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Sega Sports has been building quite a reputation with their recent releases NBA 2K3, NFL 2K3 and World Series Baseball 2K3. Each title has impressed players with amazing graphics, tight play and an excellent array of features. Now they try and tackle the college game with NCAA College Football 2K3. Join us as we take a quick look at Sega's newest college football sim and find out if it scores a touchdown or fumbles the ball. 

Sega Sports has brought another addition into the 2K3 series. This time it is a college football game. This game has the exciting game play of college players who are playing for the love of the game and not for big bucks like the pros. With all the college football teams to choose from you're sure to find a favorite team. The ESPN presentation of the game will also enhance the feeling of the college football season. First of all, the whole presentation of the game in ESPN style really makes it a whole a lot more realistic. It really captures the essence of college football season and all of the fun and excitement that go along with it. The controls are perfect and allow maximum performance. Also, the graphics are pretty decent for the PlayStation 2.

Some cons to the game are that it is nearly impossible to complete a pass. It was very difficult even on the lowest playing level. This would have made the game more realistic since it is college football and not professional, but it just makes it frustrating. The only way to complete a pass is to usually wait a few extra seconds and wait for a man to get at least 5 feet away from an opponent. In these few precious seconds however the defensive linemen will be all over you. The lack of plays also limits the flexibility and game play. Besides not having enough plays there isn't even a "Hail Mary" play. What good football game doesn't have a "Hail Mary" play in it? What will really annoy you is that the players don't even have names. Not even the Big 10 teams had names. All they had were their numbers. This really offset the balance of realism in the game. With all of the college stadiums though you don't miss the names a lot, but will still have the thought of wanting them in the back of your head.

In the end this game just didn't live up to the greatness of college football. With no names, lack of plays, and many other flaws this is just a game that you should rent or borrow. The most frustrating thing is the nearly impossibility of making a complete pass. So if you own a PS2 pass this title up and go for Madden 2003, NFL 2K3, or a better college football game.

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