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In Memory
Sean Pettibone

Science Friction

Gliding through Alien Skies (Chapter Two)

Her eyes were surprisingly expressive and emotional not to mention extremely beautiful  in their unique way. When I looked into her eyes, she revealed more about herself  to me than she knew, though maybe she knew so much about me that it didn't matter to her. This point I am unsure of. But what I saw was a sadness and loneliness embedded in her soul that I couldn’t quite understand or comprehend. As close it seemed we were, there were always things that we both could never quite understand about the other. Despite this, I felt her strongly, even though we spoke different languages, we found that words were unnecessary, since she understood my thoughts and could communicate with me by sending me colors and images. She exchanged dreams with me. A kind of psychic communication is the best way to understand this. That's the most understandable method to convey how we talked. 

I’m not sure if it was hours, days or weeks, even though I had only began to become acclimated to this strange world and my head was filled with curiosity and wonder, I became exhausted. She sensed this and she let me walk with her towards her home. She pointed at a bed, and I lied down on it. I quickly fell asleep and had a strange dream.

I fell asleep and found myself stumbling through an initially baffling vision of walking through a tunnel in the middle of an ocean, walking through some sort of glass enclosure. The tunnel ran endlessly from either direction and I could only see the fish around me swimming. I saw several large creatures swimming around with harnesses on their bodies, this made no sense to me as there were apparently no other life-forms in the tunnel. It was as desolate and lonely inside the tunnel as it seemed alive outside the tunnel. Only the faint, muted sounds of my cautious footsteps kept me company on this journey. After a long walk, I reached a large flight of stairs, I climbed the stairs, and as I grew closer to the top of the stairs, I found at the end of a long corridor. I walked to the edge of the corridor and opened a heavy wooden door engraved with stars, planets and suns. I opened the door slowly, revealing a large room. 

The room was heavily populated, with dozens of people scurrying about in every direction in what looked like the lower floor of some type of mansion. Huge ceilings let in plenty of light, and the rooms were decorated with dozens of paintings and strange antiques, all of which depicted figures carrying boxes on their head. There was a somewhat old-looking man standing behind a glass door, in what looked like a study – the man was surrounded by admirers. The man stood up, pulled out some type of gun, which he then aimed at a wall. With great flourish and dramatic gestures, he pulled the trigger, and unleashed a large, bright blast of light. The wall dissolved almost instantaneously, revealing a view of a vast expanse of  ocean waters. The assemblage of people applauded the man's accuracy with his gun. On the water, floated an elaborate network of ramps and platforms, connected to each other by sheets of plastic with large open areas between them. This formed an aquatic racing staging area, some of the people walked outside onto the floating platforms, awaiting the start of the upcoming journey.

Going through the crowd off onlookers, I slowly made my way towards the platforms, and watched as dozens of large dolphin-like creatures emerged. As each one emerged, small platforms would be connected to their backs. Several people would then stand on each platform. A glass enclose would then form around each platform and then the creatures would unleash a mighty wail, and with a great force, they and their passengers would be off into the ocean. I took my spot in my platform along with several others, we waited for the tense few seconds before our departure and we felt the force of the creature’s wail shake our feet, followed almost immediately by a sudden jolt as we were thrust into a high speed race – I almost lost my balance but quickly regained my footing as the platform stabilized. Turning my head back, I saw the large building we had just departed seconds before hand quickly fading into the narrow edge of the horizon. 

We rapidly came towards and area where  several other creatures and passengers had formed a massive herd. As we approached them, it became clear that they were all bunched tightly together. We began to slow down, and were suddenly running parallel to the other racers. Once we became settled, we noticed that there were others joining us also in formation. We raced over the waves for what I would judge as at least an hour. After a few turns, I could see a vague outline in the distance. I quickly realized that this was our final destination. It was another large block like building, this one seemed even larger than the first one. As we grew closer to the building, the night had begun to fall over us, the sunset's brilliant colors fading into ever deepening darkness.  We grew closer to the building, and made gradually came to a stop outside the building’s docking area. We waited as each group of passengers left their platforms and their creatures swam away. 

Once our creature came to a rest at the dock, our protective glass enclosure vanished as quickly and effortlessly as it appeared. I walked off the beast and onto another platform, this one was less stable and bobbed up and down with the waves. The man with the gun I had seen earlier was there once again, greeting each of the passengers. We went inside and found ourselves in a large indoor hall, with multiple levels and rooms. The man gathered us into the central area, and once again, the entire crowd was alive with a crackling anticipation. Once again he pulled out his gun, the crowd hushed and he fired the gun once again. Like the wall in the first building, the ceiling dissolved, revealing the skies and the stars above. Much to the delight of the crowd, the sky was alive with color as a natural light show was in progress. 

The gasses from the atmosphere lit up the night with brilliant hues of red, slowly dissolving into dark orange, blue clouds formed and drifted into purple then black, only to be replaced by yellow explosions. This went on for quite awhile. A sudden loud explosion pierced the night, and a huge, bright blue star shaped object appeared over the crowd, we could then see two space ships emerge from the star, each flying directly out then spinning around and circling back around towards the object, they seemed like they were about to crash into each other, then another loud explosion was heard and a series of perfectly concentric circles filled the sky, each with a different color, like a rainbow, shining brightly in the night, illuminated by the colored clouds from the natural light show. It was an incredible. The show went on for quite awhile, with ever more elaborate sky shapes appearing in the sky and the two ships making ever more complex flying patterns, occasionally turning on their own lights to make these transient sky paintings even more dramatic. It's dazzling beauty was so perfect that it was impossible to turn my head away from the sky. This dream made no sense to me at the time, but made more sense as I looked back to another event that happened in her world.

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