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In Memory
Sean Pettibone



A Torpulent Emanation

Watching her glide effortlessly across the disengaged room with imposing conviction, it wasn't particularly surprising that she maintained a steady, impervious and remarkably calm disposition. Her mysterious machine resisted simple classification, holding the majority of its functions in close proximity. It placid surface revealed no additional revelations beneath its diminutive construction. Unwilling to elaborate further on the machine's capacities, she consciously deferred intrusions into its conscientiously reinforced, compactly encircled visage. It conspired to endeavor a silent watch over its surroundings, offering persuasive resolve, the quiet observance undeterred by external commotion. Its uncompromising position and deliberately-attenuated extensions offered prescient insights, while simultaneously concealing their functionality. These evasive maneuvers defied elicitation from external observation and defied vulnerability. The complex structure underpinning its dials and buttons were firmly ensconced and fully shielded, their locations and controls responded only to a specific set of hands, otherwise their design remained elusive, with positions set immovably in place. Her convergent-light machine's impervious design elicited immediate questions but provided only marginal space for responsive theories or conjecture in return.

Implementing effective cloaking techniques within an unassuming form made it nearly impossible for a curious external observer to comprehend even a portion of its resplendent functions. Watching the reticent machine operate without constraint from the opposite side of the easel, we stared into its deceptively docile surface, our curious eyes unable to permeate its resilient shield. She made a sustained effort at understanding the outlines beneath its portentous abilities. I took a more cautious approach, standing back a respectful distance. I held this remote position but my subdued vantage meant couldn't come close to adequately determining the full extent of her machine's accumulative capabilities. Noticing our pronounced interest, she protected the machine's from observation by holding it close.. She moved silently, yet firmly. Pulling it back quickly under her sleeve, in order to conceal beneath her cloak, preventing unwelcome scrutiny. This kept it hidden if either of us came within an alarming radius of its perimeter.
Gemine intuitively understood her reflexively defensive tactics, quickly recognizing surreptitious maneuvers. She stepped back a pace signaling there wouldn't be further intrusions into her location. Realizing it would be better not to interfere, Gemine determined it would represent a needless task. She'd already revealed a partial explanation behind her mysterious entity. Further inquiries would only produce undue alarm. She responded to previous insinuations with nervous defensiveness. She saw us moving closer and quickly sprinted several long paces ahead to avoid allowing us to gain a direct view. The marginal progress frustrated inspection, but dissuaded Gemine from further investigation. Her elusive manner caused Gemine to quickly retrace her forceful position deferentially. This pronounced retreat quickly obscuring her machine's upper-portion securely. She concealed its location and design, allowing its surface to submerge from prominence, before hastily departing then vanishing from view, without marking our disconcerting angle.

The convergent-light machine residing purpose and clandestine functionality remained manifestly undefined despite our concentrated efforts to gain further insights. Her flickering generalizations made it unclear what precisely had transpired within the temporal, unstable connotations its narrow lines formed within their ensuing conduits. She reluctantly conceded with unexpected generosity to elicit a fractional, vaguely plausible explanation, but her imprecise response was far from comprehensive. Marking a concise, unyielding path, she directed her pace until she stood in front of the canvas with unobstructed sight. Insinuating pronounced conjecture, the unwieldy assemblage's disorganized appearance worked somewhat incoherently yet effectively to avoid categorization or determination. Attempting to bright forth visualization and coherence within the resulting cacophony of inconsistent forms presented a strenuous endeavor. She wasn't dissuaded by the compositions unending complexity, her motivations invigorated by its endemic veracity. Extending the verdant machine towards its putative canvas brought marginal additional insight. Her formal efforts proved inadequate and couldn't bring forth the slightest response, even a short bleep in response.

She turned the machines dials and pulled its switches to little effect. Repeatedly swinging it over the surface with increasing velocity brought unchanging result. After following this path for an inordinate period, she finally appeared to give up. Slouching her shoulders and retreating a noticeable distance, the cloaked figure retreated, reluctantly turning in our direction, conveying a sense of having been unexpectedly defied. Gazing across the room, she began enunciating a partial explanation of her machine's faults, but seemed unready to speak in further detail. She managed an innocuous divergence, visibly constraining herself. Revealing excessive additional details might have had unexpectedly left her vulnerable. She wanted to avoid an overly-detail elaboration potentially leading to intrusive queries. Shifting focus from the page imperceptivity before moving in our direction, her eyes swiftly retrenched into a defensive posture, quickly retreating beneath a reluctant fortress. Her intransience and reticence was understandable given her machine's inarticulate contortions. It was her creation; she'd earned the convergent pre-eminence to decide the elucidation she'd provide regarding its functionality. Guarding it carefully, she took the machine towards her cloak and slipped it beneath her flowing gown's thick, impermeable fabric, securely concealing its shape from view.

Gemine wasn't surprised by those defensive tactics, appearing to anticipate her evasions but didn't seem bothered. Consequently. she respectfully thanked her for trusting us enough to witness its elaborate display, adding that she didn't need to provide additional details. Elaborating wasn't necessarily productive on her part but we showed measured appreciation by bowing slightly in her direction. She bowed in kind, taking a measure of pride in her work, but seeming to follow a humble path, not wanting to boast excessively. Imposing a shift in perspective, her gaze turned into my direction and she seemed unexpectedly surprised by what she saw. She walked towards me and extended her gaze until it was entirely focused in my direction. I wasn't sure what she was attempting to discover as she continued looking in an uncertain manner. Looking in my direction with surprise for several disorienting moments. I wasn't sure how to respond and stood there somewhat paralyzed without inertia. She finally managed a faint rejoinder, clasped her hands together before intimating an unexpectedly forceful manner of questioning. I wasn't entirely sure what provoked this level of disbelief on her part. I thought back on the composition and quickly realized the figures on the page might have been a touch too elaborate for simple explanation.

She hesitated for a moment before asking me about another unexplained aspect of the illustration. Pointing toward the smaller characters that were barely visible within the forms, she wondered whether I understood the connections between the characters and what their meaning might have been. It wasn't entirely certain how she managed to extract such an elaborate level of detail from the page standing at the pronounced remove. She sounded like she comprehended the collected drawings with far greater detail than passively observing its flat surface from her visibly detached point would have indicated. Looking into her perceptive eyes, I was reminded that she held inconceivable visualization capabilities. Her prescient insights and conversant elucidations allowed her to look beyond the figures and shapes I'd drawn without pretext. Working methodically, her piercing gaze sliced through my tenuous designs repeatedly with insistent force and divergent interpretations allowed her to see things I hadn't designed. Her capabilities seemed abundant and there appeared to be no limits to her cognitive attributes. I attempted to stand back a defensive measure and stay out of her incursive path. She maintained focus on the page, methodically questioning my design in rapid succession, demanding answers I couldn't provide.
Her unyielding intimations made me uneasy but she continued her inquiry, asking me about the language. Her tone shifted to become increasingly exculpatory, as she insistently wondered if I knew where the characters had originated and what their various extensions and emphasis actually meant. Honing in on a particularly uneven section, she complimented the work's overall structure and design but remain unconvinced due to its unarticulated motivation and recalcitrant qualities. Unable to articulate a cogent response to her inquiries, I motioned towards the other page facing mine and explained, with some reluctance that I was merely interpreting her work, not working on my own design. The questions she asked were becoming increasingly intricate and elaborate. She seemed to dwell on small details, wondering what each swoop of the pencil indicated. After following a particularly disorganized path for too long, she finally crossed a threshold only to encounter a section with unresolved insinuations that overwhelmed contemplation. I stood silently without responding, hoping that diminished engagement might reduce the insidious doubt emerging. She decided to follow suit and stopped making further denigrations and retrained her gaze, turning focus away from me, until she was observing the page at a neutral vantage.

An unexpected fissure seemed to grow between us as we reached an impasse. Guarding against further admonishment, I listened respectfully but was determined not to surrender my work's intrinsic value needlessly out of mis-placed respect. Taking a step back, I contemplated the precise way to defend myself and attempted to arrive to form a respectful response. I remained quiet for a shade too long, and it seemed I'd succumbed to her emerging critique for too long. The lingering silence grew louder until it was unexpectedly interrupted from an unlikely direction. Gemine interjected at that point to elaborate that she'd insisted that I maintain a faithful respect, working to recreate her work without embellishment until I'd reached sufficient proficiency and was allowed to design my own figures towards the end of the assignment near the edges of the page. She took a moment to internalize our defense and seemed to accept our explanation. This led her quickly to take on a somewhat rueful expression. She expressed disappointment, conceding that she hadn't fully realized that my works represented little beyond an elaborate rehearsal. Her mood diminished as she began expressing regret for squandering the machine's somewhat constrained remaining energies.

Looking at my compositions and comparing them to their inspirations, she appeared to reconsider the exertion, redoubting herself for overlooking its extraneous disfigurements and mis-formulations. Gemine attempted to cauterize her wound and surmised that the resemblance between the pages was striking, it was little wonder she'd gotten confused. I remained mum, unable to aid her with definitive answers. Walking towards the easel, the images drew me in once more, and I was tempted to resume mirroring them. However, the urge to reinterpret her original compositions was repelled by the visible defects that undermined my earlier attempts. Standing in abeyance accompanied by uneasy silence, I arrived at a resounding impediment. My compositions had undergone significant revision but also evidenced undeniable improvement in a short period but remained unsure how to proceed. I looked back towards Gemine for additional advice or indications, but she retreated into passive observance. Standing patiently, allowing her detached sensibilities overwhelmed the inclination to further assistance. The canvas' cluttered, incoherent drawings imperceptivity shifted in their meaning and purpose. This aesthetic metamorphosis created unanticipated complications since I couldn't intuitively determine how I'd implement the additional work necessary to signify their emergent implications.

Looking into the canvas' narrow vestibule beneath, the pencil within remained ready for use, but encroaching doubts meant my fingers weren't up to the task. I waited silently, reserving my frustrated emotion for the page. Following the techniques she implied with her drawings felt like an impossible task and I waited just beyond its outer circumference, unable to declare further impositions. The pages unfolded with enduring veracity but I felt them grow increasingly distant, the attachment to their drawings slowly diminished. Adrift to a degree, the combination with underlying confection left me feeling somewhat directionless. Appearing not to notice the barrier I encountered, she continued her work without encountering undue pressures or shallow meandering.
Watching somewhat casually, I noticed her hands were free of the machine's hold. This appeared to loosen her fingers' rigidity. They swung around with intuitive energy when she motioned across the page, they seemed to float above the page with greater fluidity. It seemed to be a marginal adjustment but was surprisingly effective. This subtle change brought forth enough residual force to elicit a newfound interest in my work, allowing her to reinvigorate the incursion with renewed force. Gemine didn't seem to notice her shifting demeanor, but my curiosity unfurled. I took a measured, cautious step closer, wondering what she might uncover with her newfound detachment. She didn't resolve the issue immediately, instead adjusting her disposition while determining where she might inveigh her energized focus. While its outer surface reflected a clandestine appearance, the machine was never far from her mind. Looking in Gemine's direction, I worried that she might have gotten discouraged by her reluctance but she hadn't surrendered. Instead, she appeared intent on the other figure, gazing on her using her formerly unrelenting gaze. Her visual imposition didn't appear successful with that elusive subject.

Cloaked fastidiously while maintaining her invisible protective layers, she didn't offer a firm position regarding the composition's creative qualities. Unable to permeate her machine's defensive arrangements, Gemine implemented various techniques in rapid sequence. Attempting to solicit answers from a pronounced glaring angle proved unproductive, deflecting Gemine's visual incursion preemptively. Realizing her aggressive approach wasn't succeeding, she quickly implemented a passive technique, changing tactics quickly. Gemine turned her eyes away from the opposing figure, and glancingly without commitment, but her distinctly unattached disposition wasn't effective and elicited little response. Making rapid adjustments to her visual inspection couldn't throw her machine off-course. She tried repeated incursions but none appeared to make a pronounced incursion. Her eyes closely traced the reclusive target's movements but she evaded attempts at detangling her intentions. Realizing her approach wasn't working, Gemine quickly shifted her technique to follow a distinctively different style. She loosened her gaze and allowed intuition to take control. Gemine's fluid determination followed the other figure without marking a predetermined space, instead idly managing to follow in her wake without becoming intrusive. She gradually turned around and looked at the nesting figures on the page, waiting expectantly for a substantial indication to occur.

She switched between them with the transient expectation, and increasingly distant hope they might reveal transcendent revelations or invocations of some type. Her eyes retreated and she displayed an unexpected level of patience. She realized the design's would have to gain a measure of independence. They'd need to come to life on their own, without mechanical assistance. Gemine watched them expectantly, pointedly avoiding direct contact, while conversely staring directly at the figures for an extended period. She waited but they didn't respond to the invisible field produced by her narrow, surreptitious glare. I looked at them, somewhat placated and reserved, but unhindered. They remained methodically subsumed and disconcertingly passive but still elicited a deceptively strong hold. Taking several uneasy steps towards the easel, I managed to keep their assault at a safe remove by looking just off to the side, containing their appearance to the margins of view. Gemine stepped ahead at the same time and we quickly found ourselves standing at parallel, making a tenuous barrier the composition's unstable installations couldn't breach. She managed to instill an unyielding resolve on the composition's surface, neither endorsing or succumbing to its messages.
Instilling a sense of purpose within the opposing pages, she explored both of its putative faces, implying that they were approximate equals in terms of purpose, if not design. She waved me in, reassuring me that they posed no further threat but I wasn't sure. I looked back at towards the other figure for additional reassurance, but she stood with neutral detachment. After a brief ruminating, I stepped forward a pace, deciding to trust Gemine's instincts. I nervously stepped into its outer circumference and stood at it base. As the designs on the page grew inevitably larger and more pronounced, I felt them growing in power and strength. However, I wasn't particularly nervous or apprehensive when anticipating the encounter. She stood directly beside me. Furthermore Gemine could quickly neutralize them with her machine if our encounter became confrontational. She kept close watch over the easel, ensuring that the any redolence wouldn't leak outside the page.

Venturing warily toward the easel, I took a pronounced step and stood at its base once more. I'd grown tired of my incipient procrastination and decided to forge ahead without contemplating potentially nebulous insinuations. I reached down and grabbed the pencil somewhat impetuously and held it firmly, reducing its entropic demands in a swirl of defiance. Sweeping across the page, my eyes intuitively decided the page had become too crowded. The assembled figures had become detrimental to further incursions and decided it was time tor refreshment. I turned over the page to its blank side and pulled it upwards into place, patting it down until it was firmly attached to the surface. The residual imprints left a visible mark on the other side, but their faded enjoinments couldn't dissuade me from improvising additional shapes and forms. After my preparations were finished, I determined a proficient assignment and commenced implementation. Tracing the outer border, the outer edge formed quickly.

I decided against needlessly constraining its size within arbitrary margins and sketched its parameters until it covered roughly twice the area of earlier compositions. This required implementing the sketch with a determined hand. I needed to work across the canvas' expansive field a slower pace, instilling the design with attentive detail and greater accuracy since its' expansive size would make artistic easier to detect. Forming its initial path, the eastward section began to emerge. Its disparate partitions connected seamlessly then combined larger form. That particular design's convincing ebullience was restrained to a degree by its rough appearance and erratic formations which impeded straightforward comprehension. Realizing there were limitations to my capabilities, my fingers remained determined to approximate her designs without compromise. Working at deliberately reduced speed, the forms emerged from the empty page from a seemingly languid pace. It wasn't a matter of reluctance or procrastination, instead an indication that my pencil was embarking on a deliberate method. It's fermenting implacability demanded sustained effort to complete each of the figures' intricate sections, since their increased volume meant their finer details were clearly visible. Marking those installations efficiently required me to focus on what I considered the most important aspects of the pieces. However, when I took a step back and looked at my drawings in their totality, unavoidable detriments emerged within their designs with distressing prominence.

Looking at the composition objectively revealed significant omissions that only became clear when I surveyed their appearance and realized noticeable omissions. There was a frustrating interval spent determining and categorizing these defects. An unsettling number of the figures were noticeably incomplete. Lacking a constellation of integral details, I filled in some of the drawing's missing finer points carefully, furtively adding just enough dots and points to the figures' interior without elaborating impulsively. This represented a seemingly marginal change, but it was an important element to form an accurate and cohesive representation of her formative compositions. Visualizing that aesthetic balance required my temporally inspired retracements to maintain a cohesive perspective that added emphasis within certain areas without straining the design beneath excessive detail. Infusing additional convergent and parallel lines within this section, they collided with each other, intersecting and flowing within predefined paths. I remained somewhat uneasy with my level of skill. Pausing briefly, I looked in her direction seeking reinforcement. She took a step closer, visualized my illustration and shrugged nonchalantly. Her only beef comment reminded me that the non-committal remove she held meant she wanted me to discover imagination and maintain inspiration without relying on her assistance.

Left persuasively abandoned to follow an isolated endeavor despite her close proximity, I decided not to let this detachment undermine the efforts. I leaned back and took a measure of my composition. It was technically decent enough, but it was visibly lacking in an important measure. I quickly determined that it was missing an important element of temporal, unquantifiable elucidation. Looking over the constructed figure, it needed something that would release its voluminous intent and allow its energetic inspiration to flourish. I twirled the pencil around in concentric circles a few times before realizing what that particular section required. There was a flash of premonition that occurred before my hands composed an appropriate visual emphasis. Towards the design's upper portion, there remained an unmistakable emptiness that insisted on enumeration. Surfacing narrowly above the area holding the pencil tentatively above the surface, it glided without making a mark until my fingers arrived at a determination. I held it down firmly against the page. Initial contact left inviolable marks, which quickly strengthened. This reinvigorated confidence allowed me to commence confidently sketching a sturdy punctuation on the page. My pencil's imprints intensified as I drew additional detail. The main enhance consisted of a billowing extension that covered the entire figure. Its gently curved path resembled shielding but its lightly sketched outline appeared to offer little protection. I made repeated paths over the area, reinforcing its evocative form while simultaneously strengthening the underlying portions beneath against unforeseen impositions.

The slow emergence of my purposefully strident characters appeared to unfold at a languid pace lacking urgency. This was largely due to excessive deliberation, but its steady pace marked a satisfying divergence from previous work. I didn't waste time revising and erasing earlier designs, maintaining a largely consistent and proficient approach. My hands quickly moved toward the western side with increased confidence. It didn't take long for me to commence work, and I quickly began composing a complimentary figure. Its shape retained noticeable similarities in terms of size and depth, but the main difference arrived when the inner sections converged in seemingly serendipitous fashion. These reworkings required me to ruminate extensively since I had to recapture their original design purely from memory, without straying too far from their source. They remained vivid in my mind, ensconced from their determined efforts to gain control of my imagination and consciousness. Attempting to make individual marks on each figure was a slow process that unfolded with a great deal of apprehension. I wasn't sure I was adding the correct emphasis to each shape, and had to rely on my intuition, hoping my instincts were right. Remembering flipping the pages of the book, I recalled there were multiple recurrent elements within the characters and forms that would be easier to reproduce. These similarities provided me an unexpected foundation which allowed me to work through the remaining shapes more efficiently, with increased confidence. Looking nervously towards Gemine, she seemed intent on examining my work from a secure distance, observing from a safe remove.

I knew she wasn't going to offer instructive advice, instead offering acquiescent confirmation through non-intrusive observation. This motivated in a converse manner, determining to meet expectations we both held for the work. Maintaining a measure of composure alongside firm conviction, my pencil forged ahead independently. Many of the resulting figures were carefully implemented with many carrying conscious echoes of earlier premonitions. Additional designs seemed to appear from within, spontaneously emerging from the page. A singularly resonant example occurred as I reached the center of the page. I began to compose a precise shape, but realized I'd diverged from the path and my pencil was moving across the page without any indications from me. I found its emerging lines appearing almost involuntarily across the page. The pencil appeared to draw a series of lines that remained tangibly parallel but seemed to lose alignment. They seemed to lose sight of boundaries after I withdrew my hand. At this point, they appeared to flow beyond the margins before spilling off the page. I had to shake my hands and extend my fingers outward across its surface to regain command. The pencil appeared to squirm around, fighting my efforts with unexpected recalcitrance before retreating from its passive confrontation.

The resulting figures appeared inelegantly composed and imprecisely positioned within the page. They appeared to cross invisible barriers that undermined their intentions. Fortunately, the visual unease their convection created was the result of imprecise placement and these minor flaws didn't require excessive adjustment. I didn't take much effort before they acquired a visible foundation. Only a few rows were added but these particular lines were placed a larger distance apart from each other's routes. This allowed greater space to implement contrasting vertical lines that intersected squarely. Its larger scale unfolded at wider range giving the figure a less constrained appearance. This allowed space for elaborate designs within the figure. I carefully placed a series of circular objects inside the circumspective, concise margins, taking time and effort to ensure the illustrations were proportioned properly. Signifying an unknown elicitation, the intuitive approach enabled further creative elaboration that mitigated the composition's lingering aesthetic insufficiencies.

Prominent, scattered gaps became visible within these smaller sections, but I decided against filling them in. Producing a pleasant space that allowed the smaller characters space to exhale, they seemed to have adequately followed the path. I pulled the pencil from the page before implementing excessive detail. Surveying the page, my initial pairing set a productive tone, not completely overwhelming the page nor resisting a verification, they struck a measured balance that was unexpectedly proficient. Viewing the images in tandem created unexpected symmetry, they appeared to compliment each other, reinforcing their designs without encroaching on the other. I looked in her direction again, while maintaining a certain distance, she responded approvingly, murmuring her confidence but with holding further elaboration. She wasn't particularly insightful but her tone was receptive. Her sustained interest motivated me to attempt further attempts, and I proceeded without delay to quickly realize a pending set of intangible characters I'd contemplated.

There was abundant empty space on the page's perimeter, allowing plenty of leeway when marking further illustrations. The existing figures had effectively conveyed my earlier thoughts and I wanted to avoid taking a redundant approach. Deciding to implement more straightforward style, I began tracing a simpler outline. It began with a large circular indentation, sprawling across the pages western side without intrusive constraints, It bent at a significant angle but connected forcefully without entering the space that held the other figures. Restraining effort, it was still slightly larger than the preceding compositions, and its outer margin formed a striking contrast. I began marking the page in seemingly erratic fashion, filling its expansive field with a series of disorganized points that appeared almost randomly within the circle.

The elusive pronouncements didn't appear to consist of a consistent pattern or method underpinning their relative placement, initially erratic. My intentions might have appeared somewhat confusing but as I continued working, unexpected determinatives came into view. An extensive internalization of the design revealed a missing component I hadn't detected. Something was definitely missing but Its deficiencies weren't immediately apparent until I thought back to the book that unexpectedly hypnotized me earlier. Recalling a similar arrangement of scattered dots, I realized that my approximations looked somewhat flat in comparison. Closing my eyes for momentarily to contemplate the divergence, I remembered a sequence of earlier points that featured a distinctive type of shadow that grounded them to the paper. Each accompanied by an outline, completely surrounding them which created an expository force infusing the external rim. Their relatively simple, quantatively compact elaboration gave the figures a pronounced station within that my plain, unaccompanied figures lacked. There composition felt inelegant, purposelessly ungrounded, scattered haphazardly within the thin paper's shallow margins.

Taking the pencil in hand with renewed energy, my fingers were steadfast, decisively commenced reconstructing outer rings that angled just outside their lethargic, materially uninspired constellation. Impulsively working from the lower section, my eyes focused on a single, diminutive form that would represent a foundation. Tracing a narrow path around one of the smaller figures on the paper wasn't complicated but I knew better than to work discordantly, Looking at the visage carefully revealed it was a good distance from the others, any errors could be easily scratched or erased without interfering with nearby objects. Its distance gave me adequate space to experiment but I didn't want to waste space and squander limited opportunity. My hands steadied with conviction as they carefully managed to echo its form at a noticeable, but not distracting distance. It seemed to be a marginal difference in theory, but adding this additional layer encircling the inner objects created resplendent, elaborate intricacy embedded to their design almost instantaneously. The limited expansions lent its figures additional layers of noticeable resonance once implemented. My initial elaborations of the dots didn't expend much energy, but keeping at the task while staying consistent was harder than anticipated.

Maintaining a steady hand was integral to reinforce the outer barriers' narrow width while keeping their composition a similar relative length apart was challenging. Each individual form pointed towards divergent locations and needed to be carefully tracked and measured, Scaling the lines so they appeared just outside the disorganized circles scattered on the page was a pedantic task that slowly became more effusive as the outline surrounding each form converged. Attempting to avoid excess confidence, I kept emotion in check while stringently avoiding conflicting with each others' paths was challenging. Reconstructing the outer lines for the individual shapes required implacable concentration. Misfires weren't endemic, but occurred with distracting frequency. As objects were finished, their rapid assemblage and robust completion left vanishingly little space for technical mistakes. These glaring illustrative uncertainties gained disproportionate prominence that required almost instantaneous, nearly automatic adjustments on my part. 
Reinforcing its characters allowed the process to unfold at a steady but repetitive pace. I decided to move systematically from west to east in order to simplify the somewhat tedious work. it became easier and my fingers worked almost automatically, encircling the previously disorganized, uneven shapes in consecutive order. This gave a sense of deliberate progress to my actions, allowing me to maintain a steady pace. As various sections were completed, I stood back to check their designs and watched from a detached impression. Unseen depth and weight began to show within the encircled shapes, which grew more pronounced when I looked at them from divergent angles. When I'd finished half the page, I stood back several paces. Observing carefully, the circles resonated differently. Eliciting unexpected energy, as unexpected connections and burgeoning reactions effect began to take hold, The previously unremarkable spots on the page were suddenly infused with newfound motivations.

The dots seemed to spin around within their boundaries while converging with each other into a larger cumulative form. This spirited reaction increased my resolve and motivation. I thrust my pencil back towards the page with renewed velocity. Continuing to work with greater intensity while keeping the systematic approach intact. The figure's unrestrained energies reinforced themselves and I managed to complete the remaining encirclements without delay. As I finished the last few spots, I noticed they appeared to become less intimidating and instead seemed to anticipate our encounter expectantly, waiting for me to finish their composition. It took longer for me to complete the design than anticipated, Remaining patient and persistent, I finished the final figures without compromising the quality. Careful to manage the composition, Measuring the distances carefully, the outer barriers surrounded every figure contemporaneously. keeping a consistent space throughout,
After implementation substantial efforts with the paper, it was surprising that the volume and number of figures didn't lead to reduced quality of implementation. It wasn't easy to manage the repetitive task without becoming complacent, but consistency enabled me to discover unheralded elaborations. Following a consistent approach allowed the figures' symmetries to work together effortlessly, inducing subsequent revelations that revealed artistic and constructive convergences I couldn't have anticipated viewing each in isolation. The ideal angle become increasingly prominent and as I recalibrated position, incipient connections began appearing. Unambiguous reflections appeared from within adjacent forms. Administering minor changes in relative vantage and adjusted distances, the incongruous shapes converged without recalcitrance, creating an unfathomable and mesmerizing visual force that expounded intentionally. The figure's collective adherence and emanating response occurred without further prompting. An unhindered convergence occurred with speed that was simultaneously exhilarating and startling. Undeniable aesthetic tenacity became indelibly pronounced; increasingly difficult to repel. It's unavoidable hold over the surroundings intensified exponentially and it appeared infused with unexpected life. The resolutely intricate composition's passive surface, suddenly resplendent, its design emphatically came to life, undulating beneath innumerable waves of inconceivable energy.

Growing increasingly wary of the incomprehensible characters' emergent temporal hold, I quickly decided to act defensively. Anticipating its cascading strength and subsequently diminishing durability was able to withstand the initial assault. I knelt down a bit and avoiding direct contact in order to deflect its impending grasp and release its hold before it was able to firm. Its resurgent energies reached their apex quickly but couldn't sustain a prolonged encounter. The forms quickly worn themselves from battle, expended their remaining energy reserves. Their forceful approach was withdrawn before instilling needless confrontations. Its attenuated power retreated from direct conflict allowed me to rest and take a measure of the infraction. I held my place, but leaned back. My pencil remained steadfast, I held it straight up, facing against the easel. Remaining wary, I determined to keep protective sight over the demarked structure. I aimed it facing directly to the opposing face. It adjusted from using the narrow extension defensively before expanding its temporal barrier protect against further incursions. This allowed me a narrow space that crossed a secure interval. I used this chance to contemplate the easel's collated works that coalesced from individual interpretations and previously indeterminate accompaniments, standing off to the side unobtrusively, maintaining a secure remove.

Placing myself at a distance and taking an objective consideration, I began to recognize additional unexpected similarities. My eyes couldn't avoid between the resplendent, composition on the page and parallel inspirations nearby. Internalizing a seemingly counterintuitive inclination, another unavoidable connection emerged when I ruminated on the resulting piece, silently ruminating over its unspoken implications, making spontaneous changes and comparative adjustments as needed. There was a strong alliance but I wasn't entirely convinced that my assumptions were correct. I had to take a closer examination of my surroundings, but wanted to implement these incursions without drawing needless attention. These clandestine arrangements seemed to be more than coincidental, but I wasn't confident I wasn't arriving at premature conclusions. Deciding not to look at her directly, my eyes tentatively issued a nervous glance in her direction,

Attempting to surreptitiously catalog and reconstruct the mirrored patterns that appeared on Gemine's resplendent gown evaded sufficient accuracy. The pensive folds and detangled structures within the drawing wasn't entirely faithful. Disappointment with the original spots' uncoordinated locations was evident as I noticed their alignment was clearly misconstrued. The sketchy, tentative forms' deficiencies became distracting. They appeared disorganized and sloppy, visibly unsettled in terms of size, length and depth. Its aesthetic problems were pronounced, but found consolation when I recalled the inspiration underlying my creation. Her flowing, mysterious gown's hypnotizing, illuminative design maintained its tenuously placating force, Its aura infused the work despite its flawed conjecture. Despite attaining only partial reorientation, her inherent energy remained undiminished.

Gemine didn't appear to realize that I was somewhat clandestinely, interpreting the intricate patterns covering her gown. Manifestly unconcerned, she retained a measured distance from the work while standing quietly looking past the paper's hidden face impassively. Her impassive posture and disarmingly unfettered disposition obscured direct view of the page. That hidden angle allowed me to work quickly and clandestinely, comparing gown's elaborate design with my composition uninterrupted. After surreptitiously finishing the foundational elements within the circular perimeter, there was little need for further elaboration or undue extrapolation. My hands lightly sketched a loose arrangement of faint lines that indicated folds or pleats, remaining visible while not overshadowing her gown's intrinsically resonant volumination.

My focus was directed entirely on interpreting Gemine's work, forging ahead relentlessly, determined to follow through. Estimating and recalibrating unseen parameters within her design uninterrupted required sustained methodologies. Maneuvering the pencil quickie without needless disruption over the page; any lingering hesitation resolved when marking through her temporal symbols. I continued elaborating the drawing's details faithfully until I noticed an unexpected intrusion appear at the drawing's eastern periphery. A seemingly minor, yet brightly illuminated, sharp point emerged on the exterior margins. Shielding its source, the initial position of the piercing seemed to arrive from afar before piercing a diminutive gap the upper section of the paper. Initially, the flickering dot resembled a narrow, blinking light, flashing in rapid reflection but quickly stabilized to take a steady form. Its standing grew more pronounced until its path strengthened and converged. I recognized its shape instantaneously as it enlarged, taking hold as it change into a distinctive narrow beam of light.

Encountering little resistance from the docile page, I observed her machine's primary lines move unobstructed as she began her investigation. Looking across the room, I was taken aback by her approach. Standing at a measured distance, she worked the machine's dials somewhat passively, working with a combination of curiosity and anxiety, She didn't seem entirely convinced the machine was following the right path, but continued on her approach, determined to eradicate lingering doubts beneath its diminished glow. Using internal energies that infused the machine with unfathomable capabilities, she maintained a steady control over its functions. She continually pushed and pulled its myriad switches firmly to avoid irrational divergence from her command. This had the unintentional effect of mitigating lingering recalcitrance, the machine followed her lead and settled into a fluid, predictable pace.

A reasonable internalization took prominence within the device and its extension started flowing effortlessly gliding across the page. Skipping across the upper portion of my inferences and designs, she guided its beam with intuitive command that appeared transformative. Its vivid ascent fearlessly lit the figures, visualizing unseen elements within my unguarded sketches Stepping towards the room's inner perimeter, her near proximity revealed the origin behind its incandescent source peered over my shoulders purposefully. Moving between the figures inquisitively, its steady line of sight focused rigidly within the initial drawing. Tracing its unfolding paths and connections at a proficient rate, the illuminative endeavor maintained its relentless incursion. Moving across the page, its beam investigated the opposing design, peeling away its aesthetic evasions forcefully. Its unsentimental judgment highlighted the form's insufficiencies in bright contrast.
Her convergent-light machine didn't make a sound during this process, working across the page silently without releasing a single noise. Lacking audible accompaniment, she shifted her machine's focus until its slender point converged directly into the easel's centerpiece. Impervious to the design's temporal assaults, she continued working the machine's dials unhindered. Maintaining determined focus despite incessant incursions from the easel, she remained thoroughly engaged marking space on its surface with implacable energy. Facing the largest, most consistent and elaborate drawing eventually provoked a minor response from her machine, eliciting a short bleep slightly louder than a whisper, Its convergent dots appeared increasingly secure, having gained an tangentially dimensional measure. This reinforcing technique effectively infused the figures with distinctive energy and significant depth. Creating a formidable barrier surrounding each produced an increasingly complicated and unconsciously resonant formation. Appearing to converge into a coherent form, its remained unclear precisely what purpose the surreptiously-aligned dots implemented.

Unaffected the composition's temporal energy provided her a secure area in which to proceed with her investigation. Conversely, it remained difficult for me to avoid getting drawn into the composition's unsettling hold. Determining an effective counter-measure took a few minutes' contemplation, before eventually arriving at a reliable solution. Avoiding direct viewing for an extended period allowed its formidable energies to subside. Frequently looking away from the page diverted attention, allotting enough space to build a trembling barrier. Using this technique allowed me to maintain a secure observation of her machine's systemic methodologies but didn't provide comprehensive solutions. Taking prolonged measure of the device's location, I noticed it's convergent beams were nearing the western margin of the paper. Her pending conclusions brought tentative relief alongside emerging uncertainties. This underlying tension manifested itself in my fingers that began shaking with nervous anticipation. Fitfully attempting to diminish impertinent emotions, I clamped my fingers in order to contain a measure of their unrelenting anxiety. Using the calm interval to steady my nervous hands' recalcitrance required determined effort that diverted my attention from the page. Switching focus required me to internalize and subdue their uncoordinated fissures consciously, I reclaimed their purpose by holding them together closely using a firm grasp, I held them within each other, their convergence gradually building stability until their uneasiness subsided.

Resolving to maintain a degree of resilience without seeming overly secretive was difficult but necessary. Implementing these contradictory objectives simultaneously, I commenced fastening my defenses against her incursions quietly, moving away from vulnerable position without making my efforts intrusive. Taking a marginal, protective step into a passive location, the unshielded position quietly implemented a non-confrontational appearance that didn't cause undue concern. Maintaining my carefully-balanced location while standing intently proved easier than anticipated. Arriving quickly at that docile position allowed me to undertake a predetermined contemplation. Using this disengagement as a contemplative interval, I stood back a pace from a non-obtrusive vantage. This location opened a shallow point where I could silently observe her work. Retaining a measure of privacy, without becoming overly concerned with causing unintentional alarm, I followed her work closely, carefully observing her machine's inscrutable motions with a sustained combination of confusion and curiosity.

The machine's slender beam of energy continued gliding across the page uninterrupted, sporadically enunciating a series of faint, nearly inaudible beeps. Their effect rapidly diminished as they echoed in my direction, requiring me to tilt my head in their direction in order to hear them with greater clarity. Attempting this maneuver without losing my balance was difficult even after I'd managed to take a convincing angle of their distinct vantage. It remained unclear what their symbolic measurements signified, but I began to recognize recurrent themes. Those aesthetic reflections were surprising but appeared sporadically, allowing me to draw theoretical implications that were probably imprecise. Watching her spin the machine's dials and move its switches horizontally across its face revealed little. Following her work from a respectful remove, I observed her mechanical adjustments with restrained interest and reserved inquiries. The narrow route she compelled her creation's convergent-light path to follow traversed the page's assembled designs quickly, but illuminated only marginal elements that provided little insight. Her machine's narrow beam traversed the page effortlessly for an extended period, marking space with intangible points. I watched as she maneuvered it across the page, working methodically to draw elusive insight from the disorganized array. She managed a surprising amount of efficiency and appeared to make significant incursions into its myriad forms. Perfuming this work without making a sound led to uneasy anticipation, there was no indication as to where precisely she was directing the narrow beam's unrelenting focus.
Maintaining a steady position, attempting a stoically unflinching predisposition, it took substantial effort to for me work up enough courage. I took a step back, tilting my arms back before nervously glancing in her direction. I gazed at her visage somewhat hopefully but warily. Anticipating her response, hoping she'd be somewhat impressed by the extensive effort spent creating my intricate recalibrated designs. She finished her work and placed the machine at her side. Finally appearing to acknowledge my lingering presence in relative proximity, she responded with unexpected forcefulness. Turning around with surprising vigor, she looked in my direction. Her eyes glowed in an unmistakable vibrant hue that appeared inconceivably resplendent. Recognizing conflicting forces within her piercing gaze, she expressed innumerable contradictory determinations without blinking. Pointing her machine in my direction, its light harmlessly bounced off my shoulders without interfering while she calmly enunciated her divergent conclusions.
Appearing more frustrated than invigorated by the composition's artistic contradictions. She initially praised its visible resonance, but intoned with unavoidable disappointment that its notable aesthetic qualities were washed out, putatively submerged beneath waves of apprehensive caution and uncertainty. Expressing consecutive levels of dissatisfaction, she enumerated the drawings' cascading aesthetic flaws. These intangible defects became increasing visible extending from its foundation to its surface. Working from a more tangible perspective, her machine embarked on a different route in its examinations, but arrived at an nearly identical conclusion. Relying on the machine's capabilities appeared to frustrate her attempts at further elaborating the composition's meaning. She hopefully looked in Gemine's direction, seeking demonstrably tangible advice from further insight. Her query solidified as she pronounced what had precipitated the widening fissure. Explaining ruefully in a noticeably frustrated tone, she dejectedly admitted that her machine had concluded that my unfinished design's misformative implementation and inconsistent structure were unstructured and confusing despite her sustained efforts to uncover persuasive details.

The lack of visual consistency within my drawings made their arrangements difficult for her to comprehend. Further detailing her machine's struggles, she became unexpectedly apologetic, modestly explaining she could only partially understand its purpose. Her machine's limitations meant it was unable to consistently recognize the visualized language's elusive dialect despite its underlying familiarity with the foundational vocabulary. This caused her machine's cumulative discernment process to unfold unevenly with disruptively frequent delays when it encountered incomplete or misformed elements. Gemine thought about her response, intently walking around the easel towards her then unexpectedly grew reticent, from a combination of deference and procrastination. Gemine deflected her inquiry before insistently shifting attention back in towards me. She reminded us that it wasn't her original designs that created the divergence, but my flawed interpretations.
Her sudden redirection of the beam's incursion left me vulnerable, unable to deflect to her pointed incursions. I found myself standing without aesthetic cover, a shallow measure beyond the easel's perimeter. Without a tangible defense of the tentative sketches, there was negligible space to elaborate, leaving me putatively speechless. I wasn't able to translate my inconsistent drawings with the urgency she expected. Somewhat dejected, she reluctantly decided to make one last attempt at extracting even marginally useful implications from my work. With noticeable resignation turned the deferred machine's focus directly toward the stigmatized page. Her creation's slender beam wavered and flickered as it strained to decode anything tangible. It searched inconclusively to illuminate any hidden insights within its seemingly intractable complications, meeting with negligible response. Its passive denial and furtive approach induced entropy. She unenthusiastically resumed surveying its composition, without expectations. Fervently sweeping her machine's path through a long arc gliding across the surface towards an uncorroborated denouement. The drawings' frequent inconsistencies and deficiencies seemed to diminish but retained enough power to deflect any further extensive efforts by her machine to extricate anything tangible. Despite following the machine's substantially convergent intentions, she remained perplexed as to what precisely the composition attempted to convey.

- Michael Palisano