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In Memory
Sean Pettibone



The Elusive Conflagration

A formative interval occurred unexpectedly as I drew back several additional steps from the unsuspecting easel's tangibly-impacted surface, She maintained her remote posture, standing at a pronounced distance without legible response to my measured contortions and altered vantage. She didn't flinch while I felt a strange unsteadiness filter into my fingers, they began trembling unexpectedly at irregular intervals, This wasn't due to a lack of confidence but conversely signaled a physical manifestation of encouragement and anticipation. It appeared that I'd managed to temporarily sweep aside the symbols' thick curtains of stratified protection, and felt eager to see what secrets unfolded when I ventured closer into the flapping page. Fearing that I'd squander a limited opportunity to study and understand the clandestine meanings her enigmatic illustrations conveyed. They'd been infused with a temporal force for a fleeting interval, but gave no indication precisely how their dormant energies might be revived. They sat on the page in reserved silence, without moving in the slightest manner. I looked in Gemine's direction, and she appeared to look on approvingly, but couldn't or wouldn't allow me unwarranted passage. Once I realized the mysterious the reticent shapes marked on the page wouldn't surrender their secrets when viewed at closer range, Confidently, I embarked observing the emanating illustration from an untethered perspective, taking in a wider view of the composition's convergent structure and her distinctive style. My broken pencil sat forlorn, resting silently beneath the canvas, there was nothing nearby that would sharpen its narrow point, it could no longer assist me. Quickly blinking my eyes offered a brief respite form the intensifying composition. Those intuitive corrections allowed brief moments of rationalization to counter the emotive layers that clouded the composition's underlying structure. In these flashes, I was able to determine that an array of intrinsic patterns and hidden similarities were emerging from within her composition's intricacies, What initially appeared as a disorganized, collection of randomly assembled shapes set a significantly different aesthetic when viewed from a detached angle. This represented a connotative phenomenon that became increasingly pronounced as I stepped further away, I could almost hear the figures speaking to each other, but their words were muffled and incoherent to my ears. While I could follow the rhythms of their basic tempo and enunciations of their language, I couldn't assume what they were saying.

Despite carefully maintaining a thorough, sustained concentration on the shapes; resolutely silent, . incomprehensible elicitations, their mute communications revealed themselves only after extensive and sustained connections were formed. This required me to keep a remote position, decreasing their collective volume, further eluding firm comprehension. Attempting to discover an acceptable balance between these contrasting forces was a difficult task. I took several steps forward, then retreated but was unable to find an adequate location between the easel and a productive position. However, sustained observation revealed enough intriguing elements to reinforce my motivation. Eventually, I achieved a confluence that resembled a tangible denouement. After I finally reached that point, incipient revelations began occurring with greater frequency. My eyes were drawn incrementally closer into the page's elaborate design without succumbing to its hypnotic force. I began to realize what was occurring. I'd spent an inordinate time focusing on the guarded creation before until slowly revealed portions of a hidden vernacular. The assembled shapes had initially appeared as incomprehensible abstractions had transformed into clarified elucidations, This startling revelation unexpectedly resulted in an unanticipated wave of shakiness in my fingers, Reconstructing her complex routes by tracing my fingers across the protruding shapes became increasingly impractical. I was unable to follow her composition in a consistent form, The resulting unsteadiness intensified as my symbolic parallels were imprecise. This discouraging reaction meant I was unable reassure myself that I was taking the right path. Looking onward dispassionately, Gemine rarely appeared concerned with my struggles for the most part, but in this case, she seemed sympathetic to my decreasing confidence, She made a counter-intuitive gesture, motioning her arms towards the easel, waving my attention closer, until she undeniably focused squarely towards the page's surface. Her conversant movement articulated a resplendent approach but didn't reveal the intentions. I fell that I'd already expended excessive time closely inspecting the paper from an closely-held range. The meaning behind her instruction wasn't immediately clear. It took several moments of reflection before I realized, to a degree, what Gemine was forcefully signaling. The longer viewpoint left the convergent figures with unconstrained powers that released uncontrolled energies. My attention was moving ahead too quickly, my shaking hands hadn't fully adjusted to the change in perspective and were reacting negatively to this composition's growing insistence. It was becoming that I needed to take a step back and reconvene on the page nearer its origin. I stood in place reluctant for several minutes, disappointed that I'd gotten ahead of myself and needed to reverse course.

Slumping downward defensively while shifting my unsteady vantage downward, I reluctantly took several long steps back. My feet reluctantly followed, taking languid pace in a slow march until I reached approximately half-way towards my foundational position, looking across the surroundings at a similar vantage-point, At this point, I heard a minor thud as she stomped her feet on the ground. This caused me to stop in place without procrastination and I looked back in her direction to see her hold up her hand, signaling me to halt immediately. It was disappointing and seemed like a partial solution or compromise. Not realizing it at the time, the apparently heightened barrier actually represented a temporary setback. She instructed me to retrace my steps to a degree, but not entirely. I was relieved to find that I hadn't lost all of my progress. Standing noticeably closer to the easel, my uneasy fingers stabilized rapidly, their unexpected reinvigoration arrived with indescribable relief. Ascending verdantly, the figures diminished and separated as I walked closer to the easel. Wandering across the floor, I noticed defects on the surface I hadn't seen previously. Its worn edges were singed from contact with her machine. Its uneven edges appeared torn and shredded at the perimeter, while the easel's legs seemed like they were tilting unevenly, Warily ensconced on the easel, the respectful distance I held withdrew. I hesitated briefly but it wasn't long until my eyes descended almost helplessly beneath the paper's insistent pull, fully expecting to encounter but unable to forestall additional stratification.

I detected previously hidden details within her page when I managed to draw close enough to make out the shapes' individual lines and forms. Re-examining the figures revealed other insights that I'd overlooked, but visualized themselves in unmistakable fashion when viewed from narrowly-constricted angles. Narrowing focus on individual portions revealed differentiating elements that appealed to give each element a distinctive approach. Focusing energies on the exterior portions, the adjoining lines turned and bent in divergent directions. These appeared to emphasize distinctive portions that indicated complex meanings. Extruding outward, these elongated additions appeared to bring a different meaning. The divergent dialects were significantly different than the earlier shapes. and these forms became increasingly intricate with extensive exposure. Tracing over connected portions quickly with my broken pencil edge, I came to scattered translate determinations consisting of largely unrealized yet entirely possible conclusions. Drawing the humble device across the page, my narrow movements followed the underlying paths of her accompanying lines and collected shapes faithfully before arriving at intriguing possibilities. It appeared that the flourishes imprinted outside the main figures weren't just decorative, and indicated a determinedly coordinated approach that emphasized an emergent continuity between the various shapes. Many of her reinforcing lines outside the shapes pointed upward in the same direction, extending past their accompanying forms, signaling a convergent path. Their parallel paths made an unmistakable impression on the paper. Imbued with scattered dots at irregular intervals, they resembled elaborate arrows when viewed at certain angles. Some of the emerging arrows bent and circled to form an elaborate larger form that appeared to create an elongated map when I took a recurrent step backward to in order to gain a somewhat detached, more investigative perspective on the otherwise emotive composition.

The figurative metamorphosis was subtle but noticeable as my location gradually shifted, but the pronounced change in perspective brought new meaning to what initially appeared as artistic flourishes. They became increasingly demonstrative of a clarifying directive, firmly indicating a decisive direction that could be followed. However, this was only apparent when viewed from specific angles, and its paths occasionally disappeared beneath her thick layers of intricate details and elaboration. Her design wasn't entirely clear, and remained ambiguous as to whether her machine was strictly representing a path or whether she'd only sketched a rough approximation on the page. It was difficult to establish which approach she was following given the lack of accompanying nearby territory to measure or define. Deciding to split the difference seemed like the most logical approach at first, but it neither compromise felt like it reached the correct balance. Taking each to its conclusion, even when tiptoeing cautiously in either direction led to unsatisfying results. Appearing either excessively rigid or plainly inaccurate, neither conclusion was especially useful, Looking in her direction for even the slightest signal that might nudge me in the right direction didn't elicit the response I expected.

Instead of turning in a specific direction or bending her hands in a conclusive manner, she shifted her disposition slightly, allowing a narrow sliver from the lights above to infuse the western edge of the paper, This appeared to illuminate a specific array of symbols that seemed to indicate a convergent meaning when placed in sequence. Arranged vertically, they indicated a mysterious connection that felt important. Aligned without further elaboration, her symbols grew increasingly vibrant as I stepped closer towards them, kneeling somewhat deferentially. Glancing nervously toward their intricate surfaces, hoping that a nearby position might elicit a definitive answer to my queries. She watched silently as the disorganized shapes summoned a convergent inner force that intensified rapidly. Fully infused from within the page by a narrow shaft of light emanating from an imprecise distance, the convergent designs displayed a changed appearance almost imperceptivity. These elaborate transmutations becane increasingly visible after sustained observation of their increasingly complicated forms. Moving focus inward quickly, their conversant shapes inner sections amplified theor meaning as thier designs underwent a more significant transformation.

Their unexpected evolution conversion became increasingly apparent when considered and studied at an unblocked angle, the revitalized energy quickly clarifying and magnifying the composition's smaller pieces and unfocused shapes, rapidly imbuing them with conflative layers of light and illuminating detail. Their exterior outlines shifted and lightened, taking on an translucent texture. It appeared that the designs were surreptitiously infused by an unknown force of indeterminate velocity and intensity. Looking in her direction for any further elaboration, she appeared taken by surprised with the shapes' sudden transfiguration, initially unsure how to proceed. Pacing around the easel's face indecisively, until finally arriving at a decision, she moved ahead forcefully once she determined a firm motivation. She navigated across the room inexorably, until she glided closer to the easel. Marking a visible location unencumbered by nearby shadows. in order to view her composition from a closer vantage. She firmly stood in place but didn't need to elucidate her location. She maintained a steady balance, watching the convergent shapes with increasing curiosity, while maintaining her protective detachment from the incipient forces.

She made her way towards my direction and began waving her fingers in the air in reflective gestures. Her sweeping motions seemed to follow the shapes' collaborations for a short period. It appeared they'd taken control but their command didn't last long. She took control, assumed the lead and they started chafing her movements. Shadowing her fingers' determined path, they responded to her quickly, perusing her waving motions faithfully across the page. It wasn't immediately obvious what she was attempting to elicit with her intangible actions. Her gliding form came to a sudden halt and she stopped, settling and lowering her hands at her sides unexpectedly. The figures on the page likewise took her signal and fell back into place just before they rose from their boundaries, I looked at her, completely mystified by her seemingly rapid contradictions. I couldn't understand what purpose her incursions had brought forth. It appeared she'd been working in a purposely unarticulated manner in order to deflect explanations. She bent her hands until they pointed inward, turning their front away from my inquisitive stare. Retracting them beneath her sleeves, she didn't say a word to explain her undetermined formation. Unable to provide a clear explanation as to what was occurring, I noticed she'd become distracted by another section of the composition.

The lower-portion of the compositions' surface appearance took a renewed energy that quickly spread throughout the page. This secondary energization occurred without her providing an external impetus, completely on its own. After a few moments, they began glowing and shimmering ohm the canvas. Watching them closely, they began to form a mesmerizing attraction that was difficult for my eyes to repel. After only a few moments, I realized that the phenomenon was familiar in many aspects, and there were techniques that could counter the temporal resurgence. Recalling the thick book, I remembered that it took a unique place in her convergently energized library. I needed Gemine's assistance neutralizing its powers but was able to successfully avoid getting trapped in its hypnotic stare. I'd made additional preparations in light of previous encounters, but her elaborate shapes held a distinctive advantage. Surfacing within them were additional shapes that reinforced their hold, while taking a deceptive appearance that didn't appear forceful but remained pounced. Consecutively, they formed a passive barrier which resided within the paper's margins unassumingly, stretching across the paper in misconstrued form, their initial appearance weakened unexpectedly by their visibly torn, partially-singed edges and pock-marked surface which seemed to leave them vulnerable. Going towards them carefully, I knew this wasn't the case and was careful not to look into them for an extended period, taking frequent interruptions and looking at them somewhat askance, avoiding a direct angle to avoid getting drawn into their fold. I wasn't about to recklessly undertake another confrontation with her magnetic shapes without providing myself a resolute defense.

The shapes' unimposing posture proved surprisingly deceptive as their invisible convections swirled and intensified across the paper in silent determination, My defenses lapsed for too long, overlooking my previous encounters with dangerous figures. I relaxed my guarded approach and allowed them to take control of the suddenly unbalanced encounter. Once their insinuated themselves, they slowly subsumed my fortifications, overcoming my perfunctory barriers without strenuous exertion. I felt drawn into what felt like an inevitable trap. Quickly realizing they'd intensified their power, Realizing that I needed to redouble my efforts. With haste. Recalling our previous entanglements, allowed me to anticipate their tricky maneuvers, Effectively repelling the shapes' disarming hold wasn't overly complicated but required me to anticipate and deflect their putative incursions before they took unanswered command. Following an instinctive gesture, I concluded that I only needed to look away and turned my head, shaking myself free from their hypnotic view, It represented simple technique interrupted their hold on me, breaking their tightening grip on my consciousness. Using this quick approach worked effectively, allowing my to defy their intrusive forays in a mater of moments, Standing at a secure remove, while taking a determined measure, the symbols appeared to retreat into the page's margin, sinking back defensively within its confines.

Examining them closely revealed they'd hurriedly returned to an unobtrusive state, silently cast on the page. Inferring a measure of stability from their diminished force, I resolved myself to further contemplation of the shapes. Reasserting my determinative incursions of their incomprehensible design, revealed unseen patterns that seemed to indicate further connections. The evocative symbols she drew maintained their integrity, neither slipping beneath or clouding over nearby shapes, My eyes remained focused on the kina of figures that remained illuminated, drawn into their convergent lines wile attempting to unravel the meaning behind their nebulous orchestration. Visible connections appeared in scattered portions when their rising extensions connected marginally, emphasizing specific elements within the composition. The pronounced metamorphosis created an invocative effect of infusing them with a formative energy that persisted throughout the page, altering their appearance significantly.

Perceptively strengthening and outwardly glowing perimeters converged into a larger shape and uninterrupted form that was greater than the diminutive shapes' separate partitions. Looking at the expansive figure in its totality, I was surprised to see that its glowing edges appeared to fill in the numerous small gaps, allowing an expansive, coherent figure to emerge from formerly detached elements. Overwhelming the other shapes on the page, this shaft of reflected light infused the composition with vibrant energy. Reading its culmative message remained elusive at first, but it seemed to elucidate a pronounced directive upon sustained internalization. Taking a renewed force, it appeared to articulate an unavoidable conclusion, stridently indicating precisely how to proceed. The smaller markings aligned in unmistakably specific directions that seemed unexpectedly precise. Following their lines across the page, the glowing symbols elicited an strangely convergent energy. Looking into their designs required me to re-intergrade their design, I stepped a cautious layer towards the narrow easel to attain better coverage. At the closer angle, the accompanying shaft of light appeared to diminish to a noticeable degree. No longer hitting the page directly, its reflective glow remained visible, yet no longer predominated the design. Upon closer inspection, she appeared to have drawn in a less intuitive manner than her rough shapes indicated. Retaining a firm determination and consistent style throughout, her hastily-sketched composition didn't waver when it came to the most important details. She hadn't compromised her approach, despite the constrained space and time expended. Her machine left distinctive paths and patterns on the page which became more pronounced when infused with the ambient light.

The illuminations' intrinsic energies and residing source appeared to emanate from a point far above the easel. Staring upward, I couldn't determine precisely where it had originated, or the underlying force powering the light's manifestation. Turning my head slightly askew, its path appeared to strengthen and narrow until it lit only a narrow path across the line of figures. This enhanced focus allowed unforeseen details to emerge. Her larger shapes contained surprisingly elaborate symbols within them. Examining them closely revealed a series of random diminutive circles placed at sporadic intervals, covering the surface completely. I wasn't sure what they indicated, but a quick glance in her direction took me aback. I was immediately struck that by the immediate parallels they drew, The smaller dots resembling the polka dots on her cloak, inverting the black and white balance, reflecting Gemine's cloak. The proportions were only approximate but the smaller dots were immediately recognizable. I was surprised her machine had set such an intricate and complex, transparent design given how little time she'd spent constructing the designs. I realized that her hands seemed preoccupied with different perspectives, It wasn't immediately clear what the scattered, partially visible range of dots indicated. They didn't appear to offer precise measurement or enunciate clear instructions or indications. It wasn't clear what the purpose of these figures was or how she'd could have implemented their elaborate design and translucent placement in plain sight. She was able to construct this hidden layer within the shapes without leaving, The presence of her convergent light machine couldn't adequately explain the unfathomable amount of detail implicit in her design, Its heavy beam produced thick, signed lines burned with much greater density than the smaller, delicate polka-dots induced. I was unable to manage the illustration's contradictory implementation at first brush. I looked in both their directions, but avoided gazing into their faces directly, I studied the symmetrical patterns that surrounded their clothing's designs.

Keeping an appropriately reticent angle without causing undue suspicion wasn't easy. Roiling my viewpoint back and forth rapidly, I tried to avoid staring at them directly for an extended period. This allowed me a glancing opportunity to study the designs, but only in contained bursts. Shifting focus expeditiously, while not angering excessively, I managed to visualize enough detail to keep going. My eyes marked unanticipated contacts that occurred within the shapes that motivated me to keep foraging. I felt myself drawn back into the page, but kept myself at a secure distance, wary of becoming hypnotized, It remained difficult to avoid direct contact while seeking tangible indications, but I'd improved my defensive capabilities markedly in a short time. I was only able to make glancing observations of the shapes but these incursions proved surprisingly illuminating and inherently proficient.

Her impressively elaborate designs and patterns shared commonalities in terms of function and style with similar flow and design. Both outfits held their shape easily but were also set an instantaneous contrast. Gemine's gown flowed outward in elaborate layers while the dark cloak allowed her to maintain a defensive appearance, its densely structured fabrics covering her in sheets of dark wrappings. These superficial differences may have seemed unimportant but the allowed enough insight for met to arrive at a believable conclusion. My eyes returned to the page, but took the shapes at a significantly different angle. The miniature spots within didn't appear as random in comparison when viewed without interruption or distraction. Their structured locations brought a divergent, yet sensible context to unlikely prominence. Connecting disparate elements within their cloth accouterments to the objects on the page led to an unexpected revelation. Hidden within the figures and shrouded in partial light, the dots held unmistakable implications. They appeared disconnected but the tiny dots formed an immediate mirror when viewed consecutively. Comparing the patterns directly without distraction, It didn't take long to decipher the obtuse design's clandestine function. She'd carefully infused the interior of each figure with her incongruous, abstract signature that was unmistakable once recognized. It was somewhat familiar, echoing an earlier implementation but realized in immediately vibrant fashion. Assuming its subdued appearance without excess protrusion, the irregular spaces and uneven structure gave her individual markings a unique appearance that contrasted with the comparatively measured, elaborately-implemented surrounding elements. Keeping clandestine moment's place to implement a nearly translucent accentuation of inspired creative energy. The patters within revealed the artist's hidden hand while its visual foundations infused the design with distinctive style. She worked extensively on the composition, creating a laconic design that superseded its common forms.

Traversing a lengthy measure away from direct sight of the connotative page, the intuitive conveyance of her signature diminished in scale with each pace back. Drawing further away, her unique characters and accompanying signs shrank further were was no longer visible. Submerged within the larger shapes, these designs formed a unique texture that brought a strangely resonant depth. The figures remained unmoved by this discovery, Unswayed, the allowed the light to illuminate their surface but gave no indication of responding in the manner I expected. Waiting expectantly for another hypnotic occurrence, I held position at close proximity, determined not to miss anything. Glancing back in her direction briefly, she retained her expected detachment from my intensifying encounter for he most part. However, I noticed she'd begun tapping her fingers impatiently at her side,. At a consistent rhythm., it seemed that she was growing impatient with my efforts, but this assumption quickly changed, Impressed by how her hands held their motions at a steady pace until it was obvious that she was deliberately timing my efforts.

Watching her consistent motions in the air added an underlying insistence to my prolonged examination but also brought unexpected idea to mind. Her stead motions recalled her steady hand on the page with her machine. I took inspiration from her technique and tried to replicate it to some degree. I took the broken pencil from beneath the canvas and held it aloft before pointing it directly at the page, in a steady motion with occasional flourishes. Keeping the its base at a steady position, I held it with carefully to maintain it balance, I tried to maintain an even balance, holding my fingers together around its surface. Crossing the page carefully, the figures appeared languid and unmotivated. Not discouraged by the initial intransience, I continued surveying their surfaces while further contemplating their meanings. Using this invocative technique while simultaneously swinging them through the air in sweeping motions that mirrored her machine produced a gust of air that brought little more than a light breeze that blew over the canvas harmlessly. My initial efforts elicited only marginal results, but I was determined not to give into the invisible barriers they'd set in my path.

They were merely drawings on a page. Reconciling their dispassionate recalcitrance, I materially adjusted my bearings. Shifting my feet forward until I leaned towards the page, I began following a divergent path. Instinctively following a contrary approach, my fingers went in the opposite direction moving from west to east, directed at a faster pace, ,moving downward systematically. My extensive pronouncements in the air didn't elicit what I expected. Results, there was no indication any of the shapes were beginning to prepare even a mildly proportionate rehearsal. Looking at the pencil, its surface maintained a consistent whole, no splinters were visible despite my forceful motions. This encouraged me to keep experimenting, and I made another change, taking the pencil several inches closer to the paper, without making contact. Brushing just above its  surface, I followed a circular path that required me to keep a consistent motion without touching the surface. Hovering above the page for an extensive inspection, my fingers became increasingly comfortable with the intimidating task, no longer trembling in the slightest. Spinning across the page revealed little evident reaction, but the light suffusing her shapes began to lessen as the reflective glare overpowering the room slowly diminished, plaintively illuminating the diminishing perimeter, increasing the long shadows lengths that followed the shimmering day. The rapidly diminishing streak of illumination quickly narrowing until it slid into a reflective afternoon glare that inevitably succumbed to the broadly arcing twilight. The inexorable change signaled a swift reduction in available time, that motivated me to redouble my efforts.

Realizing that following large circular motions was headed nowhere, I quickly and resolutely evaded the repetitive patterns when they became detrimental. The vividly-burnished figures' shapes were quickly darkening but this produced an unlikely realization. I noticed adjoining shapes held consistencies within each form but they weren't precisely aligned in straightforward order. When I skipped around the page, her disconnected figures appeared to hold unseen connections between each other Moving the damaged but largely intact pencil across their surface with in a less-ordered more intuitive manner revealed a number of unheralded consistencies. Their intricately-mirrored partitions and recurring commonalities seemed unimportant when viewed in isolation, but taken together, their temporal alignments were undeniable, These inexplicably convergent designs appeared to point towards a significant phenomenon that could potentially realize unanticipated connotations. Arriving at this realization, I realized my fingers slowed and I maneuvered across the page deliberately. I deliberately moved through the shapes slowly, taking a deliberative pace in order to avoid rushing past something important. Despite the oncoming night, I wasn't going to allow the darkening exterior beyond the room and its looming pressure to overreact and mistakenly skip ahead in a reckless panic,

Sheltered from deep investigation, the symbols remained insoluble, resisting my attempts to rouse them from hibernation. She hadn't left much evidence to follow, their elaborate orchestrations and fervent combinations in the distant airways above vanished into the atmosphere wordlessly. Methodically attempting to rouse them from their slumber met dispassionate indifference. The shapes remained outwardly unmoved by my pencil's proficient maneuvers despite my sustained concentration. She infused her composition with unknown shielding that didn't respond to my conducive motions. I tried different combinations of movements over the page mixing straight lines and circular motions, twisting routes in different directions, moving fearlessly into hidden sections, jumping around in obscure elements all the while seeking tangible indications that I was moving in the right direction. It seemed that I only succeeded in encountering deepening layers of intransience. My arms furtively continued waving. Motivations subsided flailed around in the air needlessly without marking significant impact, It didn't matter which directionless angle or uncoordinated approach I followed, her deceptively complicated illustrations remained firmly set within immovable positions. Their protective outlines wouldn't bend or sway despite taking innumerably varied approaches. Instigating a response by moving closer didn't bring forth any further response. I circled around the outer edges and traced their perimeter in tandem with changing my angle, tilting away from the easel. This seemed promising, drawing a modest reaction for several hopeful moments. This optimistic interval didn't last long, diminishing quickly when l I realized that only my lengthening shadow was moving across the page, not the shapes. Taking a sustained view of her composition reaffirmed the easel's hidden deception. The light above the shapes responded to my movement but the forms below still weren't displaying. Significant movement. Attempting to rouse them into any visible recurrence of their earlier dances only brought disappointment. Reluctantly, I realized that even my most determined efforts and profound hopes wouldn't be able rouse her entrenched designs.

Taking a prolonged, discouraging step back from the easel's front, I heard a familiar voice in the background. Expecting to receive a strong rebuke of my irredeemable shortcomings, a negative judgment or even channeled anger at the time I'd squandered. I slouched down and tilted my head, anticipating the worst reapproachment from her. I wasn't prepared for what followed, She didn't say a word, instead quickly endeavored towards the easel. Pivoting towards its surface, incongruously covered in small reflections of her outfit's unmistakable pattern. She unwound the cloak's outer layer, detached a swatch of fabric hidden beneath. Her majestically embodied, uncompromising fingers unexpectedly flung it into the air at a deceptively precise angle. Her narrow patch of fabric seemed to float in the air for several moments. Gliding downward slowly, it circled around in the air in a strangely triumphant flourish. She caught it on its initial descent, before throwing it up in the air briefly. It followed a large circular path several rotations before it fell downward again. Standing directly beneath her cloak, she didn't need to jump up before catching it before the outer section spun out of control and touched the ground.. Retaking control, she her long, dark cloak across the page, until it fell over her composition, blocking it from view, I couldn't make sense of her motivations and could only muster a few faltering enunciations in response. It wasn't obvious what she was trying to accomplish. She didn't elaborate an instead began pointing towards the covered easel in determined fashion. I couldn't see past the cloak but her insistent gesture was determined to indicate that I should keep my attention on the field.

Strenuously looking at the dark surface, waiting for something more to appear, hoping some kind of realization would occur in my mind, but my efforts drew a blank. Perplexed and mystified, I couldn't understand what she was trying to accomplish covering the canvas. She stood in front its hidden face once more and held her hands up towards her eyes. Squeezed her fingers, she seemed to indicate a squinting maneuver. This signal seemed to indicate that I should follow suit. Copying her blinking several times but seemed to be getting nowhere. I looked at Gemine and she'd taken an unexpected interest in my condition. I watched closely and saw her eyes were reinvigorated. Her intrusive glare pierced the heavily-cloaked form. Appearing to realize what the other person was attempting to communicate,. She didn't break the confidence, Instead she kept its mysteries to herself, using her stoic, unwavering visage to prevent further intrusions. Turning back to the easel, I relegated myself to forging ahead without further assistance. In the interim, it seemed a minor gust had lifted a corner of the lower portion of the cloak, This portion covering the canvas had gotten detached, revealing a small section of the page. It didn't seem to matter much, but this allowed for an enlightening perspective to emerge unexpectedly.

I realized in a oddly effusive manner, the reason she blanketed her elaborate design. There was little reason for me to continue working towards an unreachable objective. I thought about things for a grew moments and determined bot to go any further. This was due to a combination of two convergent factors. The first was acknowledgement of my limitations where it involved comprehending the complexities presented while the other variable was significantly more nebulous. This emotive conclusion was unexpectedly resplendent, requiring met to retain a respectful distance of her work while not delving into her inspirations or motives. Her connotative forces simultaneously pointed to an inescapable conclusion: the composition would not offer further elaboration no matter how much energy expended with my efforts. It didn't matter what elaborate movements, complex motions or strategic paths I followed. Looking at her machine, its purpose crystalized, it wouldn't respond to me even if I held it myself. The unfolding shapes would defiantly ignore my efforts no matter how long or thoroughly my fingers kept probing their mesmerizing intricacies. They'd maintain a secure distance and weren't going anywhere.

Arriving at this objective wasn't easy, but I determined that I couldn't emotions get in the way. The easel remained mesmerizing, but the narrow shaft of light revealed unseen visual connections that appeared within the forms too often to be considered only coincidences. However, It seemed that these tentative theories reached an impermeable barrier. Farther efforts would be wasted, there wasn't much more to discover. The sturdy framework surrounding her shapes formed a strong layer of protection that prevented me from gaining further understanding. Reaching this point after such an extensive effort was somewhat dispiriting, Taking a measure of this unmistakable yet humbling conclusion took a measure of detachment from the situation. I remained inherently curious as to the composition's meanings, but realized its underlying purpose would remain out of reach. Additionally, I sensed her growing impatient and somewhat defensive as she observed me with increasing frustration and conjecture. I noticed her feet beginning to shake and tap nervously as she began pacing across the room nervously. Realizing that I'd come close to overstaying my welcome, I took a measure away from the easel and placed the pencil underneath the canvas. It seemed a bit lost, sitting silently without further implementation.
Glancing back in her direction somewhat dejectedly, I put my hands to my side, signaling I was finished my encounter with the composition. Despite its mysteries aura, I remained impressed with her immaculate complexity, evocative aesthetic, undeniable skill and technique, but couldn't articulate my impression simply. I decided to bow down in a measure of deference, showing my appreciation of her magnificent design..My humble acquiescence seemed to calm her nerves and she nodded in return Following this reluctantly passive approach seemed unproductive and confining, but I couldn't see further convincing explanations. I looked over the canvas one more time and drew my fingers across its surface. There was no immediate reaction, but I hadn't expected there to be any thing resembling a tangible response. Arriving quickly at a firm realization, I knew intuitively that her figures would remain mute and solidified on the page and wouldn't budge. Dismissing the possibility almost immediately, it was increasingly obvious that while she might possibly allow me to hold her machine if I asked her, taking a tangible approach to the vexing situation wouldn't work. If she let me take control of her machine, I could subsequently attempt to elicit some kind of reaction from the shapes with elaborately choreographed signals. Imagining myself waving the convergent-light machine around in the air, performing a series of uncorroborated motions, waving it around in random directions and spinning it in the air. I could implement a series of elaborate gestures and connotative motions but even the most carefully-implemented efforts would make no difference. I projected that the figures would remain completely still and determinedly impassive despite any surrounding interference or insistent contortions on my part. They'd sit on the page silently maintaining a reserved serenity within their deceptively passive state. Taking a reluctant step closer, I examined her composition thoroughly but detected no visible change. Despite making a determined effort to study them a narrow remove, the shapes' lack of interest in my incursion or alarm at my proximity confirmed my suppositions. She'd purposely designed her persistent shapes in a manner that formed a completely unbreachable barrier. Her implacable composition was infused with insurmountable defenses that created invisible barriers surrounding the furtively etched shapes. Despite protracted and sustained efforts, I realized that they'd only follow her lead and wouldn't respond to anyone else's commands.

 - Michael Palisano