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In Memory
Sean Pettibone



A Truculent Elicitation

Inspecting the diminutive shapes across the easel's permeable surface unfolded with surprising efficiency. The machine's narrow beam quickly skipped across the page without lingering on its individual figures for too long. It wasn't immediately clear what purpose the machine was holding, but its movements felt deliberate, almost automatic. Watching its beam strengthen and sharpen, it appeared to intensify, growing in size rapidly as it reached the center of the page. It wasn't immediately clear what had produced this sudden burst of energy. The line extended into the page with increasing energy and focus until its energy illuminated the entirety of the page. I heard footsteps echoing behind me growing louder as the figure came closer. Sensing her presence at such a close range was disconcerting but I withheld my uneasiness and instead maintained focus on the page. I held my hands up in neutral position while the machine inspected the page, waiting patiently for its mission to conclude. I noticed awkward shadows forming across the surface that appeared without prompting. My position wasn't ideal and it became apparent quickly that I was standing directly in front of her, obscuring her view of the easel. She wasn't entirely blocked but there was a significant impediment. I'd grown unexpectedly attached to the drawings to a degree that felt excessively possessive but reluctantly decided to walk out of her path, allowing her to view the dueling compositions in their entirety.

Walking just outside the delineated path, I caught a significant yet marginal glimpse of her disposition. She moved surreptiously across the room but radiated remarkable calm and perseverance, which I hadn't expected given the unsettled, divergent circumstances. Her attention fully concentrated on the page, I decided not to interfere with her efforts. I stood back a half-pace and watched as she took several deliberate steps closer and stood directly in front of the pages, allowing her to gain a comprehensive understanding. She stood carefully and looked at the two facing pages intently. She withdrew the machine and placed at her side, subsuming it beneath her cloak. I watched her eyes dart back and forth across the pages, and she seemed somewhat confused by some aspect of the designs. She crossed her fingers and moved between each side, seemingly unsure what side would predominate. It seemed to be a confusing situation, with tangibly identical figures repeated on each page. One side was clearly resolved, neatly reconciled and determinedly formed while the other was markedly rougher, visibly disorganized and not nearly a deliberate. She looked over the pages with careful observation and but couldn't seem to comprehend what was occurring, the inherent repletion seemed to throw off her momentum and these contradictory symbols seemed to fall beyond her machine's ability to comprehend. She swirled around in my direction and appeared to demand and explanation. I hesitated, unsure how to tell her about the process but before I could begin conveying their mirrored structure with something that resembled cohesion, another voice interjected.

Sprinting towards the parallel forms on the canvas, Gemine quickly told her not to rush to hasty conclusions. She spoke firmly and told her the compositions didn't derive from the same hands. she quickly pointed towards the eastern side of its arrangement and told her that side was mine, given its sketched, inexperienced imprint. Gemine motioned quickly towards her side and further explained that she'd managed to mark the opposing page with enough detail and style to set a good example for me to follow. She further elaborated that while she initially thought my limited skills would constrain me to initially copy her designs, she expected my hand to gain proficiency. Gemine stated she was impressed by my capabilities and somewhat surprised by how quickly I'd progressed. This seemed to satisfy her confusion to a noticeable degree She pulled her machine upward and directed it toward my side of the canvas. Her fingers forcefully invigorated, furtively moving across its undefined dials in a coordinated sequence. Working methodically, her hands motioned swiftly from right to left, then upward from the bottom, her incursion arrived heedlessly. She appeared partially satisfied with the ensuing adjustments. The laconic pace allowed her space to ruminate then arrange the machine's switches properly.

Her measured, thorough approach meant she didn't drain energies searching for the machine's dials to reach a promising location. The buttons reacted smoothly, her machine quickly reached convergent settings that allowed her to resume the mission with reinforced confidence. Taking more pronounced position, she appeared to take a concentrated approach from that point, never diverging from my side to look at its inspiration. Her intense scrutiny of my design caused inherent nervousness. Regardless of my efforts, I realized my capabilities were constrained. I decided listening to her judgment silently with humility and opportunity. I was sure she'd find its form inadequate or lacking, but hoped she could provide useful insights and edification. The narrow beam from the convergent-light machine moved upward with increasing speed while maintaining consistency. She held the device in her grasp firmly, her resolve unshaken by its complicated maneuvers. Unrelenting in following her objective, the machine glided above the page's tangential surfeits, steadily aiming its narrow line past the unproductive elements it encountered.

Her steady hold remained constant, her unbreakable composure undistracted by external forces. I maintained a respectful remove just beyond the easel, careful to disengage from direct conflict, just outside the edge of the easel's perimeter. I noticed Gemine's imposing justification drawing inexorably closer towards me until she stood directly at my side; our arms holding in parallel, nearly touching. Her idealization of the machine required her to examine it from a closer angle without intruding into a secure portion. Her focus shifted quickly, and it wasn't evident immediately what precise details she was hoping to extract from that location. Its dials and levers became more pronounced at that range, while their functions remained elusive. She appeared to have taken a visibly forceful angle. Those allowed her to examine the machine productively but her unspoken considerations quickly materialized. Standing alongside me from the closer vantage allowed an improved view of the machine and its design, but her integral observation remained focused on its creator. She kept her own counsel, avoiding direct eye contact, diverting her gaze.

Ostensively measuring the machine's dimensions, she framed its approximate size with her fingers, measuring it silently without further elaboration. It was impossible to ignore her fulminative machine's redolent distractions and separate its mechanical tenacity from her primary examination of the collected symbols. Gemine watched attentively as the enigmatic figure produced intangible results, hiding her unheard observations of the page. The machine's unrivaled designer controlled her device and its embedded dials and switches with precise confidence. She implemented the machine's capabilities with intuitive efficiency that was admirable and enviable. It responded to her every movement assiduously, moving in fluent determination that encompassed resplendent, yet muted results. Her swirling motions across the page remained consistent and forceful, forming. The machine quickly formed a seamless bond with her hands that elicited a connective hold with her that approached inductive transference. Its responsive bleeps indicated effortless compliance that signified and enduring cooperation of the intrinsically connected pairing. Their combined energy converged fervently and felt appropriately prosaic without becoming disproportionately attenuated.

Its obedient maneuvers never contradicted her commands. She effortlessly mastered its idiosyncrasies causing it to move fluidly. After a short interval, she finally reached the top, right side of the page and gave off a loud beep to indicate it had finally exhausted its mission. She stood across from the page and took a few steps back. This gave her a measure of distance that allowed her to contemplate the composition's merits and faults. After taking an unsparingly pronounced period of erudition, she faced me and began to speak, calmly and measuredly. She complimented my efforts, and said she was impressed by my composition's fidelity and accuracy. Further elaborating conveyed that she was able to partially understand my intentions. She explained that her machine could read my inconsistent design with enough accuracy to compensate for its flaws. I looked at the machine closely and tried to figure out what its numerous dials controlled and what the accompanying beeps indicated, but it wasn't divulging any secrets. It reserved its loyalty exclusively to its designer and she wasn't loosening her hold on the machine for any reason at that point. I decided against intruding further. She responded with increased resolve and determination. Using the machine sped things up significantly in consequential aspects.

Taking a mechanical, logical approach to the composition made it possible for her to quickly arrive at plausible determinations of my intentions. Her machine's faithful assistance allowed her to compensate, reconcile the design and overlook any misdirected forms and unfinished, somewhat inconsistent elements for the most part. She appeared moderately impressed with my incipient designs, despite the composition's sporadic uneven patches and dispersed characters, uncoordinated style and occasionally jumbled lines. Taking a somewhat neutral position across from the composition, she pointed its beam into several specific characters, elucidating their symbolism without describing them excessively. She took out the machine and resumed surfacing the page, looking for additional insight and further elaboration. Her machine emanated a softer blip when it crossed over one of the fractional, incipient forms I'd created spontaneously near page's apex.

Encountering that peculiar, undefined symbol appeared to break its systemic approach as it struggled to make sense of its meaning and determination. I didn't tell her that I created it on the spot, but she appeared to assume it was some kind of error on my part, an incorrect rendering. She expeditiously ruminated on its purpose and design, not allowing herself to wander under its spell. Her eyes unyielding, remaining questions unburdened themselves quickly before moving on to the next symbol and observed carefully as she stepped further into the easel's invisible perimeter. Her focus and attention descended on one of the sporadic individual designs I'd designed without looking at her figures. I watched her examine my design without enunciating that its design came without mirroring Gemine's work. She continued managing the paper field until she'd resolved its deficiencies before reaching an intangible resolution, seemingly perplexed by this strange artifact. She moved on from the symbol, quickly dismissing it as a mistaken form. I resisted to the urge to explain my intentions behind its origin to her, but didn't want to appear presumptuous.

Observing carefully, she continued moving between the convergent symbols to the scattered, indistinct scribbles along the edges. Realizing with evident frustration, that extracting further detail from these designs was a fruitless task. Instead, she pivoted in my direction before turning the device towards the empty space between the canvas and Gemine. She pointed its narrow target directly at the wall and performed an unexpected task. She began spinning and turning the device in a rapid succession of maneuvers. I hadn't seen her use the device in this manner and it wasn't clear what purpose underlined her manipulations. Continuing to swing the device around for several minutes didn't reveal her motivation. Nothing seemed to happen at first but things became clearer as she took a firmer grasp on the object and began turning it faster with visibly greater force. It spun around even faster, almost seemed that it was moving on its own. She maintained control and held the machine in a firm grip that appeared to be heading towards a conclusion. She kept at it for a noticeable interval until the machine began beeping loudly. She stopped in her tracks, and held the machine directly in front of her and began moving it across her front. moving it in cross-parallel, across from its original direction. This appeared to bring forth a distinctly unforeseen reaction that I hadn't anticipated.

Despite its narrow, constrained dimensions, her deceptively-powerful convergent-light machine held an array of capabilities that went far beyond my expectations. Pulsating with a dissonant energy, it released another series of loud noises that pierced the room's interior. She moved across from the easel and took a manifest position facing almost directly opposite its surface. Maintaining her silent remove, Gemine waited impassively, observing her carefully with a mixture of curiosity and admiration. She held the machine towards the ceiling and worked its dials quickly, making undefined adjustments without marking their position. At this point, a renewed energy infused the beams. They intensified until they seemed to over-run their narrow corridors. This resulted in an excess energy that left a trail of residual light behind them that glowed brightly within the interior surface.

The uncontrolled composition's individual permutations began sliding into place quickly and formed an accurate approximation of one of the symbols I'd worked on. Its prominence was enhanced by her expansive vision of the original composition, which was exponentially larger than its original size. The illuminated symbol converged and started glowing. Its emanating surface infused with vibrant sheets of light, floating just beyond the surface. Its brilliantly-hued shape and vibrantly imbued lines glowed brightly as its temporal form floated above the ground. Its unmistakable marking a vibrant, ethereal flow of energy in the air. Her machine had created a mesmerizing object radiating a resplendent elicitation of the symbol. These elements converged and quickly built on the original figure's humble appearance. Its intricate design unfolded quickly with irresistible rows of pulsating light and embedded colors that revealed themselves within an unimaginable spectrum of indescribable hues eliciting a reflective translucent apparition .

The flowing colors within its temporal design quickly saturated the surrounding area, overpowering the nearby canvas until its smaller figures became almost invisible. This only reinforced the unyielding attention her insistent design demanded..Watching closely as its pieces converged into completed form was impressive but simultaneously intimidating. Its temporal form remained undefined. The visibly uncertain, stratified pieces converged into a single design. The intricate figure's outer-surface appeared to draw increasing strength as its disparate elements came together to form a cohesive construction that accurately mimicked her initial designs and my mirrored reflections. However, its resplendent power wasn't as durable as anticipated. There was an unsteady wave that seemed to pulse within its boundaries, destabilizing the ethereal object, causing it to waver and buckle at irregular intervals. This became more pronounced as we stepped forward and examined its shimmering surface closely. I noticed its form begin to fade away from the edges after several minutes, its light began to diminish and slowly evaporate like water.

It was disorienting to observe its surface began disappearing, its edges gradually sliding back into obscurity nearly as quickly as it had arrived. I looked at Gemine and she seemed puzzled by its uncertain appearance. Gemine seemed to wonder why the mysterious figure's machine had expended inordinate effort on what only resulted in a temporary exercise. Billowing just beyond reach, the incandescent object began dissolving at a rapid pace before sliding back into unseen obscurity. Watching it dissolve was somewhat unsettling and it was unclear what motivated her. She turned to us and noting our disappointment with its instability and impermanence. She patiently explained that she'd purposely meant to use only a portion of the machine's capabilities in order to implement a transitional distraction. She queried, somewhat reluctantly turned the question around. Her position countered that we shouldn't expect too much from a temporary evocation of a proportionately-recognized symbol connotating unelaborated discernment. It wasn't specific enough to receive the formative incursion we'd used with our own, possibly indistinct designs. Gemine nodded placidly in agreement but I felt somewhat lost by her explanation, unsure of the symbol's precise meaning. Its lack of realization made it feel unsure and incomplete while its hasty vanishing resulted in creating intractable questions. This left little space for rumination as its tenuous energy dispersed. It shrank in size, rapidly succumbing to the unwelcoming surroundings. I watched its diminished form subsequently completely evaporate into the atmosphere, leaving no trace of its existence in its wake.

We stood there, somewhat incredulous, unsure of how to proceed. Gemine seemed somewhat startled by how quickly the figure vaporized and appeared unable to articulate anything profound after its disappearance. She stood on the outer-edge of the easel and contemplated how to respond. Her violet eyes converged as looked over towards my erstwhile companion. She appeared to narrow her focus on the other woman, searching for some kind of explanation for the entrancing, yet unstable form she managed to summon from the air. I waited cautiously between them, unable to measure the contradictory, deflective situation between the pair. This required me to keep a remove, maintaining a safe distance where I'd surmised a quiet, somewhat intuitive response. This was difficult and complicated. I continued silently seeking the best approach given my inadequate preparation, hoping to stay out of their path.

She turned her gaze in Gemine's direction emphatically, and commenced hastily recounting a series of incomprehensible words that my limited vocabulary couldn't comprehend. It took me awhile to decouple her strands, but she'd apparently deemed the larger symbol insufficiently realized and decided against fortifying it for an extended period. Instead, she let it dissolve into the ether. This allowed her to show appreciation for our combined efforts without interjecting assumptions into its deeper meaning. She concluded her explanation by complimenting our work, praising Gemine's original works and my fervently consistent efforts at recreating and interpreting them. Gemine reciprocated, firmly complimenting her for providing a firm foundation we could build on without tedious retracements. She took a measure of Gemine and turned inward, gazing back to examine her machine. Its energy had largely subsided but it remained at the ready. Her unyielding vantage quickly concentrated on several of its smaller dials. Those illicit compositions appeared to have slipped from position and come out of alignment. This seemed to occur despite the firm hold she maintained on the machine's surface. Gemine noticed the resilient endurance of the convergent light machine's undeniably impressive, appearing to broach greater inquisitiveness on her part. She decided to breach the invisible remove she'd maintained and took several pronounced steps closer, in order to take a close examination of her intriguing machine. Moving past my location just outside the invisible yet tangible perimeter, she quickly maneuvered herself until she stood parallel to the reticent personage standing intently directly ahead of her, a pace before the easel's exterior formation.

Attempting to work non-intensively, she re-committed to her intuitive engagement with the page. Gemine's visage shifted perspective until she was able to begin carefully peering over her shoulder, without interfering with her intricate process. Alerting by a slight echo of footsteps, she turned around briefly to determine where the source derived. She appeared relieved it wasn't untoward and resumed her endeavor unbothered by her closer inspections. Deciding to follow a more disciplined approach, Gemine stood up a measure straighter, and converged her feet. She respectfully observed as the erstwhile machine's creator switched the dials, spinning them right, then left, turning them quickly through a series of convergent circles. She periodically flipped and clicked her machine's intractable extensions, pulling them cumulative order. Moving across its narrow surface with unspoken motivation, her fingers worked instinctively, marking systemic directions methodically mixing experimentation and exploration alongside a measured confidence.

It's directional angle remained concealed and unclear precisely what she was aiming for but her determination and conviction was unavoidable. Gemine watched passively as she instilled precise methodology over the seemingly incorrigible designs. Simultaneously adjusting their positional alignment with recurrent sequences, she moved the mechanical indicators systematically. The machine began intoning louder beeps at precise intervals until it subsided, when its dials and switches finally reached a position enabling their most-efficient location. Her fingers gilded across the machine's surface effortlessly, achieving manifest veracity and arriving at productive configuration without detrimental exertion. She knew precisely where the machine's myriad buttons and unlabeled switches would reside before settling on a resolutely productive arrangement.

Gemine was unequivocally impressed by her effortless control of the convergent-light machine and expressed an undulating curiosity as to its origin, function and capabilities. She quickly explained that nothing resembling the machine had ever crossed her path, despite innumerable excursions throughout the universe. She wanted to ascertain what its apparently mechanical and metaphysical capabilities conflated. The mysterious figure held her machine in a firm grip. She held it in a defensive position and turned it away from view without adjucation. The machine's defenses appeared to work automatically; it wasn't going to reveal further secrets at that point. It slid beneath her sleeve, almost intentionally hiding itself from view. She wasn't willing to elaborate on her machine's capabilities without reassurance. Gemine stepped away, quickly determining not to intrude further. Gemine stated admiration for her resplendent transitional design. She acknowledged and complimented the machine's inherent power and residing energy while maintaining a respectful distance. After this reassurance, she let down her guard, releasing the machine's intrinsic defensiveness. It responded to her commands reluctantly, but followed her lead.

It appeared to shake and shudder unexpectedly with residual force when she pulled the machine from her cloak. She shook it quickly for a few moments until it's resistance appeared to settle down and held the convergent-light machine aloft. She decided to give a smidgen of detail and explained to Gemine briefly that she'd constructed it methodically, evolving through a process of trial and error. She further explained that assembled her machine using spare parts. It had undergone numerous revisions over time and the machine she held remained somewhat prototypical. She stopped adding further detail, defensively explaining her reluctance arrived because she didn't want to bore us with meandering, tedious redundancy.

Gemine appeared more impressed than disappointed by her explanation. She carefully examined her machine from a distance, conferring a residing admiration of its work. Inheriting further acclimation, she praised the coherent construction and complexity. Gemine's generosity was striking in its effusiveness, she'd been rather reticent and reserved with her praise during our encounter, but her imperative appeared unencumbered by clandestine encroachments. She wasn't needlessly prosaic, responding that she'd spend inordinate effort attenuating her machine with an closely-measured degree of flexibility while maintaining consistency and accuracy. She decided against elaborating further and resolutely turned her attention back towards the easel. Surveying its figures and signs, she pointed towards my area and focused on my work, with accumulative curiosity. The intransient qualities of her machine highlighted the derivative designs; requiring additional reconsideration.

My page appeared rougher and unfinished by comparison. A renewed sense of determinations quickly followed as she took a step closer. She looked at the collected designs scattered across the page carefully. She walked somewhat impatiently toward the easel, looking over the symbols, apparently looking for things that might have been overlooked during her initial inspection. She carefully connected with the page and stared into its resurgent symbols. She closed her fingers and glided them over the page, moving between individual figures with a newly-attentive energy. She held the machine but didn't turn it on, allowing herself to view the symbols without mechanical elaboration. Adding an element of artificial light would have added excess complexity. Working without assistance allowed her to work with greater speed and efficiency. She managed to coast through the uneven designs on my page without hesitation. Using her undiluted sensibilities and intellectual veracity she began articulating elaborate yet incomprehensible words describing the symbols I'd managed to reconstruct. I couldn't understand precisely what she was formulating from those inconsistent symbols and characters. I wasn't precisely sure what meaning they indicated myself. I hopefully assumed she was able to extract tangible meanings from my unsure hands because she'd was already familiar with Gemine's linguistic connotations.
I couldn't be precisely sure that her she understood my work, but was able to find some reassurance when I listened closely. Her general tone seemed to carry a mixture of appreciation and bewilderment. Providing little extrapolation, she continued examining the arranged characters, making brief observations along the way. After taking a prolonged excursion back into my page, her attention pivoted to the Gemine's original compositions. She worked over these much faster without pausing to rectify defects or misinterpretations. She worked downward, unexpectedly reversing course. She managed to complete intuiting Gemine's designations, then returned to my page. She scanned it over a final time, with a sense of frustration. She held her breath momentarily then relented before arriving at an unexpectedly countervailing determination. The problem she encountered on the page wasn't immediately clear, but became unavoidable after prolonged exposure. Looking at me, she rather flatly, told me that my efforts reproducing Gemine's illustrations had met with visible success but there was an important element missing from my resulting compositions. She tactfully chose her words, searching for a sympathetic yet emphatic tone that let her adjucate the work gently but firmly. Her voice solidified as she advised me that distractingly frequent problems occurred in my reflective illustrations. Indicating that she was provisionally impressed by my fastidious, detailed reconstructions, that I'd accurately reproduced the symbols' elaborate forms and residing intricacies. However, she noted with measured disappointment, that my proficient and determined efforts had fallen short when it came to conveying the inspirational flourishes and radiating ebullience evident within her original designs. Their uneven pacing, erratic arrangements and, misplaced accouterments made the characters difficult for her to read fluently. Her thoughts coalesced quickly as she further surmised my collected designs' lyrical shortcomings were possibly the result of presumptive cautiousness. She summarized that I'd probably taken Gemine's compositions a tad literally.

I was taken aback somewhat by her unexpected connotations, she'd managed to articulate the intangible faults with my compositions. Her assumptions were perceptive and accurate, but I couldn't figure out how to reconcile the detriments within the conditions encountered. Taking a few steps closer to the easel revealed significant flaws with the design that became increasingly prevalent when examined closely. It was somewhat discouraging to admit these fermenting issues to myself without setting an unbreachable barrier I couldn't resolve. She waited patiently towards the back of the room, and didn't comment further, allowing the underlying focus to remain on the narrow aspects. I walked across the canvas until I stood directly in front of it, and began a process of incessant defensiveness, finding fault with every stroke I'd managed to clumsily imprint on the page. My eyes struggled to find an optimistic perspective, but my work's glaring defects magnified, outshining the promising sections. Suffusing the page repeatedly revealed additional mistakes that appeared with alarming frequency. I looked in Gemine's direction for support but her neutral disposition and noncommittal response offered little encouragement.

Quickly realizing that I needed to implement numerous adjustments without relying on her assistance. This entailed a sustained reductive effort that would be an imposing task. My motivation clarified as I examined my putative compositions. They appeared pedantic and somewhat lifeless. I felt predeterminedly despondent over the design's defects and couldn't resist the urge to make corrections. Hastily grabbing the pen from its lower vestibule, I began scrawling over the designs with nervous energy. My hands shook with a sense of determination, impatiently attempting to correct the page in hurried motions. I began erasing or scratching off the most prominent errors, adjusting and repositioning their figures' extensions, adding new lines for additional emphasis and creating additional paths that I hoped would bring a measure of consistency to the disorganized compositions. Looking over them once more with a sorrowful detachment, I reluctantly concluded that I couldn't disagree with her conclusion.

I looked at the dishelved, uneven symbols and realized there weren't any simple actions I could undertake that would effectively replenish their incoherent design. Adding detail and enhancing their imprecise forms would merely confirm their underlying problems. The page stared back at me, becoming unavoidably obstinate. There was little I could do. I decided to ask Gemine for advice, admitting the work hadn't met my own expectations. She looked it over for one last time and nodded but only expressed partial agreement with my insufficiencies. Noting the compositions showed significant potential, she reiterated that the designs showed promising elements. She elaborated that she could see a portentous foundations despite the compromises I'd made to accurately reflect her designs. She contemplated the entirety of my work and described the conflict between creative inspiration and respectful boundaries that I wasn't entirely successful in converting into cogent form. She realized this was a difficult for me to conceptualize with limited experience but enraptured that these tangential attempts went far beyond her expectations. Finishing her sympathetic enumeration, Gemine maintained that she was surprised with the work's instinctive divergence that didn't materially diverge from her intentions. However, she couldn't comprehend exactly how I was able to construct such elaborate designs and characters without understanding their accompanying language.

The end of her explanation was unsettling within the context, and appeared to run counter to my experience. I had a hunch that the characters I was reproducing represented more than artistic forms and her confirmation of my theory led to additional questions I couldn't begin to comprehend. I looked at the other figure standing across from me and plaintively asked if she knew the language I was attempting to elucidate. I hoped that her reinforcement of this important detail would allow further erudition and improved compositions to occur, providing me a firmer ground to stand when I embarked upon further drawings. Watching in muted consistency, it took her a moment to decide precisely how to respond. Sensing the necessity for a defined resolution, she spoke quietly. She carefully but patiently explained that she was generally familiar withe the language but this particular dialect encompassed significant variations that went beyond her comprehension. Apologizing, she said translating the obscure symbols took her longer than anticipated.

My uneven compositions seemed to contradict each other. Attempting to follow my inconsistent approach further slowed momentum, but she managed to convert the majority of their underlying purpose after sustained effort. I marginally defended my tenuous statement. Indicating that the overcrowded page was obviously incomplete; it represented a preliminary effort. The related symbols I created on my own were experimental, far from completed compositions. Further explaining with some equivocation, many of the figure's variances were purposely designed to emphasize portions. She listened while I explained that I couldn't accurately reconstruct the designs. My imprecise drawings were hastily penciled sketches, that shouldn't be held to fastidious standards. It wasn't evident that she believed my redolent explanation, but this didn't appear to fully indicate the composition's irregularities and deficiencies. She didn't seem excessively bothered by those visible flaws, instead retaining a neutral distance from the work. Gemine didn't utter a sound and instead ruminated on comparative aspects, complimenting the relative accuracy. She wasn't profoundly critical and instead inferred respectful appreciation towards the discordant figures scattered throughout the page.

From a distance, Gemine unexpectedly responded that she was likewise pleased with my faithful convergence and energetic displays. However, an overarching question that remained elusive. Despite prolonged observation of my work. She recognized traces and profound similarities to work she'd encountered earlier but couldn't understand how I'd reconstructed her unique style and wasn't entirely sure precisely how such an intricate capability arrived from my hand. The cloaked figure seemed confused as well and asked me for further elaboration. Taking an nervous interval to contemplate the unsettling enunciations, I attempted to diminish their contradictory nature emphasizing their intrinsic constancy. The works were surprisingly intricate and complex, requiring sustained concentration in order to realize. This sustained process took substantially more time and effort than anticipated, but I managed to make an effort to remain within their structure, maintaining an appropriate consistency. This extended towards fractional elements that connected within designated individual figures. She listened to my explanation carefully and didn't respond. The familiar cloaked figure held her machine, holding her station at a distinct remove, saying nothing. Her silence left me to contemplate whether or not I'd encountered a path leading to an incorrect objective. After father rumination, she made a determination and didn't hesitate after arriving at a firm conclusion. Gemine stepped fearlessly toward the narrow platform and held her hands parallel to the paper's surface, gliding just above its front without touching it. Following along a carefully contemplated path towards the easel she moved further inward. Gemine commenced resting her hand on its side then began lightly skimming over the sketched forms, tracing over them carefully with unexpected determination.

She worked through the carefully-angled, modestly-vaulted canvas patiently and reiterated her impressions of the designs. Moving with energetic, forceful energy, her fingers coursed the figures, tracing their lines in multiple directions. She managed to do this while offering sporadic observations. She didn't articulate with much detail initially, but reluctantly dispatched scattered encouragement. She nodded her head occasionally and looked over to the other figure, attempting to reassure me to a degree while withholding undue praise. Gemine advised me to work with increased precision. Watching from a safe remove, the other figure didn't contradict her advice but when I looked over in her direction, I noticed that she appeared to have taken a few paces closer. She stood almost directly in front of the canvas and quickly found herself standing alongside Gemine. The pair had reached a strange convergence with both placed an approximately equal distance ahead of the easel's base. After she adjusted herself, she took a further step forward, in front of Gemine until she reached a pre-eminent range. It wasn't immediately clear what this would portend, but I had an idea. She pulled the machine from beneath her sleeve, held it directly above the compositions and it sprung to life. It began beeping in rapid succession and a small light on its side began blinking. Pointing it towards the easel, it began investigating the symbols, from an unobstructed vantage. She took a prominent role, disregarding her previous reticence. She made a pronounced effort with the machine, thrusting it straight outward, her extended arms pushing her cloak back until it trailed behind her. She continued examining the page with her machine for several moments. Without prompting, the machine's incursion elicited a response. From the static page. She waved it around quickly in circular motion and pressed one of the buttons rapidly with caused a brief flash to illuminate the sky. It only took a few seconds, but this induced a profound change. It appeared that she'd somehow infused the page with a reservoir of energy. Emerging from the page with unexpected force, they appeared suffused with light. They seemed to glow in bright hues and began cycling colors.

This infusion of energy from the machine might have appeared disconcerting, defying certainty and expectations. However, any unsettling or disbelieving thoughts seemed conversely unbecoming in comparison to the unfolding resplendent elaboration. The iridescent encounter probably appeared normal from her perspective. She didn't look unduly surprised or concerned in the slightest as the symbols appeared to reconfigure themselves. Seeming to connect to one another, their characters seemed to grow outward, extending their lines until they overlapped. Tracking them was difficult given their rapid transformation. This unforeseen change didn't seem possible and at first I thought it may have been the result of a change in lighting. I took a step closer and quickly realized they were moving with undeniable energy, creating elaborate formations as they converged.

They appeared to be building towards a larger elaboration but its final form wasn't evident. As the symbols combined, a general shape began to form. It drew a rectangular border around itself, its narrow width and height suggested an uncontrollable dimension. I noticed some of the intricate lines and structures reconfigured themselves in a defensive and assimilative fashion. They appeared to have taken an aggressive stance, implacably fighting against her efforts to unravel their secrets. She held steady form as they insulated themselves. Her machine's focus and direction was unwavering as the symbols and characters shifted, she remained firm in determination. After several minutes confronting her machine, crashing into one another and disrupting the previously passive convergence, their energy appeared to dissipate as quickly as it arrived. She kept the machine's angle firmly entrenched and her consistent, unwavering assault appeared to wear them down. The symbols slowed their clashes. their sharp turns reduced to minor bumps, their unruly lines straightening and bending back towards more predictable forms. The surroundings slowly fell back under her command. The convergent-light machine's inescapable beam of light was too energetic for the disparate figures to counter, even collectively. She repelled the riled figures' confrontations effortlessly, and triumphantly maintained close watch as they slipped back into dormancy, quietly retreating towards their original positions and previous inclination without gaining further reinforcement from her machine.

Watching this commotion unfold with underlying concern, Gemine somewhat loudly demanded an explanation on her part. She began tapping her foot impatiently, there was little time for recalcitrance. Sensing that her unanswered questions needed to be resolved quickly, she responded emphatically that there was a reasonable explanation. She placed her hand over the machine's surface and turned it facing downward to the ground. Gemine insisted that she not procrastinate and reveal how exactly she was able to engineer an unprovoked response. Sliding her fingers across the machine without looking at its buttons, she began extrapolating her resolution. Explaining that her purpose wasn't complicated. The temporal maelstrom we'd just witnessed represented a projection of the figures' embedded meanings. They'd been partially extracted from the page, infused with energy from the machine. She summarized her theory: the possibility that my haphazard arrangement of incomplete characters and figures might have only needed a gentle push outward. She hoped to create a visual expansion with the machine that might elicit unseen epiphanies and bring forth emergent details. It was her determination that taking such an approach had the potential to identify hidden aspects and disseminate surreptitious erudition. She saw potential with the work and decided to embark on further exploration, hoping to use the machine's extrapolation capabilities to visualize conduits I didn't consciously devise. She sorrowfully continued her determinations, unsentimentally exposing the intrinsic flaws with her machine's response and its substandard performance.

Ahead of her, the easel's pages flapped on the surface innocently enough, but she pointed towards them with deliberately forceful inflection. Her finger pointed towards the figures in a somewhat accusatory fashion before disengaging and turning away from direct view. She pointed towards nowhere in particular and stood in silent contemplation momentarily before expressing the root of her disappointment. Conceding with unexpected dejection that she quickly realized the problems weren't the result of inaccurate readings but instead derived from reliance on imprecise elements. Prematurely using my congested, unfinished characters as a foundation for mechanical exaltation had the unfortunate effect of creating a destabilized, incomprehensible conflaguration.This uneven derivation was the main reason the machine's convergent projection unfolded chaotically. Implemented using inconsistent sources also explained why her accompanying mechanical apparition didn't last long.

Composing her thoughts carefully, Gemine responded that she hadn't entirely reconciled the machine's unexpected actions. She explained she was nonetheless convinced there was evident unfettered capabilities within her that couldn't predetermine. Responding more directly, she wondered what the purpose either of her projections served. Gemine asked why she'd expended so much energy and effort on transitory affectations when neither projected figure left a trace of their physical presence when they evaporated. Gemine expounded and explained that she was worried; fretfully explaining that convergent-light machine's energy reserve was being drained inordinately. Without relenting to Gemine's concerns, she maintained a fervent grip on her convergent-light machine with surreptitious energy and unrelenting tenacity; while closely holding further details its clandestine functions. The immediately preceding interval lending an untenable sense of mystery to our position. She noticed our unsettled observation, but made little effort to enunciate in greater detail. The machine's creator responded defensively and reiterated her position forcefully that she held the machine's purpose within tangible grasp. She stopped short of further elucidation; we'd have to remain patient, waiting for another time.

- Michael Palisano