In Memory
Sean Pettibone



Chapter 92: The Instrumental Conniption
Chapter 91: An Incidental Coercion
Chapter 90: A Permeable Fortification
Chapter 89: A Sublimated Retracement
Chapter 88: A Putative Implication
Chapter 87: The Atmospheric Vernacular
Chapter 86: The Elusive Conflagration
Chapter 85: The Emotive Consideration
Chapter 84: The Connonative Invocation
Chapter 83: A Torpulent Emanation
Chapter 82: A Truculent Elicitation
Chapter 81: A Templative Erudition
Chapter 80: A Tangential Enunciation
Chapter 79: A Temporal Elucidation
Chapter 78: A Tempered Elaboration
Chapter 77: An Intricate Rumination
Chapter 76: An Acquiescent Composition
Chapter 75: The Formidable Adherence
Chapter 74: An Incipient Correlation 
Chapter 73: An Incongruous Perimeter
Chapter 72: The Surreptitious Entanglement
Chapter 71: A Tenuous Foundation
Chapter 70: The Stratified Fissure
Chapter 69: The Formative Interval
Chapter 68: A Diminutive Calibration
Chapter 67: A Tentative Implication
Chapter 66: The Emerging Circumference
Chapter 65: The Furtive Diameter
Chapter 64: A Languid Determination
Chapter 63: A Reticent Constellation
Chapter 62: The Disorienting Fixture
Chapter 61: A Serendipitous Remove

Chapter 60: The Grasping Formation
Chapter 59: A Redolent Visage
Chapter 58: The Intrinsic Measurement
Chapter 57: A Resplendent Attribute
Chapter 56: The Recalcitrant Vestibule
Chapter 55: An Impervious Landing
Chapter 54: The Dissolving Convergence
Chapter 53: An Unyielding Approach
Chapter 52: The Deceptive Quotient
Chapter 51: An Equivalent Machine
Chapter 50: A Portentous Retreat
Chapter 49: The Uncertain Clutches
Chapter 48: An Apprehensive Wave
Chapter 47: The Pastello Giallo
Chapter 46: A Distant Figure
Chapter 45: A Gathering Storm
Chapter 44: The Reluctant Fortress
Chapter 43: Twenty Miles South
Chapter 42: A False Positive
Chapter 41: The Carrying Digit
Chapter 40: The Unwavering Current
Chapter 39: The Farthest Point
Chapter 38: The Submerged Dial
Chapter 37: The Unrelenting Square
Chapter 36: The Stray Diagram
Chapter 35: A Low Profile
Chapter 34: An Icy Reception
Chapter 33: The Summer Door

Chapter 32: The Faltering Circle
Chapter 31: The Sun Under Water

Chapter 30: A Deep Breath
Chapter 29: The Second High Tide
Chapter 28: The Breeze at Sunset
Chapter 27: A Fleeting Glimpse
Chapter 26: A High Score
Chapter 25: A Quiet Moment
Chapter 24: Beneath the Surface

Chapter 23: A Light Step
Chapter 22: A Meeting at Three
Chapter 21: A Watchful Gaze
Chapter 20: The First Minute
Chapter 19: An Unfamiliar Sun
Chapter 18: The Sand at Noon
Chapter 17: A Cold Morning

Chapter 16: A Long Afternoon
Chapter 15: The Crack of Dawn
Chapter 14: The Following Day
Chapter 13: A Recurring Dream
Chapter 12: The Clandestine Summer

Chapter 11: A Sense of Belonging
Chapter 10: A Flight to Safety
Chapter 9: A Hidden Path
Chapter 8: Love Beyond the Sun
Chapter 7: Our Secret Weapon
Chapter 6: A Beating Heart
Chapter 5: The Outside World

Chapter 4: An Unlikely Combination

Chapter 3: While the Trees Slept
Chapter 2: A Long Climb
Chapter 1: Our Secret Code

Chapter D: Encounter on Winter Moon
Chapter C: The Red Polka-Dot Dress
Chapter B: The Games We Played

Chapter A: Ghosts of Winter Moon

Prelude: Gliding through Alien Skies