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Sean Pettibone - Letters

Subject: Here's what I need to say, my friend... 
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 17:25:31 +0800 
From: "Sean Pettibone" <sean529@
To: lasermouse@worldnet.att.net


We are friends--good friends, as a matter of fact. And because I believe honesty, even perceivably "harsh" honesty, is both integral to friendship and subsequently allowed because of friendship, I will proceed with my honest feelings being experienced at this moment. I want to let you know that finally, today, I appear to have gotten my computer lined up with operational Internet access. This e-mail address will probably only be temporary and there are certainly numerous bugs on this end that need to be worked out, but basically, for the moment, I am able to go online. So, of course, I immediately went and checked out The-Laser.com. Congratulations--the site looks great, Mike, and I'm truly proud to be a part of it. I have so many more things to do today and Kaitlyn needs to use my computer right now, so I was only able to go on for a moment (I'll surely check it out more in-depth and far more regularly later and from here on). 

However, with the "Journey From Thought to Realization" introduction being the first piece I read in full and seeing as how you requested reader feedback (I would provide it anyway as we ARE friends and you know you're always going to get an opinion, wanted or not, from me!), let me comment on this specific article for now: This piece is good Michael, with the diction dramatic and the writing both evocative and clearly representational of a writer who is above and beyond your typical video game hack. Permit me to say, however, that in all in honesty, I was unnerved by the copious amount of spelling errors. In particular, I was appalled at the continual misspelling of "it's" in place of the correct "its"--you misspelled this word no less than EIGHT times in this single article, and I can only imagine that it sees further butchering throughout the rest of the site. 

This "it's/its" issue is something I have ranted about in regard to other writers, and it is a matter you said you both agreed with me on, as well as understood perfectly in regard to the correct usage of the two words. This is why I am surprised to find it so flagrantly misspelled here in the article, but please understand, I am only trying to help you and I do hope you take the criticism well. As a friend to you and as a contributor to the Laser site, here are all of the errors I could find through a cursory examination of "The Journey From Thought to Realization." You should replace the incorrect "IT'S" with the correct "ITS" in all of the following instances: "it's period," "it's horizons," "in it's unique," "it's integrity," "it's first prototype," "of it's past," "it's initially" and "it's shackles." Always remember Mike, "it's" is in fact an abbreviation for "IT IS," while "its" without the apostrophe is forever and only to be used for the possessive connotation. If you extrapolate "it's horizons...," as you have written it, into its full phrasing, you get "it is horizons," which is hardly what you meant to say in this instance or any of the remaining and similar ones. You want to connote the possessive, as in "the Laser's horizons," and so you must use "its" without the apostrophe, as you must for every example I previously noted. In the same piece, you mistakenly wrote "now find myself," when in fact you should write either "I now find myself" or "now I find myself;" either way, it requires the addition of the pronoun. 

The phrase "not generic or condescending" should read "neither generic nor condescending," and the sentence that you wrote as "...frustrating agitation of mindless regurgitation" is both needlessly wordy and, thus, nonsensical. Compress it and forego the verbosity. Early in the article you wrote (approximately) "further and further away," which is incorrect and should read "farther and farther" as you are describing a distance, for which "farther" instead of "further" is always used. "Further" is used to convey degrees or depth, as in "she's going to look into the issue further." The phrase you wrote as "forward looking" should be hyphenated as "forward-looking," and when you wrote "Perhaps, these," what you should correctly do is omit the comma so it reads "Perhaps these." At the end of "The Journey," you wrote "A warning," with a comma, when in fact it should read "A warning:" with a colon following it. Finally, at some point in the piece you wrote "unexpected turns, try..." when you should write "turns; try..." with the semicolon following "turns." There doubtlessly are a few other mistakes to be corrected, particularly in regard to syntax and usage, but this covers the most obvious errors in "The Journey From Thought to Realization." 

Again Mike, I indeed do like the site--you went all out in its design and construction and the effort shows in the final presentation; you are to be congratulated. Great site. Regarding the indescribably delayed Alien: Resurrection review: I suggested it before but am insisting on it now--the only way I'll feel comfortable is if, when I can write it (hopefully soon), I give it to you for free. 

Of course neither you nor I could have foreseen all of the debacles to befall me in the past months, thus rendering my assignment severely overdue, but that doesn't mean that as a friend or editor you're still obligated to pay me for what I couldn't get in on time. The fault is mine and not yours, so I'll write it for free. Okay Mike, I feel better getting these things off of my chest. I hope you understand why I'm mad regarding your phone-calling habits, and I additionally hope you take my critique of the site's "intro" piece in both an understanding and constructive fashion. I love ya, my friend, as I hope you know. Take care and call me soon...


From: Sean Pettibone <seanpettibone@>
To: lasermouse@att.net 
Subject: Hey Michael, sorry, I was out of town and I'm leaving again!
Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2003 20:21:32 -0400


As I'm sure you've realized, yet AGAIN I was unable to keep my intention and word to get something to you on time-in this case, the long-promised CD I made for you!-but I wanted to let you know why: my dad invited me up north for last week/weekend right at the last minute (my parents had totally neglected to tell me that anyone, much less them and a bunch of friends, were going to our cottage for the Fourth), so I gladly accepted and had no time to finish and ship your CD before I had to abruptly leave. sorry about that, my friend. and now that I'm leaving again today, to go back up north to Harbor Springs, unfortunately i won't have time to get it off to you this week, either. when I return, though, barring cataclysmic events, I WILL get it out to you, captain!

Yeah, so I just got back in town from Harbor Springs two days ago, but I'm heading back up north again today. I applied for yet ANOTHER job last week (probably just another rejection!) and yet still haven't heard a damn thing from them (it was another U of M job, i can't remember if i told you since there's been so many), so, since I've got nothing employment-wise going on here (Jesus, it's getting bleak), since i won't have to pay for food or utilities while I'm up there, and since i absolutely love it up there (I'm at some of my happiest up north at Mayzee Bluff-whadya think of the fact that we have a name for our house, haha?), i'm heading back up today and will be back in Ann Arbor on Sunday. oh yeah, due to a convoluted situation and problem with my cell phone i'll tell you about later, i can't use my phone until i get a new one (same phone number as usual) on Monday (problem with my phone: what a surprise, eh?). so, we can talk again no problem next week, but i can't call you right now, so that's why i'm e-mailing.

Ready for this? I have a summertime fucking COLD. isn't that

Ridiculous? It's July and it's 137 degrees out, and i have a goddamned cold. it's a total mystery how i caught it up north since neither my mom, dad, our friends Don or Shelly, their son Nick or his friend Tommy has/had a cold (all staying at our place this past weekend), and i wasn't even in town/around other people the day of the night i ended up coming down with it, so it's rather confounding. it sucks, but I'm taking copious quantities of Zycam (suspended zinc gel), and as that shit really does work, I think I'm on the mend.

This past Saturday morning up north was real sweet, though: I woke up not only with this accursed cold, but also completely, painfully, stupidly burned and actually blistered on my face-with numbed skin and attractive "leaking" blister-juice and everything-from this beey-atch of a sun burn I asininely caused myself to get on Friday. Really, I didn't think i was outside in the sun that long that afternoon, but being the ass I am, I yet again (this same damned thing has happened in the past, so my parents just looked at me Friday night and said, "jesus, you did it to yourself again, wow, that's gonna hurt") didn't put on any sunblock-ironically, I didn't want to "cause any skin blemishes on my face" by putting lotion on!-and I fell asleep laying down by the water. two hours later, after sleeping in the glaring sun, especially strong reflecting off of the water, with no sunblock on whatsoever, I, thus, ended up FUCKED. you should see me now, looking really, really handsome: enough blaring color to paint a Monet canvas, gobs of lotion covering my face (every 30 minutes) in a vain attempt to impede the cracking and bleeding, hideous blisters on my chin and on my cheeks, raw red skin under all the continuous sloughing, and with ever-attractive Neosporin dabbed on the critical parts to prevent infection (a catch-fucking-22 that's certain to cause forsaken breakouts, dammitol)! all girls will fall in love with me on first sight, I'm sure of it.

Okay sheet-shaker, baby-maker, booty-raker and money-taker, I'm off. hope things are going well for you and that you had a nice time on the Fourth, and I'll talk to you soon. I hope your family's doing well, Michael, and take care.


From: Sean Pettibone <seanpettibone@>
To: Lasermouse@att.net 
Subject: Re: The Return of The Gameroom Blitz
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2003 20:09:44 -0400 

Hey Michael,

Only have a second to type cos I'm getting ready to go out for the night (driving to the other side of town to meet up with friends, attend Pontiac's city eat/meet/drink festival tonight and then hit the bars), but wanted to say again (in case your cell phone didn't work when i left a message there, since i have no faith in those fuckers) that I did get your card-so thanks for that-and I'm glad my package arrived safely at your door. when you get more of an opportunity after the wedding and all, let me know what you think of those CDs I sent you: two totally different ends of the spectrum, I know (one death metal and the other folk music!), but both excellent records.

Again, I don't know why you're so worried that i would be "offended" by the card you sent or that I would possibly find it "in bad taste" ... it was humorous, and I'm not at all offended; really, it's not a big deal, it was a funny card to send and I laughed. I've said this to you before, Michael, but you apologize way too much to people and worry too much about the things you do and how they'll be perceived-honestly, I can think of very few times when your concerns, at least in regard to me, have been founded. in fact, i can't even think of one time at the moment that you've said "sorry" and worried about me perceiving something you've done/said in an unfavorable light, and having that concern actually be proven true. i mean, it's really awesome that you're concerned for other people and their feelings (there are far too few people out there like that who actually give a shit about others), but the things that you worry about are, truly, insignificant and don't warrant your concern. my friend, don't worry so much about how small things you do or say will be perceived! and this is coming from someone like me who worries a lot himself, too, haha!

Well, best of luck with your brother's wedding, and give him my best wishes for a happy marriage. Hey, thanks for letting me know of the Gameroom Blitz thing. Actually, I had never in my life checked out that website of his (i don't even know how long Ragan has been doing the Blitz?), but I took a look at it when you linked me to it. I dunno, it's okay, nothing excellent or special to write home about. The layout is clean and nice, and it appears (at least at quick glance) easy to navigate. Oh well.

Well, take care, and have a good time in California. Talk to you later, Michael.