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Capcom is launching a unique game for the Gameube this fall that allows you to control an army of toys that is in their cool new action/fighting title Gotcha Force. This unique title mixes 3D shooting and character collecting. It lets you control different toys that you can trade with other players. You can also combine then use to build more powerful units, which gives you almost unlimited options. Players then take their units into battle with with up to three other opponents. The game’s simple controls and bright, anime inspired visuals should give it a universal appeal. Join us and see why Gotcha Force is set to grab gamers everywhere.

Capcom’s Gotcha Force is one of the more unique and original games to come along this year. Mixing elements of Power Stone and Pokemon, it’s clever combination of collecting with 3D shooting action should make it at least a strong cult title. Gotcha Force puts players in control of an army of toy units that look cute, but can pack quite a punch. Part of the strategy will be to decide which of the toys to use. This sounds pretty simple, but with more than 100 different toy units, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, it won’t be quite simple. Each of these toy ‘units’ has a unique and original design that resemble children’s toys, with unique and original designs for each. They may look harmless but these units are quite powerful and can inflict a lot of damage on opponents in a variety of ways. There will be several types of units in the game including humanoids that use martial arts moves. Players can also deploy other units that can shoot projectile weapons at opponents and other special weapons. Making the combat strategy even deeper, players will be able to create entirely new units. They can do this by earning or trading with other players, then combining these parts with ones they already have. This can increase the power of their army, making for more powerful toys that they can use against the other forces in battle.

Before each round begins, players can select which units they want to use in battle, choosing the ones they think will be the most effective in that round. Once they have selected their squads, it’s time for battle. On the field, players will have a decent array of moves to choose from, including firing weapons and using close-range attacks that they can use on their opponents. You can also perform side-steps to get out of the way of enemy attacks. Obviously, the various units all have their own unique fighting styles, and these will change when you combine them as well. Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses that you can discover by using them in battle in the game’s many different arenas. Capcom is promising an intuitive control system that should let players of all ages and abilities jump right into the game. Once you have won a round, the other major facet of the game comes into play. The trading of units is what makes Gotcha Force so unique. After a victorious round, you are rewarded with new units. It’s up to you if you want to trade or keep these extra units. This is an important strategy because these units can compliment your forces or bring little to the game. If you are smart with trading, you can enhance your existing force and give you an advantage in battle. If you are smart enough and select the right troops in the trading arena, you can create brand new troops by selecting the right parts from different units. This upgrade system is quite extensive, allowing nearly endless customization options for the player. What’s even cooler about Gotcha Force’s system is that the game allows you to trade within the game itself or by swapping memory cards with a friend.

There are several modes of play available in Gotcha Force. Players can select from either a four-player battle, or a two-on-two team match. Gotcha Force will also include a single player story mode. The four-player assault mode is an all-out melee where each player tries to destroy the others using all the toys at their disposal. Each time a player loses a character, their war power declines. How much it declines depends on the character’s rating. The battles go on until all the players’ war power battles have been depleted, at which point the winner is declared. The victorious player then gets the defeated players’ units and can combine them with their own forces to make their army stronger. These multiplayer modes will use a split-screen, allowing players to see what their opponents are doing at all points in the game.

Gotcha Force will also include a cool co-operative two on two battle mode, where players can combine forces with another player to form a team. Players can which partner they want on their team, and each one has their own abilities. This is very important because how strong they are will affect whether your team wins or loses on the battlefield. The rules are similar to the 4 player mode, except that the team strengths are combined. How your partner plays will directly affect the overall damage inflicted upon the player, so you have to choose which partner you’ll combine with carefully. When your team partner loses a character, your war power strength will fall as well, so you have to choose wisely. Finally, Gotcha Force includes a cool Story mode. This mode is unique from the ones in most other titles because it can be played either solo, or two players can play through it simultaneously, making for a unique experience. In the Story Mode, players will meet up with human characters who can either help you through the game, or go the other way and become adversaries. With all these modes and its infinite customization, Gotcha Force should offer players plenty of longevity.

Gotcha Force definitely seems targeted towards younger gamers. It’s mix of combat and trading should combine aspects of Power Stone and Pokemon, which should definitely make it immediately appealing for the traditional Nintendo audience. However, Capcom’s reputation for solid gameplay and innovative design shouldn’t be overlooked. While Gotcha Force’s brightly colored cartoonish graphics and anime style may be off-putting for older players, looking under the surface shows promise. Being able to trade and combine your toys and create your own units should definitely help the replay value and GF’s multiplayer combat and story modes sound like a lot of fun. With intense action, intuitive controls, and a cool trading system, this definitely has potential. While the battles sound intense, the game’s appeal is greatly enhanced by its genre blending and connectivity features. If it lives up to the promise, Gamecube owners looking for something different should definitely keep an eye out for Gotcha Force this fall.

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