemed to hold an almost mystical power that I was unable to comprehend.

Tracing across the paper with the machine, she continued elaborating on her composition. She manipulated the machine intuitively. I could only watch passively as she filled in the composition's inner sanctum with a material arrangement of uncompromising forms. She marked the page in deliberate fashion that slowly emerged as she layered additional details on the figures. What had begun as seemingly incoherent scribbles quickly emerged to create a distinctive style. However, she maintained a unique sensibility throughout, taking imaginative detours from expected lines. This gave her designs an abundance of illustrative, evocative flourish that flowed throughout her increasingly elaborate composition. Appearing somewhat disorganized, her work came together in unexpectedly deliberate form and organized structure. She appeared to build towards contradictory goals with her machine, and it was difficult for me to see how she'd reconcile the opposing objectives.

Resolving her conflicting motivations by allotting ample space for her larger elements. Spacing their positions out in careful measure, using her machine's narrow length as an unmarked ruler, there were noticeable blank spaces between them where the figures didn't overlap. Composing the figures in the correct size, the remained within visible boundaries, while allowing each figure enough space for additional details. Straining to see what precisely she was up to, I watched carefully, attempting to figure out how she to create symmetrical indications that worked to illustrate and reinforce an unspoken convergence while keeping their distinctive shapes and forms. Close observation revealed unexpected insights into her designs that partially explained certain aspects while leaving a plurality concealed. Instilling each figure on the paper with a careful, measured approach, the diminutive characters appeared to spell either a cautionary directive or intuitive advisory, warning in visual fashion against following the most prominent path. However, they didn't reveal much beneath these shallow lines, providing only partial explanation of her extensive installations.

To the limited degree they visually advised a studied observer, their appearance maintained a aesthetic consistency that appeared set as an example for subsequent excursions. Internalizing the symbolic meaning wasn't condusive to enunciation, but foundational forms remained visible beneath their layers of defensive complexity. Following her machine as it drew with increasing ferocity and determination, its signature became increasingly pronounced. Seemingly innocuous insertions followed the main designs, spanning a fractional space with increasing determination. Carefully observing each figure as it materialized from the page resulted in subconscious understanding that gradually emerged alongside consciously undistracted observation.
While their exact purpose and precise implications remained marginally elusive, significant patterns and reflections began to emerge. This occurred at a languid pace at first, with only partial clues visible upon initial encounters. Slowly, the shapes became easier to read once their construction became more familiar with marginally predictable recurrences. The extensive process brought forth an intangible recognition that elicited an unspoken realization and reiterative internalization of their refined forms and incipient shapes began to occur after extended exposure to her design. Continuing to mark the inner sections with her unique style, the nebulous illustrations didn't appear to offer significant erudition in isolation, but their inherent meaning clarified as their design converged until its individual elements combined forms to draw an imposingly-fermented composition that still remained visibly approachable when observed from specific angles. Inspired by an unseen force, she worked tirelessly elaborating her miniaturized creations and overall sequences. Travelling from west to east, while moving inexorably upward towards the drawing's putative apex, the machine's constricted force rolled over the paper without impediment.

This unfettered space allowed the machine to work with sustained efficiency and it completed its task with greater proficiency than anticipated. As she neared completion of her formative design, she undertook a subdued path, slowing the pace of her machine's aesthetic construction, allowing herself the opportunity to inspect the codified markings to ensure there weren't unsightly embedded defects. Inveighing on the work in a surreptitious manner, Gemine stepped across the breach and stood behind me, watching her movements carefully. She remained inordinately focused on the convergent-light machine's motion than the designs emerging from her hands. This fissure created an obtuse perspective that appeared to indicate an misguided divergence. Quietly drawing on the page, I wasn't sure that she noticed Gameine's curious presence behind us. Her observation remained mute, but it remained unnerving from my vantage point. She didn't seem concerned and continued building her design for without assistance. Unyielding inspiration prevailed over peripheral worries and she continued the task for a prolonged period.

Coordinating the manifold lines while maintaining the composition's robust inner spaces didn't provide much spare energy for doubt to undermine her confident creative stride. The evocative drawing's elaborate form continued to burn through the machine's seemingly boundless energies. Its narrow beam took hold until its sounded like its was conversing with the page when you listened closely. This communication created a distinguished field of informal cooperation between the creator and her mechanical appendage. Maintaining a steady pace, the drawing's intricacies became increasingly prominent. It resembled a striking divergence from the earlier forms, with increased marginal layers, accompanying emphatic attenuations and resonant style combing almost seamlessly. Gaining assistance from the machine created steadier lines that grew increasingly demonstrative as she aimed her narrow beam within the empty sections and began filling them in. The forms and characters she conveyed held an unexpected energy that wasn't as pronounced or aggressive as the unfounded conflagrations that plagued my earlier compositions. Instead of maneuvering aggressively for attention and incoherent demands, her design followed a subordinate path, spanning the page in a tranquil, unexpectedly inviting manner.

Her intricate yet durable composition's reassuringly smooth appearance effectively subdued the forceful emanations behind layers of passive lines and intuitive shapes that projected intrinsic serenity. Working at a magnified scale allowed her design to flow outward in a passive manner, vibrant and unconstrained. Watching her design the complicated, stratified shapes and forms, it was difficult not to be impressed by her uncompromising approach, she didn't appear to simplify the design in the slightest manner. Simultaneously, her fingers moved effortlessly across its convective surface and instinctively handled the machine's capabilities efficiently for the duration. Gazing across the room somewhat impatiently Gemine watched quietly with passive curiosity and sustained intent while she composed substantial sections, without risking disruptive interference. There were occasional drawdowns in the machine's abundant energies, that noticeably weakened its power. Its weakening strength was most visible when observing the diminished burning trails her machine left behind slowly faded.

The resulting shallow imprints became less prominent as their detached imprints weakened. Stopping in order to reinforce her marginal design prevented her from moving onward. Those interruptions occurred at unexpected intervals, representing the only times she allowed herself to pause and reconsider her work. Winding the machine's dials in several motions, she confidently recalibrated the machine's indicators, restoring its energy source, intuitively reorienting their positions without looking directly into its face. She managed to rejuvenate her creation effortlessly before returning to illustrate the vacant fields. She performed the mechanical task efficiently, then resuming her formative design with renewed inspiration, resuming her deceptively elaborate process at a resonant pace. Attending her composition, she maintained a consistent pace but diverged from expectations frequently, defying prediction and expectation. Following unanticipated paths, her machine detected and elicited unseen outlines, its narrow beam produced figures with extensions that connected within the elaborate inner forms in an inarticulate yet tangible manner.

Dividing the form into smaller pieces allowed her to concentrate on maintaining consistent detail and emphasized their individuality. Looking on intently as each figure gained increasing definition, Gemine grew increasingly impressed with the artistic and technical qualities within each figure. She commented that she hadn't accurately anticipated her imposing command of the easel's acquiescent surface. Its design displayed a complexity and potency that was transfixing and alluring, but not over-bearing. Gemine's eyes squinted and narrowed as she took notice, conveying with a trace of mystification, that she admired the drawing's sophisticated design and on style. She praised how the work's familiar elements were deeply infused with unique elaborations. Obviously impressed, her marginal expectations conflicted with the beautifully implemented, resonant composition's unexpected proficiency and imperative artistry. Gemine's effusive response, inspired me to intuit the entirety of her work from a different perspective.

Taking a careful step back, I made an extensive foray into one of her more complex shapes and quietly discovered that she'd implemented a strikingly emphatic construction, despite its outwardly simplistic appearance. It was easy to become distracted and somewhat lost within its intricacies. Taking a half-step back revealed a distinctive approach that was simultaneously muted and conversant. The composition's inner shapes connected silently to their outer barriers, while implicitly speaking to each other when their forms were combined. Extending outwardly across the page in multiple directions, her convergent arrangements of recently seared paths created a shadow burrowed underneath the symbolic shapes, reinforcing their position while concealing their purpose. Creating this elaborate balance required her to maintain a comprehensive focus, she wasn't dissuaded from her task from external pressures. She worked her machine's dials and switches while controlling motions over the paper without noticeable temerity. Implementing this cumulative technique imbued her resplendent design with intricate measures that permeated its weary surface with implied replenishment. .

Working with combined Intuitive energy and concentrated technical capabilities, the vision that resided within the page appeared to flourish outside her guidance. The shapes she drew took on additional resonance when she added small elements. These acclimations appeared to bring forth different meanings, symbolic in appearance, they functioned to emphasize hidden aspects of her designs. The smaller figures grew substantially in importance, while maintaining the same scale. As familiar patterns outside the shapes encircled them, specific areas grew more prominent. Scaling the machine's height to keep it level while maintaining a reserved distance, she held it purposely aloft. Extending its reach towards the horizon, it revealed capabilities exceeding the creation and collation of convergent-light beams. She kept it close to her while allowing its emboldened position to gain prominence. Her unassailable techniques were thoroughly convincing, leaving no foundation for uncorroborated reservations regarding her machine's capabilities or unarticulated implications regarding its command.

There was little doubt when observing its predetermined movements closely. Following a predetermined path. its narrow, convergent lines surged into the air without any noticeable procrastination. Appearing to glide across the easel's forefront without relying on external guidance or superficial power, its paths chronicled unconstrained movement. Underlining its determination, she visibly announced its purpose and motivation silently in uncontestable fashion. The machine's line of sight stratified and diverged into smaller partitions and divided sections. Their inherent sense of direction dissolved almost simultaneously. The convergent beam's solid form splintered and scattered its beam across the surface unevenly. It wasn't clear precisely what she had in mind with this technique. After several moments, the uneven sighting stabilized, allowing her greater control of the device. She crossed its disconnected beams until they split apart, forming small points that jumped across the surface. Marking the page in a determined fashion, they began to make tiny insertions throughout the page. Leaving a scattered arrangement of pock-marks throughout the page, the tiny dots added varied textures to the surface. Encompassing varied heights, inconsistent lengths and random placement, the divergent, systemic patterns appeared to fortify her work with unexpected depth. The reiterative process concluded silently, leaving a shouldering landscape of formative dots behind, their diminutive, circular shapes emerging from the lingering trails of smoke left by her impulsively-placed arrangements of precursive tears.

Its numerous miniaturized gaps weren't large enough to be distracting, but they allowed gusts of air to permeate her composition. This incipient shift brought an unexpected energy to her design that appeared to tangibly invigorate her shapes. I watched the shapes intently as they rose and declined in response to the shallow breezes flowing within the room. It appeared that she'd been working on the drawing with hidden motivation, then implemented her work in an unexpected manner. Her enunciated figures responded to her closely-held techniques in an unlikely manner, starting at the edge of their protrusions and working across their forms, the breeze completely permeated their stratified bodies. They didn't twist in the wind in docile fashion. Instead, their figures displayed potency as they hastily and unconditionally commenced breathing, inhaling the cascading wind's resplendent infusions inured by the surreptitiously accommodating atmosphere. This invigorating effect was mesmerizing but also perplexing, I couldn't comprehend the purpose behind her flat composition's dimensional refashioning. Searching for a reasonable explanation, Watching closely as their complimentary inhalations and exhalations settled into a subtle rhythm.

The beguiling elucidation began as a discordant sight but quickly became unremarkable as the symbols' emotive gasps subsided. The purpose of the diminutive fractures she punched into the surface remained unrealized. Eventually, I abandoned undertaking further efforts to clarify the undefined mission after struggling to comprehend her motivation. Nothing tangible appeared to rationalize her coercive technique after contemplating the possibilities for several minutes, she continued marking the page with hurried, erratic points that elicited vanishingly little insight. Waiting carefully, our eyes looked towards the canvas hopefully but we couldn't expect additional visualization to happen without the machine's further elaboration. Covertly looking at the drawings, they displayed an impressive technical command and unique style in their present appearance, but maintained an aesthetic remove when our intrusive forays into the designs were attempted. Sensing that our insurgence had proceeded to a halt, we stood at a recalcitrant impasse, staring ineffectively between the page's gaping discrepancies. Our admiration for the innate quality of her work offered transitory equivocation, but any further course we could take was protectively concealed and forcefully shielded.

Hiding implicitly between the diverting shapes' receptive forms, her inarticulate methods silently maneuvering unseen to implement unarticulated techniques. Working mutely underneath the easel's tranquil surface. Circulating within its compact area, the narrow gusts of air infused the surroundings with conversant techniques. What began as a faint gush of air, slowly built to a whisper. Its effective implementation was deceptive, the shifting atmosphere's aural indication arriving in near silence without announcing its presence. Quietly encircling and over-coming the calm interior room, the flowing breeze insinuated itself in clandestine fashion, meeting no resistance to its cumulative process, Deterring a consistent rate of flow, it quickly became an innocuous accompaniment. Gemine didn't seem alarmed why an atmospheric occurrence what was happening within the enclosed space in the center of her secure tower. A distinctive transformation occurred within the room that was nearly imperceptible. The unceremoniously light breeze began flowing through the area, indistinct at first but narrowing its focus before forcing its energy on the easel. Without proper fixtures. To keep it's surface dormant, the paper silently acquiesced, spinning passively beneath the wind's demands. Its intensifying force caused the paper's edges to bend upward or turn in circles at the slightest contact.

The surreptitiously conversant pages responded to the slight breezes with scattered, uneven, jumping and flapping motions. Infrequent gusts of air flowed gently through her sporadically tears and seemingly minor incursions, filling then lifting the untethered margins. There was a motivational change within the composition as its lines retraced their suffused paths with renewed energy. This change was almost invisible but tangentially emerged after extended observation. The inner figures appeared to shake off their lingering defensiveness, becoming more assertive. They appeared increasingly comfortable within their surroundings and while their shapes appeared grew increasingly imperative. An unexpectedly forceful burst of air filled the page's open pockets, surging through them with boundless energy in a manner simultaneously engaging and mystifying. Looking across the room towards her, she held a commanding posture, untroubled and not particularly surprised by her composition's re-energation and transformation. The displayed shapes grew intrinsically stronger as they began steadying themselves on the page, unconcerned by her formative motions. Unsure how to response to this unexpected development my voice stammered before trailing off. Wondering what techniques she used building her composition to elicit such a response. knowing she wouldn't elaborate.

Pivoting toward Gemine with representational uncertainty provided little insight. Seeking plausible answers, I motioned in her direction, waving my hands around in the air insistently but she couldn't explain their spontaneous reaction either. She appeared equally perplexed by the characters' tangible forms. Sustaining her piercing inspection of the unexpectedly lively page delivered vanishingly incomprehensible insights despite her insistent requests into the easel's surface. A muted force worked incongruously, her machine's demonstrative capabilities seemingly transformed the shapes she drew on the static page into tangible life-forms with unexplainable infusions of resplendent force. Gemine's determined visual assertions were met by constrained indifference to her eyes' formidable explorations. The figures' pronounced silence offered aesthetic explanations without accompanying material enunciation. Sensing our frustrated curiosity, she signaled with firm intent that she expected us to maintain position at a deferential remove .She'd reluctantly allowed us to observe their construction and elaboration, but we shouldn't attempt to intrude further into her carefully balanced, meticulously structured designs.

The inner figures were unconcerned with our reservations, responding ebulliently to the atmospheric infusion by lifting their accouterments then floating their entire bodies before gently and emphatically gliding over the page. There shapes began swirling and rolling towards the outer borders, nearly surging past their narrow confines. These forms knocked against the barriers lightly, the subtle impact strong enough to wake them from passive hibernation. Gradually, the shapes' expanding outlines filled-in with energetic vitality, achieving a visually measurable emphasis of tangible life. Their consecutive emergence followed an uneven yet orderly process as they began to lift from the page. She maintained steady observation as the floated upward in narrow paths. Holding a view aloft, initial veneration of their surroundings. Subsequently, they folded their extensions and limbs outward into the air instinctively. Converging effortlessly, their inner sections began spinning reactively. They responded with exhilaration, turning at close range several times in rapid succession while quickly rousing themselves. Waking from illustrative dormancy to find themselves infused with an undefined energies, the nameless characters and formless shapes expanded their visage until their extensions reached just outside the paper's punctured borders and destabilized margins. Arriving beyond their boundaries, the freshly-invigorated characters separated from the paper surface wordlessly. Resisting the compulsion to nest closely together, they soared above the surrounding partitions. Their restless forms began ascending to points above the easel's surface, surging upward as the winds gained velocity.

They began swirling around in concentric motions, with intuitive confidence. The seemed to sense how to manage their emergent production's display without her guidance. Gaining increasing dexterity, the shapes circled in patterns, gliding effortless far above the page while remaining innocuous for the most part. It took a measure of patience until their movement gained ample traction that allowed them to maneuver unencumbered. Building on each other's sureness, they experimented with increasingly forceful motions. Moved cautiously, the followed defined routes to prevent their paths from overlapping, After several close calls, they determined the best methods to avoid contact. Once the characters learned how to interact without crashing into each other, their elaborate dance began in earnest. The spun around each other with rapidly increasing velocity, moving faster with each rotation. This created an unexpectedly convergent effect that made their moves difficult to anticipate or follow. The upside to these complications came as they displayed unexpected gracious. Moving over the page, their partnerships converged in gracious tandem without musical or audible accompaniment. Following a silent rhythm made it almost impossible for external traces to occur. The lack of sound seemed odd, but might have been defensive. Their clandestine moves and reclusive silence concealed their motivation precisely, revealing just enough for attentive eyes while dissuading casual observation, effectively preventing unwanted scrutiny from intruding on their intentionally clandestine elaborations.

Watching the shapes elegantly dance and swirl around and alongside each other brought unexpected recognition. Inheriting an significant measure of their intuitive artistry and resplendent motions from a clandestine force, they stridently recalled an elaborate series of intricate yet familiar steps reflected from an earlier encounter. The evident similarities with previous aesthetic expressions occurred with enervating frequency but retained abundant creative elements. This allowed an impassioned duality to emerge from the page. Her carefully implemented, symbolic drawings grasped each others' extended hands and limbs passionately that converged into mystifying shapes. The figures' symbolic partnerships bloomed almost instantaneously and created an abstracted, partial mirror refracting earlier style. Determinedly infused by her creativity further inspired the shapes to display their inherent strength and perceptive individuality as they maneuvered through the air with surprising emotional and striking conceptualization..Accomplishing their instinctive performance and determined formations despite their audible vacuum represented a florid engagement between them that didn't require duplicative accompaniment. It took sustained concentration to follow their moves and sense their silent tempos, but they rewarded patience with unspoken yet profound erudition. Without eliciting a single isolated beat, her elegant, passionate creations followed their unheard percussive rhythm flawlessly, keeping almost-perfect time throughout the silent composition.

Displaying resplendent emotion and un-allayed conviction with their mutely synchronized rhythms, the figures' understated appearance experienced a wordless transformation into something unencumbered. Their rigid extensions began relaxing then protruding outward into the page in directions as the figures began dancing resplendently. Their tentative movements infused with unexpected passion, they changed tempo and rhythm intently. Surprisingly nimble and fluid, they began twisting and turning in unexpected directions with resurgent energy and momentum. Gliding through the atmosphere with increasing graciousness and urgency, they soared upward ambitiously, streaking far above the page. A substantial number of the figures didn't reflexively follow their lead, holding close to their positions. These forms remained implicitly reluctant, holding themselves far beneath them with a mixture of reluctance and uncertainty. Standing almost still, they appeared to take a silent watch, observing with intent but making no commitments. At that point, they implored the reluctant figures submerged beneath them to join their elaborate excursions. The lower shapes wouldn't convinced this was the best path and remained set in place. It took some time for the higher figures to rise and achieve a parallel heights. This was an impressive accomplishment but once achieved, they needed to keep themselves visible and avoid disappearing in higher altitudes. They also seemed to wan to maintain a connection. Flying relatively close the lower portions, they maintained a relative closeness to their cautious companions. It took sustained effort and time to demonstrate their stability, but their extensions eventually reached out. Connecting somewhat reluctantly with the lower figures, they took an unshakable hold, firmly converging with adjacent figures with muted resolve.
Making a tentative connection at first, they only grasped each other lightly, pulling them upward slowly. Outlining their shapes, they circled at a slow speed until the other were largely parallel then process without hesitation. At that point, they needed to rectify their divergent orbits, with took sustained effort and several rotations before their routes aligned. Following aligned paths and serendipitous rotations provided a temporal foundation above the surface. Moving fluidly across the page, her compositions inhabitants untethered from the increasingly marginal borders and converged to create a disproportionately effusive figure that exceeded its components in scale and while maintaining a similar size and momentum. Gliding across the surface, the pairs coalesced into a larger frame-work that transcended it individual elements transforming into a larger company of inspiration. Materializing from the distant air, The figures danced over us with greater intensity, but it remained unclear what their elaborate moves represented, and whether they a clearly articulated signal or if it was purely an aesthetic reaction without deeper meaning. .

Tracing incomprehensible paths across the atmosphere, the shapes converged to create intriguing forms. Their combinations infused them with greater meaning and resonance. They swung around each other following broader paths that appeared to extend outward into the horizon. Taking determined effort, they swirled into a consecutive sequence of rapidly enlarging circular motions indicating an expressive demeanor that resonated with greater force from even the slightest, temporary connections. This produced an evocative beat that took hold with intensifying resonance. The figures bounced along to its silent tempo effusively, thrusting their agile extensions into the surrounding air with transparent force and determination. It remained unclear from out vantage, what their steps signified, but they continued without concern, unattached to predefined labels. Infusing their emotive demonstrations consistently, the emanating wind gusts strengthened and subsided with increasing predictability. It wasn't clear whether this was occurring naturally or if the atmosphere was being controlled externally. Observing carefully, I examined her machine for any outward signs of clandestine manipulation, but her fingers showed no obvious signs of making portentous formulations.

Their inventive extensions continued marking prominent paths above the page with speed and veracity. Ignoring previous boundaries, their motions unburdened, the figures held themselves aloft resplendently. Following her implored direction, we resisted the urge to inhabit further. We observed the figures gliding above us from respectful remove, watching impassively as her characters knocked against the perimeters with imaginative moves that appeared spontaneous and contemplated. They deceived expectant eyes by implementing experimental movements and defying predetermined expectations. Their ingenuity prevailed against unseen parameters, leaving the formative reflections of previous encounters cracked and shattered. Replacing the tranquil surface, an inarticulate energy insistently prevailed. The undefined shapes commenced retracement with abandon. Their paths veered from predetermined grooves and expected styles, filling the resulting spaces with emphatic assurance that they'd follow a clearly-defined plan.

Examining the upper-reaches of the room, its surprisingly tall apex towered above, extending much farther than its shallow appearance indicated. Its cumulative peak set itself a surprisingly long distance above us, surging expediently into the skies. Watching the figures caused some strain in our eyes, but we were cautiously able to watch their outlines as they glided into the atmosphere. They took each other's forms within their margins, connecting in a somewhat abstract manner. Appearing significantly less defined from that distance and angle, we couldn't precisely measure the exact moment the forms combined. Connecting together fleetingly as they danced, the shapes maintained a similar pace as they spun around. It was difficult to keep track of their patterns from that point, as they appeared to break from their consistent, predictable beats and took on an individuality that was noticeably more expressive. They weaved complicated lines into the air, moving through and beyond each other while changing altitude somewhat impetuously. Unfamiliar beats began to permeate their efforts, they began moving unpredictably in order to keep accurate time. Floating beneath the prominent figures, a secondary group began moving of their own volition, shifting direction and speed with distinct arrangements. Orchestrating the shapes dancing in parallel, there seemed to be an invisible force controlling and inspiring the pulsing dancers. Appearing to follow a contrary alignment, they moved along contrary, rectangular paths that were narrower and longer than the strictly circular orbits the prominent upper-level shapes followed. This infused them with a less creative, more predictable movement that marked the upper-regions of the room with uncomplicated patterns.

Avoiding each other decisively, these figures resisted direct contact, instead opting for individual performances that emerged from the shadows above in resplendent fashion. Shimmering in the air until they almost glowed, their momentum sparked a distinctly visualized energy, that no longer followed a narrow path. Inferring a tangible sense of release, their unbound shapes reveled in the moment, gracing the atmosphere in unexpected fashion. Their fluid motions elicited unexpected emotion from their abstract shapes. Running alongside their paths, their outlines appeared to flow exuberantly. Marking basic time by leaping outward, they punctuated the atmospheric flow with conversant emphasis. Looking beyond them, the other figures seemed to take note of these fluid arrangements. They'd maintained a steady pace for the most part, but responded to their unfocused peers by making an unexpected shift. Without warning, they occasionally interrupted their remote direction and practiced moves at sporadic intervals. At certain points, they responded by sliding sideways, transforming themselves into narrow slivers that nearly disappeared before reappearing moments later. Those somewhat clandestine moments gave the opportunity to mark the space as they pleased, and they took modest advantage by implementing transient arrangements and conflated motions that diverged from external control and expectations. Allowing themselves these bursts of creative energy allowed a measure of inspiration to infuse their shapes. The unstructured intervals made themselves increasingly pronounced, exuding more energy as the figures grew increasingly confident.

Working against expectations, they began making experimental moves surrounding each other. Determining their precise path became nearly impossible as they circled each other with increasing unpredictability and experimentation. Unexpectedly turning around and backing up while facing outward, they moved improbably beyond the breezy interior. Floating past each other silently, they roamed the upper-margins of the room's peak with seeming imperviousness. Daring to conduct themselves in a formless rhythm led them to surprising engagements, but this approach quickly brought unexpected entanglements. Gliding aimlessly through the air, the redolent figures unexpectedly encountered a sudden gale. This appeared to blow them completely off-course in a manner they couldn't countenance. They twisted and swirled around in exponentially uneven paths and uncoordinated circles unable to withstand its force. Working against the stormy interval, they struggled to maintain their equilibrium, balance and direction.

The wind's unrelenting velocity intensified, drawing them even further out of alignment, The shape's outward motions grew increasingly frustrated and dislocated while they still bounced above the surface undirected. It appeared they'd slipped out of her targeted area of command as she stood watching them flapping pointlessly, waiting impassively as their defensive moves offered little protection. Gemine watched their increasingly erratic movements with increasing concern, nervously pacing across from the easel, unsure how to contain the winds' implacable forms. Conversely, the darkly-cloaked figure retained a measured calm despite the frenzied conflagration that was happening without concern. Not worried in the slightest, she quietly glanced downward onto her machine and quietly made further adjustments. Assuredly turning its dials precisely and moving her agile fingers across its surface undisturbed, her steady hands worked quickly to assess and decentralize any uncorroborated forces conspiring to destabilize its movement using her consistent, yet indecipherable methods to regain command of the figures' adjacent confrontations and skirmishes with each other.

Taking expedient effort to stunt any further dislocation, she marked further adjustments and looked across the room at its extending beams to ensure further problems subsided. It didn't take much effort for her to take command. She comported the machine's resulting location and mechanical combinations until it reaching steady position. Taking uncontested control, she pointed her creation upward, pointing it squarely at a precise location. Its narrow beam skipped then quickly moved over the paper. Taking a moment to assess its work. She stood quietly at a respectful distance, apparently anticipating a conclusive reaction. The convergent-light machine beeped loudly, releasing a material confirmation of her work. A prolonged silence followed that brought additional uncertainty, but didn't undermine her steady, unyielding gaze.

The sharp gusts subsided almost immediately while the unbalanced figures quickly settled into a calm state. Reflecting a noticeable sense of relief, the appeared to take a deep breath. The unsettled bursts of air diminished as their misdirected gusts subsided. Regaining equilibrium, the characters retreated from the periphery. Holding position, they retracted their defensive posture. They resumed dancing and tracing between their forms without further anxiousness, quickly eschewing lingering colloquial reticence, clasping hands with unexpected tranquility. The disorganized atmosphere settled down as tis strong winds diminished, allowing them the opportunity to reinterpret their unique moves. Picking up where they left off, the shapes didn't appear redolent, regaining noticeable momentum. They swirled and swayed around each other in circular motions, extensively. Following definitive, structured arrangements, their melody resumed with abundance after the brief convections dissipated completely. Encountering each other repeatedly, every subsequent swerve and accompanying embellishment added layers of unrestrained consideration. Carefully measuring their steps while keeping an eye on their partners, the designs floated above the ineffective partitions that attempted to divide them defiantly. Apologetically, they traversed the surface in somewhat familiar patterns echoing previous encounters.

Following partially reflected steps assiduously, they carefully avoided impetuously crossing invisible lines that would seem redundant or derivative. Her almost-irresistibly envisaged shapes performed incipient flourishes and conjured movements that blended with impervious alignments. Shimmering across the sky in loose formation, they encircled invisible paths before taking unexpectedly subdued synchronistic forms. Their movements converged and began alternating lead roles, switching sides and mirroring each other. Swerving through the air, the made additional rotations, turning and bending their paths with unbreakable momentum. The shapes flew over our heads with abstract intensity and contemplative resilience, nearly splitting the atmosphere asunder with their almost overwhelming ferocity. Instituting a series of convergent moves, they began moving together in a strange rhythm alternating between determined individuality and convergent unity. Moving with magnified emphasis on their integrated fissures, they slipped between incongruous alignments in order to evade capture from a distant vantage. Viewing them beneath them, our heads tilting upward, we could make out their clashing silhouettes but their details remained vague. Streaking far above us, the miniature compositions displayed a temporal agility that bordered on supernatural manifestation. Almost appearing to succumb to disorganization and over-confidence, they resisted her attempts at calming their incursions, even for a short period.
They ignored her when she held up her creation and began waving it around in a pejorative manner, signaling that they were about to breach an unspoken boundary. They continued flying above us, unconcerned with her warnings, until a loud beep was heard from her machine. Reverberating loudly, it was a clear sound that she'd seen enough. The almost-unbearably loud, intrusive beeping alarm created an immediate cessation of their relentless dance. After several seconds of confusion, the siren's blaring ceased and the figures resumed swirling around but took a reserved pace. Gradually, they began to release from their ascent, slowly descending from the peak. Maintaining their relative alignments, they slid inexorably from the apex, Follow her command, they disengaged with each other, splitting apart before returning back to the surface below unaccompanied. Settling their expressive styles into place, they seemed to bow as they sank further, before they sat parallel to her, almost eye-level. Realizing they were no longer in command, the shapes almost apologetically responding in a surprisingly redolent manner. It seemed they were disappointed in themselves, having gotten overly-exciting, losing track of her instructions while their erratic performance hadn't met her expectations. Taking increasingly determined, yet tempered complimentary actions. These increasingly complicated moves drew ever more elaborate as their elements consisted of additional structures and layered indications that appeared to extend outward into the distant horizon without constraint. What began with a relatively simple dance with restrained inflections quickly escalated until they regained their confidence that allowed them to undertake increasingly strenuous contortions.

Marginally contained from certain angles, their figures blinking with considered, they carefully performed increasingly elaborate pirouettes that spun in a narrow range, accompanied by restrained contortions. These occurred alongside elongated excursions and declarative swings, all the while floating farther from the surface. Observing the residual motions and tempered reactions of her proportionately enunciated designs, our eyes concluded that their intuitive dance maintained a steady momentum, but its tempo was significantly diminished. Arms gently swaying into the wind while gently holding each other, they followed an unexpected turn, refraining from expending their energies within their formless quantifications. Determined to justify her generous infusions proportionately, the shapes determined they'd absorbed and expended more than enough of the atmosphere's convective energy.

They humbly bowed and motioned respectfully downwind, drifting toward our location. They dutifully saluted each other's efforts, reconciling their insistent determination with an appreciative demeanor. Withdrawing quickly from the upper levels, they slowly descended. After taking a measure of regard alongside their appropriately regretful cumulative dance. Appeasing her appropriations and directives without complaint, the subordinate shapes slowly descended further. It didn't take long before they rejoined the easel, and returning silently to the page and its sporadically-permeated partitions suffused with the diminutive ruptures her machine burned into the paper's shallow surface. The shapes came to a still and quickly retracted their extensions and limbs, until they regained their original flat appearance. Safely ensconced on the page, their outlines and indications remaining visible on the easel, they set firmly back in place. Taking restful forms approaching slumber, the docile figures reflected little evidence of further activity. Their stoic appearance left no indication of the mysterious leap into the air, its occurrence surreptitiously hidden within the tower's room. She carefully observed their retreat and her fingers turned her machines dials, making implied adjustments before sliding it underneath her thick cloak. Far above, the wind gusts diminished reflexively without a sound.

- Michael Palisano